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The Latest Scoop Land O’Lakes AARP Chapter #4764 March 2012

Fe b r u a r y M e e t i n g N e w s by P hy l l i s B r o s s Important Dates

Regular Meetings Monthly on 4th Friday at 10:30 am. Board Meetings 10:30 Holy Trinity Lutheran Church; Jan - Oct:, 3rd Friday Newsletter Deadline: 1st Friday of the Month St. Patrick’s Day (3/17) American Chocolate Week

The General Chapter Meeting was held on February 24 at the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 20735 Leonard Road in Lutz. President George Cooper opened the meeting and introduced The Friendship Singers. The Friendship Singers perform under the direction of Dolores Gast, but Ms. Gast was unavailable for health reasons and Elaine Owens Friendship Singers conducted the singers during the meeting. They provided an excellent performance, with audience participation along the way. The singers handed out programs but then added a few special surprise songs, including "What a Wonderful World" and "New York". Members and Guests sang along, and many members received door prizes and birthday gifts from the singers. George thanked Ms. Owens and her singers, and Ms. Owens invited interested audience members to consider joining The Friendship Singers. Call Delores Gast at 352-588-0366 if interested.

(3/19-24) Root Canal Awareness Week (3/25-31) Michelangelo (3/6) Osama bin Laden (3/10) Henny Youngman (3/16) William Shatner (3/22) Ewan McGregor (3/31) In this issue: February Meeting Report


Health Tidbits


Community Service


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Notes from the Editor 5

There were 24 members and 3 guests at the meeting, and everyone enjoyed the entertainment. Many also enjoyed the delicious cake, coffee, and fruit donated by members. Elfrieda Rapp conducted a 50/50 drawing and we had one happy winner. George made general announcements, including the fact that unless someone volunteers now to take over our Chapter's participation in the March 9 and 10 Business Expo, we will need to wait until next year to attend the Expo as there is insufficient time to plan this year without a volunteer Chairperson. George also addressed the fact that some members reportedly prefer sharing a full lunch after meetings, as opposed to having simply coffee and cake as we have done for the past few meetings. He explained that we need a volunteer Refreshments Committee Chair if we are to have full lunches. He also reminded members that we have yet to decide on a permanent building to use as our meeting location, and that full lunches would necessitate a building with a kitchen area. Peggy Cooper announced that she has information about tax preparation assistance, and Gabi also has information about someone she believes is good at tax preparation. Members should see Peg or Gabi if they want more information. Gabi, Joe, Helen and a few others also spoke of an AARP discount for auto insurance. Members should check on line or see Joe and Helen or Gabi if they wish to apply for a discount. (continued on page 2)

Future Meetings

The March 23 meeting program will feature Paula O'Neil, Circuit Court Clerk and Comptroller, and will be held at the Land O’Lakes Community Center. We urge all members to attend this informative meeting and to bring guests. Please bring pastries or fruit to share, as this meeting will include a simple "coffee and cake" type of snack - not a full luncheon.

Fe b r u a r y N ew s ( c o n t i n u e d )

Pa g e 2

George introduced Joann Heyen of Groves Travel Club, and she addressed the members and guests. She stated that it costs only $5.00 annually to join the club, and that the club has many trips available, including racetrack days, Miami vacations, tours, and plays. Folks always meet at Groves and go from there - usually in car pools - to the events, and the prices are reasonable. George has the list of scheduled events and Groves' contact information. Groves meets at 7:00 pm every third Wednesday in the Clubhouse for those who want more information. Rich signed Joann Kuzmiak as a new Chapter member before the meeting, and we welcome her and hope that she will attend our future meetings and become an active and involved member! To all members please share your Chapter experiences with your friends, relatives, neighbors and acquaintances and invite them to join our Chapter. For only $10.00 per year they can come out and meet new friends, learn interesting issues from our speakers, become involved in current issues, and enjoy helping the community through charitable and other donations and activities. Our parties are also fun - whether we are having a fall picnic, a holiday luncheon, or (as we may do this year) a late spring or summer party to celebrate AARP, with a special focus on our Chapter and its prominent place within the Land O' Lakes community. AARP members receive retail discounts (such as for car rentals, pharmacies, restaurants, and shopping) which more than pay for the dues. Phyllis and Rich will be glad to help anyone sign up for AARP membership and to sign up for our Chapter membership. Email them at to secure such assistance. . . . . Phyllis Bross, Board Secretary

H e a l t h N e w s & T i p s f r o m Tw i t t e r The Medical Center of Trinity, which (you will remember) provided the Chapter an excellent program last year, is active in Twitter space with great health tips. Recently, they tweeted about the top 10 brain foods, and here they are: (1) blueberries, improve memory function and are rich in antioxidants and good for your free radicals; (2) salmon, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, develops brain tissue and helps fight Alzheimer’s and other age-related cognitive disorders; (3) flax seeds, a healthy fat that aids the cerebral cortex; (4) coffee, caffeine (in moderation) is good for the brain and contains anti-oxidants, reducing risk of Alzheimer’s & dementia; (5) mixed nuts, helps fight insomnia and promotes mental clarity and strong memory; (6) avocados, a healthy fat that promotes blood flow, keeping mind at its peak; (7) eggs, yolks rich in choline, an essential nutrient to improving memory function; (8) whole grains, excellent brain food improving circulation and providing essential fibers, vitamins, and Omega-3; (9) chocolate, dark chocolate is rich in anti-oxidants, improving focus and concentration, milk chocolate improving memory and reaction time; (10) broccoli, shown to improve memory function and slow aging. Follow these tips and you will remember to pay your Chapter dues!

Community Ser vice—Gabriele Hansen

Pa g e 3

Gabi asks that members please bring food donations such as canned goods and pet product donations to the meetings as often as possible so that she may bring them to our charities. In addition, Gabi (or her Assistant Chairperson for April and May, Peg Cooper) need volunteer members to help with Bingo. Resident veterans at the Lopez Nursing Home play Bingo every second Wednesday starting at 2:00 pm. The residents really look forward to the game and some need a bit of extra help in covering their cards as the Bingo numbers are called. These community service hours are easy, fun, and only take up a very small portion of our day to help our vets who surely deserve this recreation. Bingo Volunteers need only sign in at the front desk of the nursing home. Then, just find yourself a table of vets and join the fun.

Vo l u n t e e r s

S u n s h i n e a n d S y m p a t hy

CARES: Gabriele Hansen 3.5 hrs; Friendship Singers: Steve Dierking, 8 hrs; Our Lady of the Rosary: Jean Cangelosi 24 hours; Lopez Veterans Home, Gabriele Hansen, Steve, & Marion Meier—2 hrs each. Animal Shelter & CSS: Gabriele 1.5 hrs. Alzheimer’s Support Group: Phyllis, 1.5 hours, Rich 1.3 hours. If you do volunteer work for local organizations, please report the hours each month either to the newsletter editor (996-6100) or to any of the Board members.

Anita Kennebeck sends birthday and other special occasion cards to Chapter members on behalf of the Chapter. She sent 4 birthday cards this month. If you know of anyone who needs Sunshine, Anita would appreciate a call at 813948-8289, or email her at Thanks!

7 years ago, then Fed Chair Alan Greenspan told the House that the government needed to undertake “major deficit-reducing actions.” He said, “I fear we may already have committed more physical resources to the baby-boom generation in its retirement years than our economy has the capacity to deliver.” No kidding!

Irish Blessing: May the Good Lord take a liking to you, but not too soon.

C o f f e e & C a ke

For the February meeting, we had a coffee and cake format, where you brought the “cake” and Congratulations! Gloria brought the coffee. We’re going to try this March birthdays: Miriam Ehret, Steve Kounnas, again for the March meeting, but we definitely Elfrieda Rapp, & Virginia Thomas. Congratulations to need a volunteer to head the Refreshments Comall of you. If you have a birthday to celebrate and we mittee. And, we can’t go back to lunches without a leader. Call the editor if you can help! missed you, let us know !

22722 State Road 54 ; Lutz, FL 33549; 813-909-8434

This space available, $25 per year. Talk to your local merchant today.

Irish Toast: It is better to spend money like there’s no tomorrow than to spend tonight like there’s no money.

You earned straight answers from candidates on Social Security, Medicare

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AARP News from Jeff Johnson, AARP’s Florida State Director. Florida famously has the highest percentage of residents age 65+ in America. More than 3 million get health care coverage through Medicare, and 3.7 million are receiving the Social Security benefits they earned. But during Florida’s recent Republican presidential primary, Floridians 50+ only got brief glimpses of the candidates’ stand on strengthening and protecting Social Security and Medicare. There were no questions on these critical issues in either Florida televised debate, President Obama largely skirted the issues in his State of the Union address, and candidates kept their discussion on the campaign trail to a handful of vague sound bites. That’s not good enough. You’ve worked hard for your Social Security and Medicare. You’ve earned the right to know how candidates will protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare for today’s seniors and future generations. That’s why AARP will work to make your voice heard on these issues in coming months. Through surveys, town hall meetings, debates and information forums, AARP will spend the next year listening to Florida voters and will give them straightforward information – both the pros and cons, without the political jargon and spin – about different proposals Washington and the candidates are supporting. We’re calling this initiative “You Earned A Say.” Starting in mid-March, AARP will hold hundreds of town halls from Pensacola to the Keys. At these events, we’ll hear your ideas about the future of Social Security and Medicare. Through surveys, petitions and questionnaires, AARP will help you make your voice heard about the health and retirement security you’ve earned. Both online and in your community, we’ll gather your thoughts, answer your questions and work to make your voice heard. To stay up to date on AARP’s work on You Earned A Say, please check up on the latest information at or call us at 1-866-595-7678 toll-free during business hours. And most important, keep pressing candidates for President and Congress for specific answers on these very important questions. Make them tell you what they’ve got in mind – you’ve earned it. Tax Preparation Resources AARP’s 10 Tax Tips Everyone Over 50 Should Know: Find an AARP Tax-Aide location here: For general tax information, the IRS has a number of free guides and forms online that can help:,,id=164871,00.html

E d i t o r ’s C o r n e r

Pa g e 5

I’ll begin this month with my usual plea for everyone to reach out to potential new members for the Chapter. Paula O’Neil makes a great presentation about the workings of the County Comptroller/Clerk’s office—something that should be of interest to everyone. So please encourage your friends and neighbors to join us for the next meeting and a preview of our Chapter. We gained one new member last month, but I can’t believe there aren’t more folks out there who are both interested and interesting! So, let’s get busy—remember, AARP membership is open to anyone over 50! As you may have noticed, I sprinkle the newsletter with a variety of possibly unusual holidays and observances (all are real). I do this for my own amusement and possibly the amusement of others. No one has said anything about it, maybe because the humor is subtle. (My mother always said I had a dry sense of humor.) I’m not that concerned about homeless guinea pigs; I just think it is funny that people actually spend time worrying about this. Also, the juxtaposition of Chocolate Week and Root Canal Week just strikes me as funny. What can I say? If you want a regular calendar, go buy one.

G u e s s W h o — t h e A n s we r s , & M o r e Q u e s t i o n s Clark Gable’s golf caddie was Robert Wagner, who was working at the Bel-Air Country Club at the age of 15; Gable later introduced Wagner to MGM casting. The only actor to play the all top 3 syndicated comic strip heroes of the 1930s was Larry “Buster” Crabbe. He played Tarzan, Flash Gordon, and Buck Rogers, and died at 75 from a heart attack after tripping over a waste basket. “Seven of nine” was Jeri Ryan, a Borg drone in Star Trek Voyager who had been freed from the Bog’s collective consciousness. The Vermont Innkeeper’s wife was Joanna Loudon, played by Mary Frann in the series, “Newhart.” All had birthdays in February. The cute girl in the picture was Irmgard Dummeldinger! Now, who was the most famous center forward in association football at Trager Model School? Who was Obi Wan Kenobi? Who said, “A self taught man usually has a poor teacher and a worse student?” True or false: Buonarroti’s is the most famous Italian Restaurant in Manhattan? Be sure to patronize our advertisers!

This space available!

If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else. - Yogi Berra Do you have a financial plan?

George Cooper, Editor 5420 Land O’Lakes Blvd, Suite 101 Land O’ Lakes, Fl. 34639 813-996-6100 Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month



President - George Cooper

Advertising Sales - Helen Fornino, Community Service - Gabriele Hansen, Legislative - Marion Meier, Membership - Rich Abbattista, Newsletter - George Cooper, Nominating - Peggy Cooper, Public Relations - Elaine Northrup, Programs Walter Dummeldinger, Sunshine - Anita Kennebeck, Refreshments - ???, Telephone Phyllis Rowan, 50/50 - Elfreida Rapp

Vice.-Pres. - Walter Dummeldinger Secretary - Phyllis Bross Treasurer - Elaine Northrup Helen Fornino, Rich Abbattista, Gabriele Hansen, Gloria Baronak

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