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Rhythmic Romance (Oil - 20”x20”) By Loken Da Humane

Yamu XIII (Acrylic - 48"x54") By Ranjeet Singh

“ART RHYTHM” An Exhibition of Contemporary Art Organized By KALART GALLERY & WWW.GOOGLEARTSTORE.COM Offering Contemporary Fine Art Paintings & Sculptures th st Aug.19 -Aug. 31 , 2010 Mon – Fri: 10am – 7pm, Sat: 1pm – 5pm, Sunday closed

“ART RHYTHM” OPENING RECEPTION th 19 August, 2010 5.00 pm – 8.00 pm Offering Contemporary Fine Art Paintings & Sculptures @Kalart Gallery 855 Sansome Street (@ Broadway), San Francisco, CA 94111. Phone # 415-828-4937



The Kalart Gallery aims to provide an innovative forum for contemporary art, presenting work by largely unseen young emerging artists or by international artists whose work has been rarely or never exhibited in the San Francisco, USA. Besides, the Kalart Gallery has showcased artwork by established Asian Indian artists for more than 15 years has helped them build a synergy of their creative inspirations. The Kalart Gallery has worked silently in promoting Indian artists based in America and in India. The gallery owner Mr. Arvind Iyer is well known in the Indian and American community for past 40 years in USA and has accomplished several architectural projects in the bay area. He himself is an art collector and promoter with an eye for quality of art. When the Kalart Gallery first opened over fifteen years ago it was the only gallery to represent Indian artwork. Many prominent artists from India have exhibited their artwork and gallery has worked as a springboard for Indian artists to launch creative career.

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“Art Rhythm” is an initiative to bring and promote impressions of humanity and its positive impact on society by means of art and culture. Artist under the umbrella of will be part of a co-operative effort to grow with the rhythm of life and its humane impressions. ORGANIZERS/CURATORS/ARTISTS Shivchandar Ahuja (Country Director for Indian art events), John Philipose, Sangeeta Gupta, Loken Da Humane(USA event organizer), Suryakant Tiwari, Ragini Sinha, Sangeeta K Murthy, Mani Narayan, Umesh Prasad, Indu Prakash, Manissha Khanna, Ashwani Prithviwasi, Lakshaman Prasad, and Ranjeet Singh. PLEASE CONTACT LOKENDRA KUMAR AT ARTSTOREONLY@HOTMAIL.COM

S. C. AHUJA (Country Director for Indian Art Events)

to his sculptures. Never the less his expressions on canvas are as complex and thoughtful as human life. He gives credit of his artistic expression to life sequences and its bearing on his artwork. Ahuja‟s paintings and his sculptures have been exhibited in his solo and group shows all over India. Among his likes he enjoys expressing deep psychology of common man piercing ahead struggle of life on daily basis. Unity in cultural diversity of Indian culture is his passion and enthuse him all the time, he always makes a note of his expression in form of his bronze compositions or his paintings. He actively organized several artist camps and personally took part in international artist programs and SAARC Artist camps. His work has been at prominent places of state art academy galleries/museums, National Gallery of Modern Art, Lalit Kala Academy, HUDCO, Air-India London & Hong-Kong Airports, Chino County Library, Da Gallery-Pomona, California-USA and with many art lovers around the globe.

My Thought (30”X30”) By Shivchander Ahuja My Thought is a representation of meditative exploration in the midst of worldly struggle of human beings. The human figure in form of a bird represent the his desire to fly out of materialistic barriers and light and piece of human curiosity is well reflected in inner white portion that is locked up on neck. The bird legs represent a root shape form thus denote its earthly existence and affiliations. Artist Journey: Shivchander Ahuja Shivchander Ahuja was Born in 1948, Kapurthala, Punjab an accomplished artist/sculptor. His work is very well appreciated among the established artists, art critics and art lovers. He has a peculiar style and prefers to work directly on wax when he gives life

He has done commissioned work for several state projects and organizations. He is been awarded several awards of College of Arts, its annual exhibition awards, State academy awards for sculpture, National Award from All India Fine Art & Craft Society, National Gallery of Fine Arts-Amritsar, awarded senior fellowship from Department of Culture-Government of India. He has done more than 10 solo shows and more than 35 group exhibitions on state and nationally recognized art galleries. Ahuja is also actively working as India Country Director for and helping other artists to build a sustainable career as an artist. To express interest and for more details please write to


NATURE-I (Oil-33”X33”) By John Philipose John‟s paintings have an expression of his travel and an eye focused on the crossing landscapes. He passionately thinks and believes in the continuity of nature and its pure beauty. He further advances in his visions of artistic landscapes where everything else recedes; take new forms of light, life and energy. Nature‟s distribution of light evolves with an inner artistic illumination on the landscapes of his travel adventures. John is filled with joy of bearing the testimony of nature‟s constant change - where love, life and nature coexist. Artist journey: John Philipose John Philipose comes from the picturesque kerala in India. He is a combination of an engineer and an artist. His global vision and

skillful contribution in the field of designing museum, art and exhibition has been unparalleled, highly acclaimed and well respected. He is one of the premier museum and exhibition consultants in India with projects of international stature in his accomplishments. He is also a very well known interior designer and art promoter. John‟s technical skills and his social abilities give an added dimension to his personality – which reflects in his work. Formally trained in commercial art and sculpting, and as a senior member of the group, John Philipose has exercised an elderly support and influence on the younger artists. In art circles John Philipose has been known as a promoter of both art and artists, and has been very generous in encouraging emerging artists and giving them a platform to exhibit. On his own part, he has been known for his excellent, poetic sculptures that are balanced in form and spirit. Bestowed with a benign demeanor, John (more truly known with respect as „Mister Philipose‟) has for some time taken to painting landscapes (mostly in a semi-abstract vein) and has acquainted himself social applause and respect in the art circles. John Philipose‟s work range from realistic to semi- abstract and from nocturnal landscapes to sun-lit skies. They have also been done in several ascending layers and in a new series of works he reveals emotions littered in many areas and objects. These too are nocturnal scenes, demanding a different approach and technique altogether. He proves that a person with wider sensibilities is not limited by a medium. He could always dominate it and move ahead to express what he feels in his inspired movements.

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without and splash off the canvass. Her tryst with art is born of her own meditative ruminations in time, the undulating blend of calligraphic and sculptonic entities are all realms that she has explored with aplomb. Images in abstraction that harkens the memory of Himalayan journeys and inspirations, the works speak of an artistic sojourn that continues in a mood of ruminations and reflections over the passage of time. Sangeeta wields the brush with finesse, suggesting the viscosity of ink, the glossiness of lacquer, the mist of heights, the glow of the sun, and the inherent palette of rocks when wet. The canvases bespeak surfaces akin to skin, bark and the earth. Her first solo exhibition was at Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata in 1995. Her 23 solo shows have been held all over India i.e. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow and Chandigarh and abroad at London, Berlin, Munich and Lahore. She has participated in more than 100 group shows in India & abroad, in national exhibitions of Lalit Kala Academy, AIFACS and Sahitya Kala Parishad and in several art camps.

FUGUE (Oil-35”X35”) By Sangeeta Gupta Artist Journey: Sangeeta Gupta A poet in her own right and an artist, Sangeeta Gupta started her artistic journey with intricate drawings. Her real calling was discovered in her abstracts in oils and acrylics on canvas. Her solo show in 2002 with Kumar Gallery launched her love for contour within the abyss of color; the works seemed to stir both within and

There is a collection of short stories and four anthologies of poems in Hindi to her credit. Her poems are translated in many languages. Her collection of poems Pratinaad has also been translated in Bangla, English and German. Her latest book „Lekhak ka Samay‟ has been published in 2006 which is a compilation of interviews of eminent women writers in Hindi.

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Rhythmic Romance (Oil-20”X20”) By Loken Da Humane All roads of wisdom lead to humanity and music is pure vibrancy of love that brings us all together. “My understanding of colors in my paintings is a tryst to bring more colors to life in the lives of people of all walks”, he says. This joy of life in form of music moods presented in paintings is purest expressions of freedom with no barriers of race, caste, creed, color and religion. His work has been deeply influenced by Sufi thinking that defines unity with one God. Artist Journey: Loken Da Humane (Lokendra Kumar) Loken started his art journey in his childhood under his father‟s guidance. He found solace in karma and his artistic creativity. He remembers his father sent him every “summer vacation to learn a trade,” leading to his acquired skills of carpentry, tailoring, construction, and selling various products; his life has also been shaped by understanding poverty on a daily basis. In his schooling days he remembers (Mr. Hirvey, his drawing teacher) failed every other student in the class but him. “I never

knew that one day this passion of art will become a sole source of my living style”, says Loken. “During my school education I was very passionate about sports, and mastered Martial Arts thus winning many awards at national level competitions in Judo competitions… Due to lack of financial support, I had to work in order to continue my studies. I traveled to Saudi Arabia in search of a job and upon returning, joined Law Faculty and YMCA for journalism, where I met my spouse, got married and worked for Unit Trust of India as a marketing manager for several years,” he smilingly exclaimed. He loves Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, and Sufi poetry and is currently working on this literature to be published at a later date. Loken completed his first phase of sculpting in 1996 as a self taught sculptor, and received helpful guidance from a well known sculptor, S.C. Ahuja. He then went onto expanding his horizons further in the field of casting sculptures and established a foundry in Mumbai, where he completed several projects and won the highest award for sculptures – “B. Vithal Award for Nostalgia.” He has participated in several exhibitions of varying styles of sculptures and paintings internationally, including India, Dubai, Oman, Japan, Paris and United States where he is currently residing in California. WWW.GOOGLEARTSTORE.COM INC. is his brainchild and he has designed an investment model for art investments known as “Zero Risk Art Investment.” The company is in a process of launching its E-Commerce portal for art industry and venturing out for capital investments. The company will serve as a platform for established and emerging artists of all walks of life. This ECommerce portal will cover every aspect of art industry and help creating sustainable employment for art industry. In its goal to understand and promote art, this company aims to encourage humanity and brotherhood on planet earth. To express interest and for more details please write to


Artist Journey: Ragini Sinha Born on December 12, 1964, Ragini Sinha completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Patna University. She has many years of intensive experience in art and has participated in exhibitions ranging from many solo to group shows. She was awarded the State Award by Govt.of Bihar in 1982; PUCUS, Patna in 1985, Power Grid in 199798; Bihar Kala Shree, Patna 1997; Indian Academy of Fine Arts, Amritsar in 2002; and honored by Shilpi Sangh, Patna in 2008 Ragini is an artist with a touch of urban and rural symphony of culture in her paintings and her collections can be found in prominent Indian art galleries and in overseas collections. She is well connected with artist circle and a statement of woman expression in art since several years. Her artwork seeks to elucidate the fabrics of human relationships and the complexity of emotions in each experience of life reflected in their art form and style. Most of her work is influenced by the synergy of traditional cultural themes full of festivity, love, happiness and intimate strings that weave the bonds of togetherness.

Three Friends (48"X48") By Ragini Sinha The basis of all the relationships is being together in the times of love and happiness and this theme has been personified in this painting. The reflection of happiness is mostly through togetherness which on the one hand provides an opportunity and, on the other; it paves the way for sedate melancholy because it is through this that a person finds a mechanism for overcoming the gloom. This painting provides a mind description of unfettered flour of happiness through the company of likeminded people.

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Governor of Delhi. She is also a recipient of Kala Ratna Samman. Her works have been exhibited in Solo shows and numerous group shows in India and abroad. She has participated in charity auctions to raise funds for the underprivileged. Her works can be found in several private and public collections in India and abroad, notably at the visitor‟s lounge of Prime Minister of India‟s Residence, Residence of High Commissioner of New Zealand in India, Residence of Law Minister of India, Meudon France, New York, England, Japan, Canada, Zurich and St. Glance. She has also attended various prestigious art camps. Sangeeta K Murthy is a resource person and Core Member associated with OISCA International (and NGO in Consultative Status with UN Economic and Social Council) WHO, Tokyo for the last 7 years and associated with Khushii NGO as a Art Consultant since 2008. The artists lives and works in NCR.

Rhythm of Life IX (30"X48") By Sangeeta K Murthy Rhythm of life is an expression of life with different postures of feet representing one‟s life as some are dancing, resting and some taking step forward while the others on different stances of the life. A life cannot be shown only by the facial expressions but also by movement of the feet. This way Sangeeta portrays motion in life on bed of flowers (flowers here are synonym for her soft feelings). The flowers shown are enhancing the life‟s beauty, fragrance and colorful joy. I use soothing colors and different textures for which she is known and art lovers notice in her paintings. Artist Journey: Sangeeta K. Murthy Sangeeta K. Murthy has received several awards and honors for her contribution to Indian Art. She was one of the few artists to be encouraged by the Honorable President of India in 2008. She has been felicitated by the Honorable Chief Justice of India and Lt.

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Artist Journey: Umesh Prasad Born in 1967. College of arts and crafts Patna Bihar, India. His works have been exhibited in Solo shows and numerous group shows in India and abroad. Recently at Moscow International young Art Biennale July 2010. He attended many All India Artist camp. His artwork is in collections with many art lovers in India and abroad and a real treat for office symphony for architects and interior designers. His murals and Installations are well placed in several hotels of reputation Trident Hotel-Mumbai, commercial buildings, restaurants, Galleries in all over India and abroad. Artist lives and works in Delhi, capitol of India. Over last 15 year he has been working for numerous art consultants and gallery around Delhi. His passion to create a synergy with energy all around us in the environment and express it on his canvas is bold.

Shoonya-I (43�X43�) By Umesh Prasad Here in the painting are the representations of forms from simple to complex and with varied surroundings of energy. The above three dark circles are representing darkness around all of us and counting three represents out past present and future and the lighted portion in three circles is a depiction of enlightenment in all three i.e. past, present and future. The surroundings of different color mass around circles are colors of earth and light and needs to be explored everywhere in every possibility.

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MANISSHA KHANNA Artist Journey: Manissha Khanna Manissha made her recognition in the contemporary art world with her distinct style of experimentation, exploration and acceptance of discrete perceptions whereby her works have both surfaces and depth embracing the admirable contours of figurative art. Formally trained from Triveni Kala Sangam, Delhi. She also had the opportunity to work with different professionals from J J School of Arts, Mumbai ; Kanoria Centre of Arts and C N Vidyalaya of Arts, Ahmedabad. She has exhibited over 27 group and solo shows collectively including Auctions by Christies.

Yognidra (36�x60�) By Manissha Khanna Like a flower bud, human life has the potential to blossom fully. Blossoming of human potential to fullness is Yoga: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Yoga nidra is a part of the series of my paintings "Science of the Soul" which revolves around Yoga, meditation and purity of the soul. Yoga nidra is a state in which there is awareness of the conscious, subconscious and unconscious fields of your mind all at one time. It is a perfect therapy that removes all psychological abnormalities, create oneness with nature and natural self. Yoga nidra is a qualitatively different relaxation that over rides a normal sleep. It is a 'sleep' where all stresses and worries are cast off to attain a more peaceful state of awareness, a deeper and nourishing relaxation that otherwise can not be achieved during ordinary sleep. The use of metallic pigments and colours enhance the beauty of painting but also give a distinct glow of meditative feel in the artwork.

Her collections have been donated for charitable causes, procured internationally and by Indian corporations like Airtel, SAP, Approach International and People for Animals by eminent minister of India. Manissha is a prominent volunteer with Art of Living ,the world's largest volunteer based NGO, active in over 140 countries. She has contributed towards its service projects, programmes on yoga, meditation and stress elimination along with conducting art workshops for underprivileged children. The artist lives and works in NCR India.

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Artist Journey: Ashwani Kumar Prithviwasi Born in Dec.1972 and completed his B.F.A. from College Of Art, M.A. Painting from Jiwaji University, 4 year fine art Diploma from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan and 2 Year fine art Diploma course in Industrial Training Institute. He is been a very peace loving and successful artist winning several prestigious awards-AIFACS award, Yuva Mahotsava Award, Sahitya Kala Parishad award, College Of Art annual award, Bansi Parimu Award and Secularism Award from College Of Art, Delhi. His list of awards and solo and group exhibitions‟ sufficiently large to fill several pages but his motif is simple to communicate in his expressive art form. Ashwani has experienced and summarized life in art forms of struggle, dedication, success, happiness and sorrow altogether. He is deeply associated with humanity, art and culture of India and known well in the circles of art students, artist faculties, directors and eminent artists and continuously striving to improve his imagination with broken boundaries.

Phases of Face-I (48”x48”) By Ashwani Kumar Prithviwasi The Phases of Face is a reflection of modern men/women in circumstantial need binding each other. People‟s behavior and their multi-dimensional view on every possible visualization of one‟s characteristics are reflected in different color tones with soft and subtle strokes. Ashwani‟s preference of vibrant colors marks a statement as a good marksman to the point and with a firm notion to express his strokes.

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Artist Journey: Lakshaman Prasad Lakshaman Prasad completed his BFA and MFA in Painting from Banaras Hindu University Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) INDIA. He got gold medal in BFA and MFA Painting from BHU Varanasi INDIA. He was awarded in painting by LKA Uttar Pradesh India 2004 and received more awards in University and abroad. He has got National Scholarship in painting by Ministry of Culture, INDIA in 2005 – 2007. He has received several awards and honours for his contribution to Indian Art. His works have been exhibited in solo shows and numerous group shows in India and abroad. His works can be found in several private and public collections in India and abroad, Governor house of Haryana, Registrar office of Kurukshetra University, Haryana India and America etc. . . . He has also attended various prestigious art camps in Varanasi Ujjain, Mathura, Balashore (Bhuwaneshwar) and Kinnour (Himachal Pradesh) etc... Currently, he is Assistant Professor in Painting in (SOPVA) IGNOU New Delhi, INDIA.

The Awakening (Acylic-32”X36”) By Lakshaman Prasad The awakening is representation of a whole class of women in India with the upcoming awareness, growing materialism, spiritualism, and struggles of life and to a passionate survival in its new dimension. The uniqueness of soft colors and light brush strokes are depiction of a soft body of woman but an instinctive survival embedded in its postures of lure. The beauty of woman as depicted in ancient Indian mythology connected with the essence of modern woman values.

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newspapers just depicts a symbol of energy possessed by the small kid, Yamu. In fact, I have tried to see Yamu‟s life with surrealistic angle where the boy is seeing the reality of his life with full concentration. I am working in surrealistic style, generally in acrylic medium. Artist Journey: Ranjeet Singh

Yamu XIII (Acrylic - 48"x54") By Ranjeet Singh Art is a Refection of Reality My paintings are generally objective oriented having a thematic approach. Till now, my painting series are focused mainly on working child commonly known as child labor in civil society. Yamu series visualizes the different aspects of this social evil depicting a child‟s dream delimited to obtain only a „Roti‟. Here Yamu, the inspiration beyond this series work, is a child working on a tea-stall. Some of the works are also linked with Hindu Mythology with symbolic treatment of Lord Shiva or mighty Hanuman. The work shown here is one of them. Here the child Yamu has been shown in the form of Hanuman blended with supernatural powers as depicted in mythology. Here also I see Yamu full of Supernatural powers that can be the future of our country. In fact, he is capable of doing everything full of enormous energy. Flying with

Ranjeet Singh has completed his M.F.A. from BHU, Varanasi in 2008. A young and promising artist, confident in color treatments and presentation of issue based social themes through paintings. His works has been exhibited in several shows with Abhivyakti VII in Lalit Kala Academy, Lucknow in 2009 and Aagaz Art Exhibition in 2008, in India Habitat Center, Delhi. Has participated in numerous group and solo shows. Some of them are XIX Commonwealth Games, 200 Days to Go, in Delhi, 12th All India Art Exhibition, Lalit Kala Academy, Lucknow, Trade Show in Art Expo India, Mumbai, Dhoomimal Annual Art Exhibition, Dhoomimal Art Gallery, Delhi and Center for Women Studies and Development, Faculty of Social Science, BHU. Ranjeet also got the scholarship from Academy of Fine Arts and Literature run by the renowned artist, Aparna Kaur in 2008 and Garhi Scholarship, Lalit Kala Academy, Delhi in 2009. He has also participated in several camps and workshops including Artist Residency Program in Reflection Art Gallery, Delhi. He has worked in many projects which include Art Direction in the renowned Hindi Film Kastoori and in Tele-film Vaseeyat. Associated with several art galleries in India and abroad which include his collections in Casper Art Gallery, Austriya. He lives and working in Delhi. To express interest and for more details please write to


Untitled-I (Acrylic-26”X50”) By Suryakant Tiwari Untitled-I is representation of an abstract form of an attempt to look into the realms of brain patterns, these are thoughtful, though undefined in a common logic of visualization. At the same time art critics find a wide spectrum of forms and pattern in Tiwari‟s style that of a passionate artist.

abstract type of work. And right since thereafter he got immensely engrossed in the abstract work as thereby, he got reavealed that the very essence of art should not only be confined to the artist, but should reach out to the hearts of art loving people. He aptly unleashes the hidden treasure of abstract painting by giving vent to his expressive views that it is the right equilibrium of different forms generating a harmony within them. It is absolutely indifferent to any theme, thought, and concept of story. On the other hand, it is the exquisite combination of experiment and techniques. It is almost difficult task to give a finishing touch to an abstract painting. It is not a child‟s play but involves great endeavors in its construction. Suryakant Tiwari‟s work of paintings peeps into our hearts and attempts to trace out certain events through particular forms that are part and parcel of our life. He succeeded in the attempt as he received a huge response from the art lovers. In the end, he clarifies that he never thinks of the gains of his artistic skills but often thinks out about his own contribution to this field of work and what he further intends to give out.

Artist Journey: Suryakant Tiwari Suryakant Tiwari born in 1961, expressed his artistic creation when he merely attained 5 years of age. He won many accolades for drawing & painting during his entire schooling period. He learnt a lot in art journey at several stages. He completed his B.F.A. from Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai, India. Suryakant Tiwari initiated his artistic work with a realistic theme and continued this concept for quitea long, but the confinement of this realistic job often used to detain his creativity with in the realistic frame of art. Meanwhile, his genuine creativity started obsessing him sometimes with the passion for soaring high in the boundless skies and sometimes to be drifted away with the flowing currents of artistic streams. This surging tide of his creativity invoked his obsession for

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diversity into his work. Mani's strong interest in design and photography also manifest themselves in his paintings. Mani Narayan is an exciting emerging artist with a unique style. His recent exhibitions have been primarily in California. He has exhibited at numerous venues including well known art galleries such as the Los Gatos Art Museum, Sun Gallery, Linda Ryan Art, Still Point Gallery and Kalart Gallery. His paintings have been auctioned at charity events to raise funds for non-profit organizations. His works are part of private collections around the world. The artist lives and works in San Ramon, California.

Path to Nirvana (Acrylic-24�X36�) By Mani Narayan Man's infinite quest for Nirvana can be as simple or as complicated as one makes it. The lotus painted in a very raw and organic form is an abstract representation of Nirvana itself. The painting is also a juxtaposition of the geometric with the organic and the interplay between these forms. Artist Journey: Mani Narayan Mani Narayan expresses himself with a vibrant joie de vivre through his art. Continually influenced by the ever changing world around him, and his rich cultural heritage from India, Mani creates bold images that are stark and vibrant. He has a contemporary style with minimalist overtones. It enables the abstracted form to take center stage, allowing details to give way to the beauty of the form itself. Mani has traveled the world extensively and brings all his visual

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INDU PRAKASH I started working in the field to art since 1998. I started working on sculptures under good guidance of senior sculptors of Delhi and Mumbai. My paintings and bronze sculptures are appreciated and sold in my exhibitions India, Japan, Dubai and Oman. My passion for art gave me a new definition of life with understanding the meaning of achievement and struggle. I am on my path to enhance my abilities to express my rhythm of life in artful manner. The artlovers have liked my work and encouraged me to do more. My present series of paintings are of modern and abstract styles. The basic concept developed in these paintings in related to life in different forms of faith, rituals, earthen colors and annotations of theme. My journey towards art first began in my childhood after observing the various art forms composed by my father, who served as an inspiration and a role model. My art steadily refined in the forthcoming years and in 1998, another aspect of to my art gradually emerged in presence of my senior artist and guide, Lokendra Kumar. Gossip (Oil-24�X24�) By-Indu Prakash Gossip represents a modern form of thought process that runs with many arguments and often ends with many other thoughts of other worldly subjects but reach no conclusion. Although there are always points that help understand and lead the thought process. The color vibrancy is used as to depict character of painting. Artist Journey: Indu Prakash My journey to art is inspired by my father who has always encouraged me towards art, especially for the contemporary fine art. Another side of my art is developed by my guide and senior artist Lokendra Kumar.

At around the same period, while experimenting with many different art forms, my passion for forming Bronze sculptures slowly grew and became part of my life. Sculpting elements of life with various metals seemed to have gained and added depth in my appreciation for art. Over the coming years, as I mastered this fervor of metal sculpting along with abstract paintings, I was presented with several opportunities to exhibit my art internationally. The enthusiasm and appreciation I received from art lovers has encouraged me to continue upon this path of artfully expressing the facets of life through abstract and colorful depictions. To express interest and for more details please write to