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C orey: Dude, when you wanna microwave something for a minute do you put it in for 1:00 or 60 seconds? Jeff: How the fuck do I know Oom:’s quicker, 3 buttons instead of 4; 6-0-start. Corey: What do you mean “How the fuck am I supposed to know” you’re the one pressing the buttons so you should know! Jeff: Ya but I don’t pay attention to that shit Corey: Then what do you pay attention to? Jeff: I don’t fuckin know!?! Important shit Oom: What do you consider “important”? Jeff: abso-fuckin-lutely not whether I press 1:00 or 60 seconds Corey: But you can tell a lot about a person when it comes to that shit Oom: Ya! I mean its like… Jeff: Like what? How high are you guys Corey: Im notOom: Very.. Jeff:Exactly! Corey: It has nothing to do with being high or not, it was a simple question that you couldn’t handle Jeff: “A simple question”? Okay here’s a simple question, Do you believe in aliens Oom:Yup Corey: Of Course… and I bet you don’t because you’re a 1:00 presser Jeff: WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYHTING! Whether or notCorey: So do you believe in aliens? Jeff: No… Oom: Exactly! theres a perfect example. The fact that you’re a 1:00 presser shows that you don’t believe in aliens. I bet you don’t believe in ghosts either! Jeff: Of course not that’s ridicul-

Corey: I Do… Jeff: So now were talking about whether or not I believe in aliens and ghosts simply because I may or may NOT press 1:00 instead of 60 seconds? Corey: Told you that you could tell a lot about a person Oom: In the morning do you put on your right shoe first or your left shoe first? Jeff: What is this 21 questions? Im not playing these stupid fucking games, what the hell were you guys doing when I went to class? Meth? Corey: Ya a pound or so… NO we didn’t smoke any meth, and by the way Oom, I put my right on first Oom: Me too… how about you Jeff Jeff:…Left?…I DON’T KNOW! Corey: Are you left handed? Jeff: Yeah but what does that have to do with ANYTHING?!? Corey: The simple fact that you’re a 1:00 presser and a left shoe putter onner first thing in the morning tells a lot… You don’t believe in aliens or ghosts, and you’re left handed… Shit I bet you wipe your ass standing up Jeff:… Oom: Dude… don’t tell me you wipe your ass standing up… what if someone walked in on you Jeff: You guys are fucked up… Corey: Dude, were just fuckin with you… Oom: Ya chill out Jeff haha Jeff: Fuckin assholes...You guys hungry? I haven’t ate all day Corey: Fuck ya Oom: Im in Jeff: Where should we go Corey: I don’t know… maybe you should pick… it tells a lot about a person where they like to eat Jeff: Jesus here we go again…

3 Dudes and a Microwave