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London Dewey | Summer 2012 | Computer Drawing


Essie has been America’s nail salon expert since 1981. They are a subsidiary or the L’Oreal cosmetics company. They offer 266 different nail colors as well as limited seasonal lines.

“bold” “quirky” “fun” America’s nail salon expert. Since 1981

Project Proposal Create a photorealistic vector illustration for use in large media, such as a billboard. Create an infinitely scalable illustration.



Final Illustration After


Final Application

Final Application cont...

Thank you Illustration Reference Image London Dewey Essie Bottles CLcxjk8kie0/s1600/Essie_Spring_collection.jpg Bus Stop Advertisement Space Hemera Item number 101204615 Blank Billboard Zoonar Item number 126539523

Essie Illustration  

Case study for photorealistic illustration

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