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7) Looking back at your preliminary, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

As you can see above, my preliminary task and my actual media product are very different. My final product is more advanced in terms of the techniques used in the programmes such as the wand tool (Photoshop), to cut out images neatly and the feather tool to smooth edges and give them a professional look in comparison to the jagged edges on my preliminary product. I think that the typography on my preliminary product is fairly good and resembles that of my final product in some ways. One good thing about my final product I feel that it is clear is that I am more aware of the codes and conventions used in magazines (straplines, cover lines, boosts) as not many of them were used in my preliminary but have been incorporated in my final magazine.

Media question 7  
Media question 7  

Media Evaluation question 7