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EDUCATION 1999-2001

Anywhere University MSc Computer Science Sem. 1:

Sem. 2: Sem. 3:

Computer Architecture and Assembly Language Logic & its Applications Social & Ethical Issues in Computing System Analysis & Design Design & Implementation of Software Systems (C) Database Design & SQL (Access, MySQL) Object-Oriented Programming (Java) Computer Networks & Communications Graphical Systems (Java) Software Engineering Intranets & the Internet (Linux/Apache)

Projects Undertaken: • Dissertation: “Elitism as a mechanism in genetic algorithms” Implemented in Java, this attempts to show that GAs should be written with an eye not only to biological mechanisms, but pure computer science as well. • A maze-solving program implemented in C; uses rudimentary genetic algorithms. • A 3D engine written from scratch as a Java applet. Basic at the moment, but implements z-buffer and perspective-projection. • Database-driven website for an online bookmakers (for university only). Uses PHP, MySQL; runs on Apache for Linux. 1995.1998

Peterhouse, Camberley University BA Hons Natural Sciences Part I: 3 Part IIA: 2.2 Part IIB: 2.2 Part IIB: Cell and Developmental Biology Project, “Engineering an NFAT:GFP fusion plasmid” Critical Review, “Effects of UV on Cockayne's Syndrome cells” Part IIA: Molecular and Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Psychology. Part I

: Cell Biology, Chemistry, Physiology.


Herrywood House VIth Form College, Dunston Biology (A), Chemistry (A), Physics (A), Mathematics (P1 & P2, 20 pts)


Gordons High School, Glasgow Physics (A), Biology (A), Chemistry (A), Mathematics (A), English (A1), English Lit. (A1), Advanced Mathematics (A), French (A), German (A)


Wine Rack, Surbiton. I am involved in all aspects of the day-to-day running of this small business, including cash control, stock, product knowledge & retailing.


Biocorp International, Surrey Business Park Four months doing invoicing & basic accounting. Accounting software such as SageLine 2000 was used.


Institute of Agriculture, Cambridge Four month contract in crop quality assessment. An understanding of Visual Basic gained, to help deal with bespoke data capture software. Also, working together as a team was essential, if tight deadlines for results were to be met. Carrying out mass analyses of samples (200250 in each run) taught me to operate efficiently at speed.


Java (network programming/applets/graphics/rigorous OO) C/C++ (good knowledge of Borland implementations) Assembler (x86 implementation/inline use from other systems) Perl, PHP, HTML


Microsoft members Linux/UNIX (networking/firewalls/web servers)


OpenGL API Good knowledge of mathematics underlying computer graphics Adobe PhotoShop 5.5

Other Software engineering/development cycles; UML, Rational Rose Web servers (Apache, Xitami) SQL MS Office members Hardware knowledge, including networks OTHER SKILLS & INTERESTS Language Scuba Diving

I have a good knowledge of French, and some knowledge of Arabic and German. I have an Open Water diving licence, and a Stress & Rescue licence, with approximately 40 hours of dives logged.

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