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Top Tips on how to get your Ex Back.


Top Tips on how to get your Ex Back. By

It may sound crazy, but it works: people want what they can not have. Even when the Ex leaves there is a certain amount of the fear of seeing you with someone else. That is very difficult even when she believes that she is done with the relationship. That can certainly be used to your advantage, and should be! After all, you have already lost













This attempt at using jealousy of seeing another woman must be done subtly and not rubbed or flaunted in her face. After all if she is privy to what you are doing the immediate response or fear is not as great therefore leaving you with lessened leverage. Getting her to believe that you have truly fallen for another lover is the best course of action. It is the fear of complete loss or rejection that you will use to win her back. One of the best tips for “how to get your girlfriend back� comes from men that have discovered that women go crazy when a man ignores them. Women absolutely can not stand this and it is because they believe that have lost their power of persuasion with their Ex boyfriend. It does not necessarily have to be true, but it is important that she thinks that it is. Simply do not always answer the phone, let her leave a message and then take a day or so to call her back. If she decides that she wants to spend some time with you, tell her that you are busy. Do not be readily available. This game of keeping her guessing and wondering about your true feelings toward her is very effective. No matter how broken hearted you may actually be, never let her see you completely down. Now granted it is alright that she knows that you are hurt over the incident, but again women want someone that is strong. If she knows that you are so heart broken that you are having trouble coping, she is not going to rush back to your side most likely. Let her believe that you are making it just fine without her and are moving on to other love. Now some might say that this process is like playing a game with her and in a lot of ways it is. Love is sometimes very tricky and it never hurts to keep your partner on their toes with changing emotions!

Top Tips on how to get your Ex Back. By

Under no circumstances should you show your temper when you are attempting to get your Ex back. Not only does this tell her that you haven’t changed it validates why her decision to leave was a good one. There is no need to give her any negative behavior as this will only ease her mind that getting rid of you was the best thing she ever did! Keep your cool by maintaining a professional and confident appearance. She will be impressed with the fact that you are able to act appropriately and give her the space that she is requesting. It really does more for you than you will ever realize. Some men will try and shower their ex girlfriend with sad stories, bad times and how they will die if she doesn’t come back. Pity works in some cases, but it is really not the best way to get your girl back. If she comes back she may feel pressured and have taken you back because she felt sorry for you, not because she wanted you back. The pity party is not recommended as it usually doesn’t last for very long. So it's much better practice to get your relationship back form a more powerful position.

Top Tips on how to get your Ex Back. By

Here are some simple tips for getting your ex girlfriend back. You should keep the long lasting relationship in your mind: 1. Remember there is always a second chance for everyone. So it’s not impossible for you to getting your ex girlfriend back together. First of all, you should ask yourself some important life changing questions. Do you still love her? Do you really want to get your ex girlfriend back? Why? 2. Are you trying to getting your ex girlfriend back because you don’t want to be alone or you don’t believe you should have been dumped? Say, if you are looking to get her back for reasons other than love, than you may be playing a dangerous game. It is better off to avoid such a relationship.

3. If your number one priority is getting your ex girlfriend back, then do not appear desperate or needy. Even if you feel desperate and want to get her back control your emotions. Do not beg or cry in front of your ex girlfriend, however, and absolutely do not stalk her.

4. As I stated earlier, you should learn to control your feelings and emotions. Get to know the positive aspects of your ex. Remember, if you appear too needy or desperate, then she may she may end up avoiding you even more.

5. Make sure that you open all the communication lines with your ex girlfriend. Even if she might have ended the relationship, you need to make her feel like communication lines are open.

Top Tips on how to get your Ex Back. By

6. You don’t need to initiate the conversation. But you should be willing to say hello and have a conversation occasionally with her, keeping in touch casually.

7. The last but not the least is to analyze what went wrong with the relationship. There might be some problem that has led to the breakup in relationship. So analyze it and find out the reasons and rectify those issues.

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