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Star Trek Into Darkness

Editors Note In order to write this short magazine article I had to organize my thoughts in a different way. “Star Trek into Darkness� is one of my favorite movies of all time and so I chose to review it. By giving a summary of the movie and including specific parts that critics commented on I was able to make it flow after a couple of rough drafts. This was a completely different task from the ones I have had previously assigned for any class that has involved writing. At first it was difficult to add in the different critiques because my arguments were not organized into one specific direction. After clearly choosing a topic to discuss I was able to write in a different manner. It also took time to develop the ideas behind the article because in order to understand the role women played in the movie I had to first realize that women were only used as props in the movie. The process of actually making the layout for the magazine was tricky. I looked at different examples from Issuu and then mimicked them. As a whole the magazine resembles different magazines but with a mix of what I consider aesthetically pleasing.

Star Trek the Original was aired In the 1960’s as a TV show that turned out to be a great success. With Leonard Nimoy as the original Spock and Captain Kirk, J.J. Abrams matched if not surpassed the original actors in his movie “Star Trek into Darkness”, released in May of 2013. According to he movie review “Star Trek into Darkness” from Entertainment weekly written by Owen Gleibermna, “Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto rose up to Become those superheroes of yours, Kirk and Spock, by echoing the looks, voices, and personalities of William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy just Enough, while still making the role their own.” The date is 2259, and the USS Enterprise has been set up as the Command center of various ships.

The goal is “to explore strange new worlds; to seek out new life and civilizations; to boldly go where no man has gone before.” Captain James T. Kirk and his crew are part of the USS Enterprise and are in charge of the Enterprise ncc-1701, the biggest ship held by the USS Enterprise. Although Captain Kirk and his crew were supposed to be out exploring, they received a temporary suspension and were demoted due to an incident in which their identity was exposed. While they spend their time on Earth a villain names Kham has destroyed a library, which turns out to be a secret headquarters that was

developing new weapons. It is then discovered that Khan is a genetically engineered superhuman who plans to destroy Earth as part of his revenge for the supposed death of his crew, caused by the Starfleet admiral of the USS Enterprise. After the attack then Khan launched all high-ranking officials were gathered in a room to debate on how the enemy would be dealt with. However, Captain Kirk was clever enough to know that Khan would attack them next and so he was able to save his own life. Although men are the central

characters of this movie the opposite sex has been clearly over looked. Felicia Melange’s Tumbler post has clearly stated her dislike, “I failed to see ONE WOMEN AROUND THE TABLE, ALL MOSTLY WHITE MEN IMPLIED TO BE MAKING IMPORTANT DECISIONS TOGETHER. Yes, these are just scenes with extras, but seriously, in the future not one women over 40 is in charge in this world?!” Felicia Melange’s point is that women are still considered caregivers and a source of love, not the backbone of any sort of power.

Women are given shallow roles. Amanda Rodriguez’s reView from considered Nyota Uhura (Zoe Saldana) as “generally a strong female character, the film sill exploits her femaleness by overemphasizing her sexuality.” Amanda Rodriguez is referring to the uniforms designed for women in this movie. While everyone was on the Enterprise preparing to capture Khan men got to wear fitted clothing while the women’s attire was short, tight, and revealing. It clung to the females body in a way that might as well have been showing everything. The movie portrayed women as sexual objects rather than a strong intellectual being. Uhura may have been the principle actress but overall she received mixed feelings from the audience. Soulskull from has expressed his impression of Uhura as having, “one brief moment of being her own person, showing her strengths-and (very minor spoiler) she fails and has to be rescued by men.” The part that Soulskull is referring to is the part where Uhura attempts to talk to the enemy in order to make a peace treaty. After the Enterprise has found Khan they run into their main enemy

the Klingons. Uhura starts off by standing her ground but then loses it and ends up being the damsel in distress. Although the character of Uhura was undermined the actress was able to portray her remarkably. Fred Topal from agrees, “Uhura (Zoe Saldana), Checkov (Anton Yelchin) and Sulu (John Cho) are unerserved but the moments they do get are great.” Uhura’s moments are few but strong. Once the Klingons captured Uhura a fight broke out. Uhura was saved and then she began to help fend off the Klingons, she even saved Kirk’s life. Women are also positively viewed by, “Still, she has way more to do in this movie and gets to kick a lot of ass, and Zoe Saldana does really well with the emotional and action aspects of the character.” In making this comment praises Zoe Saldana for her brief yet powerful moments of acting. When Khan was threatening to destroy the city with the ship he captured Uhura helped Spock capture Khan. Spock was fighting Khan in a deadly match but then Khan gained the advantage. As soon as Uhura intervened Spock was able to fully subdue Khan and return him to the USS Enterprise. It was especially hard for Spock to stop

beating Khan and if it had not been for Uhura then Spock would have never gained enough self-control to stop. The central characters in sci-fi movies are rarely ever women. In general women are seen as eye candy for the general public and not as strong role models for young adults. With the exception of a few movies women are

predominantly tools. Even in other sci-fi movies such as “Star Wars” robots and men dominate the big screen. Although women were given very few admirable moments as a whole ”Star Trek into Darkness” does not accurately represent women, especially not for the the movies time period. Women are underrepresented and as a result the movie suffers in quality and credibility.

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