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Last natural disaster Hurricane Ervinas  Date: 9th January, 2005 Damages:134 people were either death or went missing; Devastated thousands of trees;

 Last Natural Disaster: Floods in Malaga, Almeria and Murcia  Date:29th September, 2012  Damages:10 deaths; Destruction of buildings; Hundreds of people had to leave their properties;


Italy  Worst natural disaster: Avezzano earthquake or L'Aquila earthquake in Avezzano  Date: 13rd January, 1915  Damages: 30 000 deaths, devastation of the city of Avezzano; Destruction of infra-structures;

 Natural disaster: Floods and mudslides in Madeira  Date: 20th February,2010  Damages: 47 deaths; Many people were injured; Several material damages;

Last natural disaster: Floods in southern Poland Date: 20th May, 2010 Damages: 25 deaths; Approximately 23,000 people were evacuated; Economic cost was 2.5 billion euros;

 Worst natural disaster: Floods in Prague  Date: August, 2002  Damages: 17 deaths; Thousands of people had to be evacuated from their homes; Caused damages of over 73 million crowns (1.8 million euros);

 Last natural disaster: Van Earthquake in Van  Date: 23rd October, 2011  Damages: 604 deaths; 4,152 people injured; Many destroyed buildings ;  60.000 people were left homeless;

Floods: •Not build too cloose to the sea; •Prevention of soil erosion ; •Reforest areas; •Build dams to regulate river flows; Earthquake: •Be aware of the risks associated to earthquakes, how to react during this catastrophe; •Store water, food, handy flashlight, radio, first aid kit; •Turn off the gas and the power source; Hurricanes: •Always have a car available; •Store food and water supplies and be aware of the weather news(radio);

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