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Drug Rehab Programs That Work and Their Stats

Drug and alcohol addiction ruins families. The majority of calls I get are from the loved ones of drug & alcohol abusers, not the abusers themselves. Parents, spouses and kids of abusers suffer more. They're the ones calling for help. As an aid to the people I work for, here is a study I've done on rehab programs, their costs and posted effectiveness. First a clarification of rehab programs:

95% of rehab centers follow a 12 Step / medical approach to rehab; aka "you've got a disease, accept it and we can help you mitigate the problems" 5% use Social Educational, alternative, self help, empowerment, psycho-social-behavioral methods of recovery The national average success rate in the US and Canada is around 22%. This is lower in my hometown (10%) according to our past mayor

4 Rehab Programs or Strategies That Work Emergency room use of Brief Interventions and CAGE (see "Drug Addiction Tests You Can Do Right Now" Palatinus) reduced damage to individuals by 47% (6 months). These intervention approaches are usually done by professionals, doctors and therapists Motivational Interviewing, a method of Social Educational rehab, is showing promise Bio-physical combined with Social Educational or lifestyle modification approaches. These get 70% to 90% long term success. Usually take 1 to 6 months on average. Prices range from $6,000 to $18,000 per month Alternative, results oriented 'high end' rehab centers. Costs are $40,000 + per month, gets 70% to 80% long term recovery

The lesson to learn here is: Realize you're in a tough time if you've got a loved one abusing drugs / alcohol. This will one day pass, but can you afford the cost of doing nothing or the same thing and getting similar results? Drug rehab programs work if done correctly. Professionals in rehab, especially those unbiased to traditional methods of recovery, 'because that's how they recovered', can greatly improve your chances of having a happy conclusion to treatment. To get some consulting to help another recover, either subscribe or click the bottom link to contact me. I have several different types of programs I work with now.


Drug Rehab Programs that work and their stats  
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