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2008 Annual Report

Pets Helping People

Protecting Animals


Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester, is committed to building lifelong bonds between people and animals through education, community outreach programs and the prevention of cruelty.

Josie, Adopted in 2008


We envision a time when our community celebrates the human-animal bond; embraces the mutual benefits therein; and treats all fellow beings with care, compassion and respect.

Pictures in this report feature animals adopted from Lollypop Farm as photographed by their guardians, except where noted. Cover photo: Daisy, Adopted in 2007. Photo by Christian Van Campen

What I am most pleased to report is the decline in our cat intake. Last year we sheltered 7,605 cats and kittens. While this number is astonishing in itself, it reflects a nearly 20 percent decrease from the number of cats and kittens surrendered just five years ago. We will continue to work with the community to make even further strides on behalf of the felines in Greater Rochester by increasing spay/neuter rates and getting more cats adopted.

n 2008, we continued to work hard to follow our mission. Our outreach programs and services reached a greater number of people while our animal admissions declined for the third year in a row.



I thank you for your support of Lollypop Farm. We truly could not do the work of our mission if it were not for you—our dedicated and loyal supporters. With gratitude, Alice Calabrese Smith President and CEO

hat a spectacular year we have all experienced! The tumultuous economic downturn in financial markets, upheaval in real estate conditions, and uncertainty in employment opportunities has certainly touched each and every one of us. Through all of it, though, one thing remains clear and uncompromised— the mission of Lollypop Farm.

Funded by the generosity of private individuals and groups, we strive to maintain the organizational integrity to an ever expanding demand for our services. Our never wavering mission is, of course, the animals. Through increasing educational, law enforcement and behavioral programs, the entire organization remains energized and focused. The coming year will bring new challenges to Lollypop Farm and the increasing demand of our terrific programs for the animals. Reflecting on my first year as Board Chair, I continue to be in awe of the unselfish dedication the staff and volunteers demonstrate. How fortunate for me, and most importantly, the animals. Christopher Linares Chairman of the Board




FINDING NEW HOMES Bob, Adopted in 2008

Adoptions and Admissions As an open-admission animal shelter, Lollypop Farm accepts every animal who is brought to our facility; no animal is denied admission for any reason. In 2008, 12,776 animals came through our doors. To find homes for some of these pets, we opened a new adoption center for cats, kittens, and small animals at The Mall at Greece Ridge during the 2008 holiday season. Despite tough economic conditions, the Westside location has been a success, creating many happy endings for adoptable pets. In total, 7,093 animals—from dogs and cats to rabbits, birds, horses, and more—were adopted in 2008.

Farm Yard Lollypop Farm is one of the few humane societies nationwide that handles farm animals. Each year, over 150,000 visitors enjoy the Farm Yard Petting Area and Walk, which offers displays that teach people of all ages about the many different animals we care for: horses, cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, emu, and fowl. We adopted 109 farm animals to loving homes in 2008. A bequest from the estate of Cornelia Gordon, a lover of horses, enabled us to thoroughly renovate our horse barn in 2008. Horses and humans alike are benefitting from new stalls and flooring, a tack room, and a new plumbing system. Additional support was received from the ASPCA Equine Fund and Tori Nolan’s “Pennies for Pets” project.


Asilomar Dog & Cat Statistics 1/1/2008 to 12/31/2008 Asilomar data enables all organizations that shelter animals to utilize the same statistical recordkeeping and facilitate accurate comparisons. For more details, visit Please note that these statistics report numbers for dogs and cats only.

Annual Live Release Rate: 59.43% A B









BEGINNING SHELTER COUNT 1/1/2008 INTAKE (Live Dogs & Cats Only) From the Public Healthy Treatable–Rehabilitatable Treatable–Managable Unhealthy & Untreatable Incoming Transfers from Organizations within Community/Coalition Healthy Treatable–Rehabilitatable Treatable–Managable Unhealthy & Untreatable Incoming Transfers from Organizations outside Community/Coalition Healthy Treatable–Rehabilitatable Treatable–Managable Unhealthy & Untreatable From Owners/Guardians Requesting Euthanasia Healthy Treatable–Rehabilitatable Treatable–Managable Unhealthy & Untreatable Total Intake [B + C + D + E] Owner/Guardian Requested Euthanasia (Unhealthy & Untreatable Only) ADJUSTED TOTAL INTAKE [F minus G] ADOPTIONS Healthy Treatable–Rehabilitatable Treatable–Managable Unhealthy & Untreatable OUTGOING TRANSFERS to Organizations within Community/Coalition Healthy Treatable–Rehabilitatable Treatable–Managable Unhealthy & Untreatable OUTGOING TRANSFERS to Organizations outside Community/Coalition Healthy Treatable–Rehabilitatable Treatable–Managable Unhealthy & Untreatable RETURN TO OWNER/GUARDIAN Healthy Treatable–Rehabilitatable Treatable–Managable Unhealthy & Untreatable DOGS & CATS EUTHANIZED Healthy (Includes Owner/Guardian Requested Euthanasia) Treatable–Rehabilitatable (Includes Owner/Guardian Requested Euthanasia) Treatable–Manageable (Includes Owner/Guardian Requested Euthanasia) Unhealthy & Untreatable (Includes Owner/Guardian Requested Euthanasia) Total Euthanasia [M + N + O + P] Owner/Guardian Requested Euthanasia (Unhealthy & Untreatable Only) ADJUSTED TOTAL EUTHANASIA [Q minus R] SUBTOTAL OUTCOMES [I + J + K + L + S] Excludes Owner/Guardian Requested Euthanasia (Unhealthy & Untreatable Only) DIED OR LOST IN SHELTER/CARE TOTAL OUTCOMES [T + U] Excludes Owner/Guardian Requested Euthanasia (Unhealthy & Untreatable Only) ENDING SHELTER COUNT 12/31/2008


Dogs 89

Cats 224

Total 313

2743 1896 234 409 204 0 0 0 0 0 749 655 41 45 8 317 15 2 0 300 3809 243 3566 2013 1576 207 229 1 0 0 0 0 0 105 35 21 27 22 228 189 15 15 8

7725 4840 624 109 693 13 13 0 0 0 18 15 0 1 2 622 14 8 7 487 8378 534 7844 3823 3292 461 64 6 14 0 0 0 0 8 5 2 1 0 455 81 13 11 8

10468 6736 858 518 897 13 13 0 0 0 767 670 41 46 10 939 29 10 7 787 12187 777 11410 5836 4868 668 293 7 14 0 0 0 0 113 40 23 28 22 683 270 28 26 16

0 99 39 1222 1360 243 1117 3463

643 1567 278 1466 3954 534 3420 7720

643 1666 317 2688 5314 777 4537 11183

81 3544

114 7834

195 11378





Veterinary Medicine and Services Our veterinary clinic evaluates and vaccinates all animals surrendered by their owners, seized from cruel or neglectful conditions, or transferred from other animal welfare agencies. This important work is performed by a staff of three veterinarians, five veterinary technicians, and four veterinary assistants. Beyond basic care, animals are treated for common conditions—and rare ones as well— including skin problems, eye injuries, digestive issues, and lameness. Lollypop Farm continues to combat pet overpopulation by spaying and neutering all dogs, cats, and rabbits before adoption. Spay/neuter surgeries were performed on 5,968 animals in 2008.

Foster Care Program Lollypop Farm’s growing foster care program allows us to save pets who are more easily cared for in a home environment, including animals recovering from illness or injury, orphaned kittens and puppies, and cats and dogs with litters. The 156 families who lent a hand in 2008 helped 1,022 animals to get a second chance at a new home.

Law Enforcement Furthering our mission to prevent cruelty, the Law Enforcement Department enforces New York State law, investigates cases of neglect, and educates the public on proper animal care. They worked 1,016 cases in 2008. Our three officers completed 2,253 field visits which resulted in 463 surrendered or impounded animals and 17 arrests. The department is becoming more active in the law enforcement community, working with animal control and police departments across four counties. They educate policing agencies on the signs of animal abuse, proper handling of cases, and the link between animal cruelty and human violence. In 2008, the Law Enforcement team joined Project TIPS, a Rochester city program that brings together multiple agencies, such as fire and police departments, to visit selected neighborhoods in order to promote communication and offer information about available services. The department is also a member of Project Exile, a network of government and community agencies that meet regularly to share information in an effort to reduce crime. Law Enforcement once used their own radio system, but officers are now part of the Monroe County Sherriff’s 9-1-1 system, which has improved the safety and efficiency of the department’s operations. The 9-1-1 system can dispatch calls directly to the officers, and in turn, officers can request backup via radio rather than making a phone call to 9-1-1.

Bella, Adopted in 2008


Midnight, Adopted in 2008

Pet Assisted Therapy Through our Pet Assisted Therapy (PAT) program, 80 volunteers partnered with 65 therapy animals to visit 114 facilities around Greater Rochester. The growing number of Pet Partners teams—who are certified through the Delta Society, a national organization— brightened the days of more than 6,000 residents of nursing homes, hospitals, children’s centers, mental health facilities, and beginning in 2008, facilities that serve individuals with disabilities. Therapy teams also made appearances at special events such as Barktober Fest and the Telethon, and community events.


Thanks to a grant from The Golisano Foundation, we began expanding our PAT program in 2008, providing new services, visiting additional facilities, increasing our schedule to seven days a week, and growing our volunteer base.

Spay/Neuter Incentive Program (S.N.I.P.) S.N.I.P. subsidized the spaying and neutering of 1,192 dogs and cats in 2008. The assistance for these surgeries (which are performed by local veterinarians) enables people to receive financial support to care for their pets and helps prevent unwanted litters.

Humane Education Through our Humane Education programs, Lollypop Farm seeks to achieve our vision by fostering compassion and respect for animals. Our Farm Camp and Girl Scout Badge Program reached over 700 children, who learned about Lollypop Farm and responsible pet care. Teachers from 35 Rochester City schools completed our Humane Education Professional Development Program in 2007-2008 in order to bring important lessons back to their own classes. Through our shelter tours, we educated more than 1,300 visitors of all ages on basic pet care, dog bite prevention, and pet overpopulation, as well as Lollypop Farm history and services. Our pilot Reading Education Assistance Dogs (R.E.A.D.) program debuted in 2008. Through a partnership with The Community Place of Greater Rochester, selected elementary school students in the organization’s after-school program improved their reading skills by reading books out loud to dogs without fear of being judged or teased.


KEEPING PETS IN HOMES Judge, Adopted in 2009

Pet Peeves Behavior Help Line Pet Peeves, a completely free service for pet owners, offered advice and support to 647 callers dealing with dog or cat behavior issues. The tips we provide for simple and more complicated pet problems help animals and their humans stay together.

Dog Obedience Classes During puppy, basic, advanced, and agility classes, dog owners and their pets work together to become better partners. In 2008, 1,347 person/dog teams registered for our classes.

Veterinary Pet Assistance Pet owners often contact us to seek help in meeting their pets’ medical needs. In 2008, we were able to assist 67 people with their veterinary costs, keeping pets healthy and allowing them to remain in their homes.

Our Vital Volunteers Much of the work featured in this report would not have been possible without our dedicated volunteers. In 2008, 821 volunteers gave 40,870 hours of their time as they exercised dogs, cleaned cat cages, helped customers in the Lollypop Shop, or helped out at special events. The important work done by these individuals at Lollypop Farm spans about 30 job descriptions. In addition to offering our daily gratitude, we recognize our important group of volunteers with a spring dinner and awards ceremony. In 2008, volunteers undertook extended training to fill new and expanded roles in our Admissions and Adoption departments.


Chairman’s Club The Chairman’s Club is a recognition program to express appreciation to those who provide leadership and commitment to Lollypop Farm with annual contributions totaling $1,000 or more. Friend for Life $10,000+ Doug & Arlie Anderson Mr. Ben Carroll & Ms. Sallie Wilmot Ms. Joan Fuller Ms. Marge Schottland Leader of the Pack $5,000–$9,999 Mr. Henry Bartolf Ms. Helen E. Clark John & Barbara Dick Mrs. Jean E. Groff Frank & Sharon Insero Tori Nolan/“Pennies for Pets” Best Friend $2,500–$4,999 Anonymous (1) Edd & Jeanette Altavela Ms. Debbie Barker Len & Lorri Bayer Ms. Janet Buchanan Smith Mr. John W. Kunkel Ms. Sandy Parker Robert & Susan Peel Judith & Ned Roman Daniel & Risa Saltzman Janet & Kenneth Smith Craig & Cindy Urciuoli Julianne & Ken VanEps Elise & Joseph Wojciechowski Steadfast Supporter $1,000–$2,499 Anonymous (3) Mr. Brian Ambor & Mrs. Anne Marie DiMarsico Carol & James Anderson Deborah & Michael Antoniades Edward & Linda Baird Ms. Nina Beach Harry & Nancy Beilfuss Mr. Nicholas C. Bensko & Nancy M. Watson Dr. Beth J. Benson Jamie & Brandi Bishop Mr. Robert K. Boeckman, Jr. Ms. Martha Britt Barry & Pat Brown Deborah J. Buckner John & Jessie Buzawa Ms. Barbara Calabrese Alice Lee Calabrese Smith

Joanne & Wolfgang Pfizenmaier Mr. Jason Plaisted & Ms. PatnawonThung Ms. Rebecca Powell Darryl & Tina Power Ms. Jeanne M Powers Mrs. Kathryn Price Dr. John Ray Ms. Melinda S. Richards Mr. James Richardson Mr. Russell R. Roberts Richard A. Robinson Mr. Randall Rose Mr. & Mrs. Wilbert P. Rourke Mr. Daniel H. Ryan Mr. Stephen Salisbury Linda & Charles W. Sanford Mr. Leon Seen Miss Gretchen Shafer Mr. John Sherrick Ms. Joanne Sills Mr. Jim Sloan Jeffrey & Linda Smith Ms. Paige Smith Mr. Thomas Stott Ms. Bonnie Sullivan Ms. Mary C. Tyler Ms. Cindy L. VandeWall Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Warner Bud & Joan Wasenske Ms. Mary A. Weaver Ms. Anne West Sandra & Tom Wheeler Ms. Pamela Will Dr. Morris & Mrs. Rebecca Wortman

Alan and Nancy Cameros Mr. John L. Carnevale Terry & Mary Catherman Don Cherry Pat Chiverton Stephen & Stephanie Cohen Mr. & Mrs. Corydon Collins Mr. Frank Cretelle Ms. Carolyn Delles Mrs. Margaret Milow DeWitt Mr. Charles DeWitte Alice & Robert DiMarco Sharon & Daniel Dobbins Karen & Howard Ebersman Laurie Elliott Ms. Suzanne L. Engel Ms. Ginger Field Ms. Jill Finan Tony & Barbara Fornalik Andrea Fornalik & Scott Dingerson Ms. Janet Friedman Dr. Sylvia A. Gardner Mr. Richard L. Gardner R. T. Gilman Family Thomas W. Gingher, Jr. Ms. Carol Gray Mr. Mark Greenstein Dr. & Mrs. Edward Gschrey Mr. Paul B. Guarracini Mr. Richard Hargrave Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Harris Mr. Rick Harris Anne Harrison, M.D. Eric & Susan Hartfield Ms. Stephanie Haynes Ms. Marion Heise Sylvia & Edward Hendershot Tony & Aimee Hettinger Joanne & Edward Hewig Mr. David Hrankowski Charleen & Chris Hubbell Barbara & Wallace Iglewski Robert & Linda Klafehn Ms. Roberta Klein Mrs. Christine Klos Bridget & Dave Kornder Donna Lampen-Smith & Guy J. Smith Stanley C. Lampert, Jr. Joan E. Lane Ms. Rebecca LaWare and Mr. Wayne Fenton Catherine McCrady & Michael Leo John & Evelyn LeVay T.C. & Pam Lewis Chris & Edie Linares Mr. Charles Lowe Ms. Nancy D. Lowthian Ms Debora Maier Ms. Deborah Makowski Ms. Carey A. Mayo Jim & Carol McCarthy Gloria & Thomas McDermott Mrs. Heather McQueen-Shearin Ms. Christie S. McVicker Gail & Jay Metzler Ms. Liz Miller Ardeth G. Mumpton Ms. Margaret Munch Jim & Louise Murray Mary Ellen & Erik Nixon Mr. Allan T. Osborne & Ms. Elizabeth Konar Ms. Emily Osgood Pete & Amy Palermo Peter & Beatrice Pape Mrs. Geraldine L. Pearson Ms. Elaine Pease Dr. Leo W. Pfeiffer

Loyal Companion $550–$999 G.R. & Elaine Abbott Ms. Patricia Anderson Ms. Marcy J. Ashley Mr. Michael M. Austin Mrs. Kathryn Bahler Gene Baldino & Diane Simon Mrs. Beverly J. Bama Thomas & Kim Bamford Mr Fred Barricelli Mrs. Helen H. Berkeley Mike & Brenda Bialaszewski Ms. Barbara Bloom Ms. Nancy A. Booth Ms. Kayla Bovenzi Ms. Eleanor Bower Ms. Mary Brick Sharon & Charles Burgio Debra & Thomas Calandrillo Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Callahan Ms. Pat Carnahan Dylan & Robyn Chase Mr. Burleigh Chillcott Frances & Stephen Chubaty Janis M. Church James & Dorothea Ciccarelli Richard & Mary Cicotta Ms. Keri Clar Ms. Darcy Coddingon Nancy S. Collins Dominick & Marilyn Condello Ms. Nicole R. Cookinham Ms. Joan Crecco Mr. Timothy W. Crippen Scott & Mary Beth Davis Mr. Richard E. Dean Mr. John J. Debellis Pat & Gerard DeMetsenaere Mr. Edward F. Dickinson Mr. Robert J. DiMarco Jr. Ms. Peggy DiStefano


Henry & Judy Dixon Ms. Karen M. Doyle Ms. Marilyn Ann Drumm Ms. Erma W. Dugan Dr. Raymond S. Eachus David & Sandy Ebberts Ms. Bobbie Eckert Ms. April Kathleen Eddy Ms. Heather V. Edes Mr. & Mrs. Harold Feinbloom Mr. Jody Fleisher Janine L. Fogarty, M.D. & James Hoestermann Mr. John Foster Lorin & Judy Gallistel Mr. James Gaylord MaryAnn & Louis Gennaro Ms. Mary Ann Giglio Elizabeth P. Gordon Mr. Mark Gregory Jim & Dawn Grosso David L. Guadagnino Mr. Thomas D. Hahn Robert & Sharon Hann Richard & Mary Hilfiger Mr. Norman Holland Todd P. Hopkins Bob & Barbara Hurlbut Ms. Sally Huttemann Miles & Silvija Jones Fred & Tammy Kellerman Cheryl Kelley & Steve Melcher Ms. Janet Kellner & Mr. Jim Kurtz Mrs. Ann Kelly Mrs. Carlynn G. Kennedy Mr. Christopher R. Kingston Mrs. Rose-Marie Klipstein Ms. Karin Klock Mrs. Bonnie J. LaDue Walter & Susan Lanik Ms. Emma Lee Mr. Gary Lewis Mr. John W. Lewis Ms. Gunta Liders & Dr. Duncan Moore Ms. Kathryn Lindfors Miss Rebecca Lyons Beth Ann MacVittie Mrs. Elizabeth A. Maginnis Mr. Paul Martin Mrs. Diane McCue Mr. Patrick McMullen Ms. Elizabeth A. Miceli Mr. James Minor Ms. Judy Montanari Ms. Lisa Murley Timothy & Mary Murphy Andrea Nadel Marie Niedermeier & John Frontuto Michael & Carol O’Neal Richard & Zillah Ostrander Ms. Karen Paprocki Dr. Laura J. Pierce Ms. Pamela Powley Mr. David A. Pratt Mr. Thomas W. Purnell Ms. Julie Raschella Ms. Maria Rendziak Ms. Claire Rhinehart Ms. Margaret E. Richards Ms. Jill Richards Dr. & Mrs. Garrett Riggs Cheryl & Bob Rissberger Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Rosenberger Jean & Sara Rossignolo Susan Rueckwald Mr. David Salvatore Mr. Robert Sawyer Mrs. Mary Schwertz


Lollypop Farm gratefully recognizes individual donors who contributed $550 or more during the period January 1 through December 31, 2008. Their generosity enables Lollypop Farm to pursue its mission of building lifelong bonds between people and animals through education, community outreach programs, and the prevention of cruelty.

Julie Schwetz & Rhuel McElhatten George & Kathryn Shaw Ms. Claudia Sheridan Tony & Jenn Shoemaker Mrs. Janet Smith Lee & Elaine Sorenson Ms. Barbara Spencer K.L. Spoor Mr. Robert Stadmiller Catherine & Arthur Steffen Ms. Sandra J. Stringer Ms. Kathy Strong Stefani Tadio & Steve Comstock Ms. Patricia E. Toole Ms. Marcia Trauernicht Bernard & Susan Trott Dee & Mike Troutman Mr. & Mrs. Philip A. Tsibulsky Mrs. Jane Wade Liz & Fred Waidelich Ms. Jennifer Waite Ms. Marion H. Weber Mr. David K. Wegman Charles Anderson & Cynthia Welch Timothy & Mary Ann Welch Mr. Jay C. Wells Ms. Virginia Wenner Chris & Kelly Wheeler Sandra A. White Mr. Paul Yarnot Ms. Kate Zehr Hanna & Jay Zukoski This distinguished group of corporate, foundation, and government supporters demonstrate a commitment to building lifelong bonds between people and animals through their generosity and foresight. $100,000+ Klingenstein Charitable Foundation $50,000-$99,999 New York State Senator Joseph E. Robach $20,000–$49,999 Golisano Foundation New York State Senator Jim Alesi

$10,000–$19,999 Ahimsa Foundation Assemblyman David Koon Banfield Charitable Trust Brody Charitable Trust Daisy Marquis Jones Foundation Dorothy M. Young Endowment Fund Fort Dodge Animal Health Hill’s Pet Nutrition Invisible Fence PetSmart The Van Buren N. Hansford Fund $5,000 – $9,999 Alvin F. and Ruth K. Thiem Foundation ASPCA Davenport-Hatch Foundation Inc. Elaine P. and Richard U. Wilson Foundation Elinor Patterson Baker Trust Fund Jane F Napier & William J Napier Charitable Lead Trust Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Laura J. Niles Foundation, Inc. Monroe Veterinary Associates Petco Foundation Ralph & Eleanor Cantisano Family Fdn. Robert E. Powell Fund Smola Consulting, LLC $2,500–$4,999 Amy Jenkins Cutler Fund Circuit City Foundation Doodie Pack Finger Lakes Clinical Research Friends of the Humane Society Glover-Crask Charitable Trust Insero & Company, P.C. Kenlou Foundation Marie C. & Joseph C. Wilson Foundation Pets For The Elderly Foundation PetSmart Charities Preferred Care Rochester Area Community Foundation Funds to Support Women $1,000–$2,499 Alesco Advisors LLC Alpha Dog Marketing American Humane Ames-Amzalak Memorial Trust Avrum Katz Foundation

Peppermint, Adopted in 2007

Banfield, The Pet Hospital Bernice Barbour Foundation, Inc. Brown & Brown Insurance Camp Bow Wow Canaltown Insurance Agency Citigroup Matching Gifts Program Constellation Brands, Inc. Eastside Cafe ExxonMobil Foundation Family First of NY Federal Credit Union Function5 Technology Gannett Foundation Grants Program Gannett Foundation Matching Gift Program Harris, Chesworth, O’Brien, Johnstone, Welch & Leone Jack G. Lubelle Foundation, Inc. Karpus Investment Management M&T Bank Charitable Foundation Med-Scribe Oppenheimer Funds Matching Gift Program Pet Memorial Center of Rochester LLC Pet Saver Superstore Pharaoh’s Hairum Postler & Jaeckle Corporation Rochester Female Charitable Society Ronald McDonald House Charities SoyBoy Organic Tofu Target Community Relations The Iron Butterfly Health Club Thomson Reuters Westside Imaging Center Zaretsky and Associates, Inc. $550 – $999 Barks & Bubbles Grooming Salon Bisuito & Co. Bosch Security Systems, Inc. Chappell’s Auto Recycling & Scrap Clare Bridge of Perinton East River Veterinary Hospital Greece Grange No.311 H.A. Risch Harter, Secrest & Emery, LLP Laurelton Animal Hospital Lincoln Financial Group M.H. Yager Foundation Mengel, Metzger, Barr, & Co Monroe Piping & Sheet Metal Nazareth College French Club Penta & Co

Pet e-Tailing Group, LLC Pethealth Services Pics Telecom Post Resch Tallon Riverside Group Rochester Business Alliance Shorts Bar of Rochester Spry Middle School Excel Program Sunsational Tan Ward, Wyand & Associates The following organizations contributed goods and/or services, ultimately benefiting our homeless pets. In-Kind: $60,000+ Hill’s Pet Nutrition In-Kind: $10,000-$30,000 Ad Council Rochester The Iron Butterfly Health Club Monroe Veterinary Associates PAETEC Video Hound Productions In-Kind: $1,000-$9,999 8 WROC 10 NBC 13 WHAM 92.5 WBEE 103.5 WUUF 1180 WHAM Allen-Bailey Amiel’s, The Original Submarine AutoTrader / Swap Sheet Frontier/Community Partnerships Genesee Valley Penny Saver Hickey Freeman Co Lennox Industries Penfield Community TV Pet Saver Superstore Pet Tales Magazine, a Messenger Post Media Publication Pethealth Services (USA) Inc. Petpalooza The Riverside Group Southern Wine and Spirits Toshiba Business Solutions University Cardiovascular Associates Zukes


Joe and Juniper, Adopted in 2008

Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2008 Year Ending:

June 30, 2007

June 30, 2008

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Fiscal Year 2007–2008 Officers Chairman of the Board, Christopher Linares Vice Chairman, Michael Leone Secretary, Cheryl Kelley Treasurer, Peter E. Pape

Board of Directors John Bartolotta Vice President & Group Manager M&T Bank

Paul Black, DVM Monroe Veterinary Associates Martha Britt Director, WW Human Resources Eastman Kodak Company Donald Chesworth Attorney Harris, Chesworth & O’Brien David Friedlander Monroe County Sheriff Mounted Division Steven Hess Retired

Board of Directors

Cheryl Kelley, DMD Janine Kilty Carestream Health, Inc. Michael Leone Attorney Harris, Chesworth & O’Brien T.C. Lewis Principal Greentree Capital Management Christopher Linares Hickey Freeman Laurie Mark Vice President Northwest Savings Bank

Board of Directors

Patrick O’Flynn Monroe County Sheriff Peter E. Pape The Riverside Group Tina Power Certified Public Accountant PAETEC Communications Inc. Donald J. Riley VP Marketing & Development Mark IV Enterprises Rebecca P. Wortman Center for Menstrual Disorders and Reproductive Choice

Amiel Mokhiber Amiel’s Original Submarines

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