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How did you attract/address your audience? I used many different ways to attract my audience to buying the magazine mainly with the use of the images in the magazine as this is what most readers look for in a magazine before buying it. I also used different media techniques to address my audience one being, the mode of address which is very informal and ‘street’ in my magazine. This is seen through my article with a new group where words such as ‘swag’ and ‘pull it off’ are used rather than formal words. The informal mode of address allows the audience to relate with the people in the magazine and to feel like they are part of that subculture. By using young, black female models I appeal directly to the same type of people in my target audience and even young black males who might see the models stereotypically as sexual objects to sell the magazine although their body language doesn’t portray that image. The theme of my written article also attracts the reader, not just in the way it is laid out on the page but also through the topic. Followers/fans of urban music will find the article interesting as it is talking about a mix tape release, YouTube music videos and Ustream videos etc. which are all mediums this audience would use and be able to relate to. Video of target audience analysing my magazine to come (on blog).

Media Evaluation question 5  

evaluation for final media product