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Empowering Children with the Skills of 21st Century WELCOME TO LONDON ACADEMY London Academy, located in Bouskoura Casablanca, is a trilingual SMART SCHOOL, accredited by the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Morocco. The school provides an enhanced education through the Moroccan and the International Cambridge Curriculam. Our innovative educational approach, based on advanced information technology, sports, critical thinking together with the international experience of our qualified teachers enables our pupils to be prepared for the skills needed in the 21 st Century. Our facility is located on 8800 square metres of land, with 65 state-of-the-art classrooms and a pupil capacity of 1,300 (maximum 20 pupils per classroom).

MESSAGE FROM THE FOUNDER Dear Future Parent and Pupil, I personally welcome you to London Academy. As a parent, I know that choosing a school is one of the most important decisions you make for your child. Knowing this, I understand that you put a great deal my mission to make sure the trust is reflected in two ways. One that your child is well cared for and nurtured while at school. Secondly, that the quality international standard that every parent wants for his or her child. Achieving this, is at the heart of our mission as a school. Our pedagogical philosophy reflects current educational best international practices. Our learning environments are suitable for all kinds of learners. Considering this, i take great pride in hiring our highly qualified faculty, providing the best technological resources, and giving your child a world education. In one sentence, I want to see happy children having serious fun learning. With this in mind, London Academy believes that the teacher, pupil, and parent partnership is extremely important. I welcome you to be an active member of the team. Creating this partnership is vital to the success of each pupil. Sincerely,

Dr. Samir Benmahklouf Founder of London Academy

We welcome new students and parents to London Academy where education is Serious Fun

OUR AIMS AND VISION To empower children with 21st century skills. To provide a happy, safe and caring environment in which all individuals feel connected and respected thus empowering them to reach their fullest potential. To promote learning through technology based tools. To deliver an exciting and vibrant curriculum while having serious fun. To enrich the curriculum with extra-curricular activities and physical learning environments. To encourage each child to develop high self-esteem and, in doing so, learn to respect others. To be partners with parents and families to share the responsibility for developing their children educationally, morally, spiritually and socially.

Angela M. ARIGONI-MESFIOUI School Principal

and secondary school aged pupils. Our mission is to educate the whole child academically, physically, socially, and spiritually. The core curriculum prepares our pupils to be global leaders with the right 21st century skills. Our focus is student centered and the development of each child to their fullest potential. At the heart of our programmes are our core values : London Academy Barbary L.I.O.N.S (Leaders, Integrity, Optimistic, Noble, Service). Our LAC lions are LEADERS, act with INTEGRITY, are OPTIMISTIC, act NOBLE, and are SERVICE orientated.

WHY A TECHNOLOGY DRIVEN TRILINGUAL SCHOOL? London Academy’s vision is pupil centered with an emphasis on language learning and informational technology. Our pupils will be multilingual with emphasis on Arabic, French, and English. In the secondary school, the pupils have access to Chinese, German, Spanish, and Latin Courses. It is our unique and innovative Blended Learning Approach that will allow pupils in the secondary school to have access to more than 200 course allows time and flexibility for authentic Project- Based Learning. Our SMART SCHOOL wants to honor and teach the languages of Moroccan culture, but prepare each child to be equipped for being a global citizen. To achieve this aim, we will create multilingual communicators who can work with others around the world, think critically and creatively to solve local, national, and global problems, while building a world-wide network.

OUR SMART SCHOOL London Academy is a Smart School where teaching and learning are reinvented to prepare our pupils for the competencies needed for the 21st century. Science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics are seamlessly integrated in the curriculum with physical learning environments where the pupils can achieve their potential in creativity and critical thinking. Through partnerships with industry leaders in technology, London Academy hosts a number of creativity labs such as art, ccience, technology, robotics, virtual reality and a Makers Space. In addition, the teachers and pupils are equipped with personal devices and the classrooms with smart boards, enhancing the learning experience and interactions.

Science I Technology I Engineering I Arts I Mathematics


sports. We believe that when children participate in sports, they a variety of sports to promote teamwork and leadership skills from a young age, such as: football, basketball, handball, dance arts and volleyball. All sports are taught by qualified coaches. We have state-of-the-art areas, which will be fully equipped to cater for lessons and coaching sessions. Additionally, the school has 2 football pitches, 2 multisport courts, and an indoor gym. London Academy also makes use of several excellent quality sports facilities host international football matches.

THEATRE AND DRAMA At London Academy, we believe that drama can help children at a young age to understand, relate and deal with real life situations that can occur. It also forms the basis of a powerful pedagogy in our school. Our teachers have drama subject knowledge and skills that give children the chance to explore theater and role play as a way to express themselves and their learning. Through drama, pupils study great works and perform great plays by the likes of William Shakespeare. In addition, we encourage them to share the responsibility for directing or managing productions and

ART London Academy aims to equip pupils with the knowledge and skills to experiment, create and invent their own works of art and painting. We believe that as children progress, they should have the ability to They should also know how art shapes our history, and adds value to the culture and creativity of our nation. Our qualified art teachers are committed to introducing children to the work of a range of art practices and disciplines, while developing the children’s skills to become proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art techniques.

THE PRIMARY SCHOOL London Academy is based on a British Primary School set-up and will operate as structure within key stages of development, a National Curriculum including Early Year’s Foundation Stage, whilst adhering to the requirements of the Moroccan Ministry of Education. Our teaching and learning approaches will reflect only the very best of British primary school practices and will be contained within a modern learning environment which will be both stimulating and purposeful. We aim to reinforce family values and norms at all times which in turn will create an atmosphere of warmth and personal care, because we believe that a happy child is one who learns more

THE LIBRARY IS AT THE CENTER OF OUR SCHOOL The library at London Academy is situated at the centre of the school in a wonderfully large and airy space full of the potential to make this a truly 21st Century library. Barbara OUHARDA Deputy Headteacher/Librarian

The Library will start this school year with 2,000 new library books in English, French and Arabic, consisting of a mixture of non-fiction for all ages and nonfiction aligned to the curriculum and pupils’ interests. In addition it is enhanced by our online reading program. This is an online reading programme helping to teach younger children to read and helping the older pupils develop their grammar and vocabulary skills.

The English curriculum textbooks are from the Oxford Reading Tree University Press. This reading scheme is used in over 80% of British schools. This programme supports emergent literacy, leading to independent reading, and then develops into reading for pleasure. The scheme has hard copies of the books plus online e-books. Watch for our dedicated Reading Tree space in our library. The London Academy library is both physical and virtual. A true 21st Century resource accessible to pupils, parents, and faculty.

THE HIGH SCHOOL Blended learning is an education program that combines online digital media with traditional classroom methods. It requires the physical presence of both teacher and pupil, with some element of pupil control over time, place, path, or pace London Academy High School pupils will learn via an Accredited Blended Learning platform which provides extensive and effective online solutions for all learners paired with highly qualified and certifiedonline teachers. This enables London Academy to identify an implementation plan tailored for each pupil and provide opportunities to help establish the best learning environment which included both online lessons and face to face instruction blended together. The program is adapted to each learning. All pupils will receive a fully accredited American diploma when they complete the programme. Pupils also have the ability to follow a Dual Diploma Track which will earn them both the American diploma and the Moroccan High School International diploma in English.

If children do not learn the way we teach, we must teach the way they learn Margaret Mead

HOW WILL MY CHILD LEARN? London Academy provides a rich curriculum based on Arabic, French and English language education using International standards and methodology. Our internationally qualified teachers foster a love of learning, and encourage a sense of curiosity about the world around them. Additionally, children will learn using the latest educational technologies such as Robotics Education which teach STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art end Mathematics) through playful learning experiences. Other subjects are delivered through topic based projects and themes throughout the year We believe that each child has potential and unique talents, which we consider our mission to unveil and develop. All children will get to explore their interests through our electives program. This will allow each child to explore his or her own interests to learn more about themselves as a person.

HOW WILL I KNOW IF MY CHILD IS LEARNING AND PROGRESSING? London Academy believes in building a strong family-school partnership and developing them from the start of a child’s education. We want to welcome you into the school regularly to see for yourself how your child is learning and progressing. A communication channel between the teachers and parents will be established using the latest technology to enable both ends to discuss the child’s progress and raise any concerns that need immediate attention. London Academy will also consider support services and other professionals to help parents and teachers maximize the potential of every child. If needed, a Learning Specialist will create a personal education plan for any child who may need more support. This action plan will make sure your child receives the attention they need to thrive in our setting.

SECURITY Our school is secure and well guarded and is stricly monitored 24/7. We have installed a state of art CCTV System to monitor all areas of campus. In addition, online activities will be tracked to protect our pupils in today’s virtual world.

LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS English is the main language of instruction, therefore a level of competence of English is required. English language support will also be provided in order for children to benefit fully at the school. Arabic and French will be given equal importance and all Moroccan regulations will be strictly adhered to.



We seek to promote equal opportunities as we apply our regulations on admissions fairly and without prejudice. Adherence to our admissions policy will be strictly applied at all times and without exception.

Upon application it is essential for parents to share all information regarding the pupils learning needs, including professional and medical admission acceptance can be reversed.

CLASS SIZE We aim to ensure that class sizes will not exceed 20 pupils. It is possible that for very brief periods these class sizes may be exceeded if new pupils join a group during a school term.


mission, London Academy relies on prestigious accreditations and partnerships.

Authorization No. 2016/2017.47

EdOptions Academy AdvancED Accreditation

The CollegeBoard Advanced Placement Approval

Notional Collegiate Athletic Association

Authorization No. MA034

Cambridge International School accreditation On June 15, London Academy Casablanca was accredited as a Cambridge International School, joining over 10 000 schools around the world in 160 countries and being able to provide an international education to all of our students, an education with a global approach to the curriculum. The Cambridge curriculum prepares students for life, helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. The Cambridge curriculum helps develop students who are confident, responsible, reflective, engaged and innovative. These are the skills necessary for a learner in the 21st Century and a deeper understanding of the world. A major focus of the Cambridge curriculum is English as a second language. This will enable our students, whose first language is not English, to function competently and confidently in the English language, the principal language of international exchange and business.

Cambridge Primary Years 1 to 6

In Year 3, 4 and 5 the students will take progression tests which will help teachers assess their progression.

Cambridge Lower Secondary Years 7 to 9

In Year 7 and 8 the students will take progression tests which will help teachers assess their progression

Cambridge Upper Secondary Years 10 and 11

Two years of preparing for the Cambridge IGCSE which is offered in several subjects

The assessment at the end of Upper Secondary is the IGCSE which consists of written and oral coursework and a practical assessment

Two years of preparation for the Cambridge AS or A levels

At the end of Year 13 students sit for either AS or A level examinations. This prepares them for higher education

Cambridge Advanced Years 12 and 13

In Year 6 students sit the Cambridge Checkpoint tests which are marked externally at Cambridge University. In Year 6 students sit the Cambridge Checkpoint tests which are marked externally at Cambridge University.

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Adresse: à coté de Mr. Bricolage (5 min de CasaNearshore), Bouskoura, Casablanca Téléphone : 0522-78-00-10 | Portable : 0666-24-90-14 Site web : Accredited by the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Morocco Authorization No. 2016/200.47 Accredited by Cambridge Authorization No. MA034

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Our Prospectus  

London Academy, located in Bouskoura Casablanca, is a trilingual SMART SCHOOL, accredited by the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Mor...

Our Prospectus  

London Academy, located in Bouskoura Casablanca, is a trilingual SMART SCHOOL, accredited by the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Mor...