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Micro USB Flash Drives – Store Your Important Data On A Portable Micro USB Drive

Micro USB flash drives are the newest addition to digital storage. They are significantly smaller than the regular thumb drives that have been quite popular in the last several years. The micro flash drives may be small, but they are as fast and capable as their regular counterparts. The introduction of USB drives years ago have eliminated the need for lugging around floppy disks and record able CD's that were not only cumbersome, but were also extremely slow and had low storage space. Floppy disks only had a maximum of 120 MB's worth of storage and were prone to data loss. These storage devices are so small some people even create custom USB drives akin to novelty key chains. CD-R's on the other hand had a bigger storage space of up to 700MB and were significantly more reliable than floppy disks. However, CD-R's were also susceptible to scratching, which would render them unreadable by the computer, thus making the data retrieval impossible if not difficult. CD-R's also cannot be reused once all of the space was taken up. CD-rewritable, or CD-RW's eventually replaced CD-R's, allowing data to be replaced or erased to create much more space for more data on the disk, but wear and tear would also eventually render CD-RW's unusable. The introduction of USB flash drives, or thumb drives was a significant leap in portable storage technology. USB drives successfully eliminated the shortcomings of floppy disks and CD-R's. USB drives are extremely reliable, they allow for quick data transfer and storage, and they are portable. They are usually as big as a person's thumb, giving them the moniker 'thumb drives'. These drives easily connect to the Universal Serial Bus, which all computers have, making them very efficient storage devices. The micro USB flash drives are now becoming more and more popular as they are not only smaller than the regular thumb drives, but they are also as reliable. Micro usb flash drives are easier to connect to the computer, especially in tight spaces where some USB ports are located. They also work very well with portable computers such as laptops and computer tablets as they do not protrude like standard USB drives and get in the way of the user. It appears inevitable that the micro usb flash drives will eventually replace the USB thumb drives for their obvious advantages over the current thumb drives. Certainly, these micro drives will also be boasting more storage space as the technology develops. is a leading provider of personalized and customized USB drives. Whether you need a bulk number of USB flash drives for your company employees or maybe for corporate giveaways, you may easily do your instant ordering online through this website:

Micro USB Flash Drives – Your Portable Micro Data Storage  

Micro USB flash drives are the newest addition to digital storage. They are significantly smaller than the regular thumb drives that have be...

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