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The domino is a board game which use a rectangular cards, usually white with black face and the underside, divided into two squares, each of whon has scored from zero to six points. The complete set of dominoes contains 28 pieces, each of which represents a pair of possible values. There are other variations of dominoes in which there are values from 0 to 9 instead of 0 to 6, making a total of 55 chips.


The game usually played with four players in pairs. Can also be played solo yet you can play only as part a practice focused on your movements and analyzing the play as part of being a great champion. In many cases, the domino game can be played with 2,4,6,8,10 or 12 people and have to divide the cards as the number of players.


The players in each pair are placed alternately around the table being in position facing the members of each pair respectively. Before you being, the cards are placed face down on the table and the players scramble to pick them up a random in equal numbers each.


On his turn each player places one of his pieces with the restriction that only two pieces can be put together when adjacent squares are the same value. It is customary to place a doble cross. Place a double bend is often called, or lying. It player can not place any chip on their turn have to spend the next player. Often in the game that either player pull, for example, the last of the six were only pulling the double six. In this case is said to have hanged or killed the double six. The player who may no longer have to win the round, unless your partner to be won.


The hand continues until either of the two situations: 1.


One of the players run out of chips to place on the table. In the case the player is said to have dominated the game. In case of closure, bar or dam, that is, when despite being no chips in play can be placed, the player or pair whose chips consume less points, this only happens when the same number is on both ends of the game, makes a partner player who has fewer points in their files, and adding the points of loser winner.

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