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A Snapshot of the Class of 2016 Total Full-Time Freshmen: 874 Female: 59% Male: 41% Minority: 31% Oregon: 32% WA: 27.3 Outside OR/WA: 40.3% Avg. HS GPA: 3.64 Avg. Reading and Math SAT:1194 Undeclared Major: 11% Living on Campus: 96%

Freshmen join UP family





rom meeting professors to exploring downtown Portland, bouncing around between The Commons to coffeehouses, from Shipstad to service projects to Schoenfeldt, freshmen are quickly thrown into the UP jumble and soon learn to navigate college life by studying, getting involved and having fun. Workshop classes and the Building Community service plunge help freshmen to understand UP’s mission, and how they can get and stay involved. Helping freshmen make the transition to their new home at UP, the Shepard Freshman Resource Center and Freshman workshop groups make it easier to navigate college life. With hot apple cider and a comforting atmosphere, the FRC and its staff are able to answer questions about class schedules, activities on campus and ways to get involved. The workshop groups are organized by major and are taught by a workshop leader who is an older student at UP. This student helps lead freshmen through hands-on activities to help lessen typical concerns. Shen Telles, ’15, a communication studies major workshop leader, has loved her experience. “I think the workshop is beneficial to both freshmen and workshop leaders because it really does help foster a deep sense of community and friendship between everyone involved,” she said.

Samantha Wright Major: Chemistry and Music “I want to immerse myself into the UP community by taking part in the ‘Green Movement’ while making a difference. ”


By Tori Dunlap Photos by Leah Walters

“It gives freshmen a chance to adapt to life here comfortably and those who teach the workshops the chance to grow as leaders here on campus.” The groups also take a fieldtrip off-campus, which acts as a bonding experience for freshmen. Bella Romero, ’16, and her group went to a local ice-cream shop. “Freshmen Workshop and the excursion to Salt & Straws was great. It feels like I’m hanging out with a group of friends,” she said. “It’s also been really helpful because I now know how to ride the bus.” Because service is such a huge aspect of the UP community, freshmen are required to volunteer with their workshop groups on a Saturday morning in September. “An important tenet of the University is one of service and learning,” student coordinator Megan House, ’13, said. “This program introduces the culture of service we have here to the new students.” Although this is a “voluntold” activity, as all freshmen are obligated to attend, many freshmen become bitten by the service bug. Freshman Megan Rossman particularly enjoyed her time of service at the Community Center. “I thought Building Community was an easy way to make a difference in Portland,” she said. “It was also a fun environment and a great way to connect with others and make friends.”

Nihat Inan Major: Electrical Engineering “I look forward to band practices and hope to approach my education from all kinds of perspectives with my peers.”

Alana Fouts Major: Music “I hope to meet a bunch of misfits and make a grimy punk rock band.”



5 1 Jessica Fuller, ’16, walks to her first class of the day at Franz Hall. 2 Madison Bryan, ’16, paints the beginnings of a zebra for a mural at the University Park Baptist Church. 3 Sky Nelson, ’16, starts his service day right in a hat that’s both stylish and practical for a day outside. 4 Anthony Nguyen, ’14, workshop leader, and Tangereen Claringbold, ’16, Timothy Kang, ’16, and Claudia Gonzalez, ’16, listen to the University Park Baptist’s Church head priest explain the jobs of the day. 5 The PHL-001 Q/QQ Freshman Workshop group cheer for a job well done in a group shot at the end of their service day.





Class of 2016  
Class of 2016  

New Hopes and Dreams