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Anne’s Guest Room/Play-Study Space - februaRY 2012 -

Welcome Welcome to your new e-decorating plan! You are well on your way to having a fresh start in your space, and I am so excited to share all of the details with you. Inside you will find everything you need to implement the design, including a hand-sketched floor plan, mood boards outlining the inspiration for the design, furniture plans and sources, plus a budget breakdown and a few bonus DIY instructions. Let’s get started! xo Laura

Image sources: Cover image Martin Hahn for Real Living Magazine, via Dustjacket Attic Above - Russet & Empire Interiors (left) and Carrier and Company (right) Opposite, clockwise from top left - Morten Holtum, Toast, Turquoise,




daybed zone

1. Linen daybed cover (IN FLAX) / daybed skirt (not shown)

6. white coffee table 7. burlap pouf

2. day bed pillow COVER (IN WHITE)

8. 72” bamboo blinds (IN OAK)

3. you are my sunshine pillow

9. inspiration image source: the marion house book

4. DRAPER stripe pillowcases (PAIR)

10. 5x8 dhurrie rug (in taupe/white)


11. Ikat storage stool

entry zone 1. antiqued Gold mirror 2. sculptural wood lamp

3. gray cabinet 4. willow & zinc Planter 5. gold feather tray 6. moroccan tea glasses

As you are beginning to prioritize your shopping, here are a few things to keep in mind: + If there is a piece you see that you absolutely LOVE, don’t wait too long to purchase it! I cannot guarantee the continued availability of any items included in the plan, and I would hate to have you disappointed if something goes out of stock or becomes discontinued! + Of course I hope you love everything (!) but if something is not resonating with you, please do not feel obligated to purchase it. + If you need to budget for the room over time, focus your dollars on the most functional pieces first, to provide a base on which to build.



1. bentwood chairs x2 2. double-width desk 3. Pinboard inspiration image: ballard designs (see next page for DIY) 4. task lamp (in white) x2 5. billy wall shelf 6. 9”x9” branas baskets (in white) 7. plaster wall-mounting capital 8. porcelain swallow


1. Billy bookcases (in white) x2 2. ribbon-trimmed curtains (in Black) x2 3. white twinkle lights 4. 8”x10” horses art print 5. 14”x17” silver frame with linen mat (fits 8x10 photo) 6. Vintage Turkish copper bowl 7. set of 3 white-dipped baskets 8. rugby striped bins


image source: Apartment therapy



perfect pin board!

I thought it would be great to have a long pin board (bulletin board) hung above the doublewidth desk, but the store-bought options are limited in size choice and also quite costly. So instead, I found a (relatively!) easy DIY project that replicates the look for a fraction of the price. + This project uses Homasote, an eco-friendly fiberboard made from recycled materials that is readily available at many hardware and home improvement stores (try Lowes). A 4x8 foot sheet costs around $26. I recommend having the board cut to fit for you at the store - it’s worth it, cutting Homasote can get messy! To fit perfectly across the entire double-desk, ask to have it cut to 24” by 78 3/4” + Next you will need fabric to cover your board. I found a natural colored linen-cotton blend fabric (above) on sale at Beverly’s for $6.99/yard. 3 yards would be ample for your project. + When you are ready to put it together, gather your materials and tools. You will need: A staple gun, an electric drill, a small scrap of wood to protect your floor, 4 Anchors, 4 finishing washers, & 4 long screws, and a strong friend! + Read the full project instructions on Apartment Therapy - and good luck!!

Anne's Guest Room  

A Lolalina E-Decor project.