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(Italy / Argentina) PRESENTS:

”El Cubo Libre” Musical theater, Mime, Object theater Length 45 minutes For everyone

A show of Timoteo and Rugiada Grignani, Facundo and Santiago Moreno

The Show Sinopsis: The show begins with four characters moving around a black cube, the continuation(suite) gives birth to a spiral of surrealist and poetic images, accompanied by a music played by our four companions. Description: "El Cubo Libre" is a meeting between music, street theater and object theater : Two jackets living a tragic love story, a virtuoso guitarist making cross the four hands for playing a passionate tango, a dwarf musician presenting the dance of two strange ballerinas ‌ The public will be stunned by this entertainment, at once funny and emotive, which will show with carelessness that appearances can deceive.

technical requierments Kind : Music theater, Mime, Object theater Public : Every public Duration : 45 minutes Maximun number of spectators: 400 Language : show without speaking Number of actors: 4 Technician : 1 (for the lights) Scenic space: Inside or outside, by day or by night. Set up time: 90 minutes Set down time: 40 minutes Technical needs: • Space of 4m x 4m •

Power socket of 220v

4 projectors of 500w on foot

The Dromosofista Company

Dromosofia (from the greek « dromo »: street, and « sofia »: knowledge ) is a word invented to illustrate the philosophy of the one who chooses the street as a school of life.

The little story‌ The brothers Moreno are the children a tango singer from Buenos Aires, they began to play their own musical repertory on the plazas of Italian cities and performed in diverse festivals from 2002. They created the group " los Aparecidos ", traditional Argentinan music, influence by gypsy music, cumbia and Andean music. They released their first record " lo that hay el charco ". They have composed and performed the music for diverse shows of dance and theater; and they collaborate in particular with the company Girovago e Rondella, the actor Antonio Carletti, the singer Tatiana Zakharova, as well as for a project of sound improvisation of the dance company C.Q.B Timoteo and Rugiada Grignani were born in the world of the Entertainment ; from their youngest age, they worked with their parents as members of the company " Girovago e Rondella family theater ". For the past 20 years they have travelled with the family company and performed in cities and towns across europe.


From the top to the bottom, from the left to the right : Timoteo Grignani, Facundo Moreno, Rugiada Grignani, Santiago Moreno



  (0039)3318958805 (0039)3291234999

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Dossier of the show El Cubo libre presentated by The Dromosofista Troup

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