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Paul Soft Ware – Curriculum Vitae

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Paul S. Ware BA Hons. 25th October 1976 British Charter House, Claremont Road, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 4QZ 020 8390 8390 020 8390 7767 Single Full UK Drivers License 1st Class Honours Degree , BA Computer Science York Town University, York

Summary Highly skilled and experienced IT professional with a good academic background and excellent technical ability seeks a position that will allow him to develop his knowledge into other business areas, whilst improving on an already considerable knowledge base.

Technical Skills Languages

Operating Systems



C/C++ (8 Years), Java (3 Years), Perl (3 Years) FORTRAN (5 Years), Visual Basic (5 Years) Shell Scripting (BASH, CSH), Modula 3, Python, Prolog, Lisp, Postscript, Tcl, ML HTML/DHTML, PHP, XML, XSL, JavaScript, VBScript, ActionScript SQL, OQL, VQL Unix (Linux, Solaris, Xenix), Windows 3.x/95/98/CE/NT/2000 SINTRAN, PalmOS Windows API (Win32, Win16) MFC, ATL, COM, DCOM, OLE, ODBC, ActiveX, DirectX X Windows (Toolkits: Athena, Motif, Xforms, GTK, Tk), OpenGL OMG CORBA (OmniORB) Java Servlets, Java Server Pages OODBMS: Versant, POET, ODMG Standards OO Design: UML, Booch Method Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Visual J++, Visual Basic, Visual SourceSafe Compaq/Digital FORTRAN, All UNIX/GNU system and development tools Sun JDK, Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle8i, Sybase, Macromedia Flash

Paul Soft Ware – Curriculum Vitae Employment History July 1998 to Present – Hardcore developers Ltd Internet Software Company Senior Developer •

Prototyped of Second Generation infrastructure o Implemented a Macromedia Flash to Java middleware layer via CGI calls o Java Servlets and Versant OODBMS o Enabled a 70% Reduction in Coding Effort, 66% Reduction in Skills Requirement Lead developer for Desktop Agent project o Design of “Intelligent” Agent Infrastructure using COM, C++, XML, VBScript o Implementation of COM based 3D Graphics System o Integration of Microsoft Active Scripting Host Developed perl CGI scripts for the first generation product o Perl, Sybase, Macromedia Flash

June 1997 to November 1997 – ABC Laboratories, Oxford Summer Internship - Research Engineer Involved in the development of the Demon multimedia database project. • •

Lead Developer in a team of five programmers and researchers o Visual C++ and Visual Sourcesafe on Windows NT o GNU C++, GNU Make, CVS and Mainsoft Sourcesafe on Solaris Developed Album - A speech indexed digital photograph database o Using C++, ActiveX, Microsoft SAPI and Entropic speech recognition o Demonstrated Album at the OpenWorld 1998 conference o Delivered to ABC Product Development Porting an experimental object database engine o C++, ODMG standards, Solaris and Windows NT

July 1996 to October 1996 – New World inc. Engineering Consultancy Summer work - Software Developer Development of real time oil platform data acquisition and visualization software • • •

Developed a large Visual Basic application to allow input of engineering parameters Ported the suite of analysis software from Windows 3.1 to Windows NT o Integration of FORTRAN, C++ and Visual Basic code using ActiveX controls Millennium Bug fixed several software packages and hardware dongles.

October 1994 to September 1995 – New World inc. Software Developer • • •

Designed a networked data flow architecture to read live data from a variety of different sources. o Visual C++, DDE Designed and implemented several complex user interface components o Visual Basic, Visual C++ Developed of a program to allow simulated of oil rig movement o Visual C++, FORTRAN

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Paul Soft Ware – Curriculum Vitae • •

Involved in the full development lifecycle, from initial architecture to QA and deployment. Supported the deployment onto the floating oil platform.

Education October 1995 to June 1998 York Town University, York • BA Computer Science, 1st Class Honours. • Dissertation, “The Generation of Neural Networks”, 1st Class • Manager of winning project group. September 1987 to October 1994 King Lear Grammar School, Leeds • “A” Level in 4 Subjects, 3 “A” Grade, 1 “B” Grade • A/O Level Maths • GCSE in 10 Subjects

Interests • • • •

Rugby, University 1st XV Rugby Coaching Squash Music (Piano & Violin Grade VI)

References available upon request

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