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Breast Exercises to Do at Home

Your first step is to critically assess what you want from your routine. There are exercises that will increase cleavage while others will improve contours and yet more that will make the breast seem larger and more upright or perky. Although most women will want all of the above, knowing what will make the most difference and focusing on those exercises in the beginning will result in more rewarding improvements in a shorter space of time. Remember that it is important to maintain your exercise routine, so in order to make it easier to do just that, you will want to dedicate a time in your day for your exercises. No more than twenty minutes, but setting aside the time has proven to be a successful tip.

Exercise #1. The Pushup:- Pushups are a particularly good workout for the pectoral muscles. Men have been doing this exercise for centuries and now women have noticed that their breasts look fuller when they perform this exercise. The main reason for that is that the muscle lies beneath the breast tissue and when it is well formed it will push the breast tissue forward giving the appearance of more volume. In order to get the most out of this exercise, you can vary the distance between your hands.

Exercise #2. The Palm Push: - This exercise is also extremely effective at creating firmer, more lifted breasts. The muscles on the top of the breasts are worked extensively during this exercise. Sitting on a chair with your feet slightly apart and your palms raised to your chest height, you will want to press your palms together. By alternating tension and release, you will notice that the chest muscles and particularly the muscles rising from the breast to the neck will receive the best workout. Remember to keep your elbows up and horizontal to the ground for the most benefit.


Breast exercises to do at home