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Monday, March 15, 2010

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Boost for New KCC factories

Evacuated UN workers back to base

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Morocco opposition cries foul

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UN envoy decries human rights violations

North Korea denies claims the internal situation has worsened. — Page 8

Killings blamed on ‘turf wars’ By Xtra Reporter

It has now emerged that inaccurate information provided to the police may have led to the shooting of seven taxi drivers in Kawangware last week. According to a witness living in the area, motorcycle operators sought the help of the police after claiming that they were being targeted by members of the outlawed Mungiki sect. The real motive of the plan, however, was to settle scores over a long running feud between the taxi drivers and the motorcycle operators, according to insider accounts. “When the situation grew a bit heated, police officers suddenly appeared and started firing killing seven people,” one witness recounted.The witness said that the motorcycle operators were charging a meagre Sh50 fee to transport passengers compared to the Sh300 levied by cab drivers. “Before the shooting, there was a stand off between the cab drivers and the boda boda operators,” the witness, who prefers not to be identified for reasons of his own safety, told News Xtra. “The cab drivers wanted the motorcycle operators to move to a different location so that their business is not affected.” Owing to this, taxi operators sought to eject motorcycle operators from the terminus. This led to vicious turf wars, it has emerged. A taxi driver operating in the area, however, contradicted a police report on what had actually transpired. Said he, “Those who died were neither Mungiki nor were they gangsters. They were innocent family men.” The cab driver, who also declined to be named, said some of the people who were gunned down by Administration Police were “actually very close to me”.

Last ditch effort to save new law By Michael Aruna

More than 100 Members of Parliament are today expected to make another attempt to force an adjournment of parliamentary proceedings to make time for a retreat to further discuss the Revised Harmonized Draft Constitution. The MPs, coalescing under the umbrella of a parliamentary ‘Caucus for Reforms’ and drawn from both the Party of National Unity (PNU) and the Orange Democratic (ODM) endorsed the decision after day-long consultations. ODM has, however, maintained that it would not countenance any amendments to the draft as proposed by PNU. ODM was this morning holding a National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting to deliberate on the issue while clearly stating its position on the new constitution. Debate on the Draft

Security forces in Africa, like this soldier kicking a helpless demonstrator following the recent disputed elections (Page6) have been accused of a culture of impunity and executions. A UN rapporteur’s report has issued a strong indictment on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions

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constitution is scheduled to start today in the House amid sharp divisions between the two coalition partners. Last week ODM initiated a move to shoot down an adjournment motion to create time for MPs to go on a two-day retreat to Naivasha to discuss controversial sections within the Draft before debate on the document commences in the House. Yesterday, the over 100 MPs who attended the Parliamentary caucus meeting at County Hall reiterated their commitment to building consensus and delivering a new constitution to Kenyans. The MPs identified 25 areas in the draft that they said require further discussion by either side of the coalition. Some of the areas include provisions on representation, legislature, Continued on page 2

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