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Urban Study Stage 2: Vision for the Future of Morley Proposal for Windsor Court


Site plan

Back site

Kiosk and sitting space

Performance Space

Multiuse Roof

More Proposals for Morley

Entertainment The vacant site adjacent to the new Pavilion suggested to be cinema and bowling. Benefits • Young generations will stay in Morley for entertainment rather than travel to neighbor cities. • People from neighbor villages and towns will go to Morley for entertainment. • Families will be able to spend time together at this space. • Economic grow of the Morley.

Spiritual Cultivation St Mary’s in the Wood existing building is suggested to be reconstructed to be an arts workshop (theatre, poetry and music workshop). Benefits • People for any age could joint the arts workshop for free and they could experience different types of arts. • People from neighbor villages and towns would go to Morley to participate. • These activities will grow the spiritual cultivation.

future of morley