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2017 Resource Catalog


LOGOS PRESS CONTENTS The Logos Press catalog provides you with a wide range of textbooks, resources, and services to assist you in your educational task. In addition to featuring our own Logos Press and Canon Press titles and materials, we have assembled the best curriculum from other publishers. Our goal is to provide you with the high quality, Christ-centered educational materials at an affordable price.


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et us begin by saying thank you for including us in your children’s education. We’re grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us and for the privilege of serving you. God has been very kind. The last year has been marked by the release of new curricula, a number of added services, and significant growth:

• The addition of our Canon Classics Series with accompanying Worldview

to reinforce formal logic training and

students to engage in hands-on learn-

make the subject more fun and memo-

ing about creation. Flip to page 40 for a

rable for middle school students every-

special section with a complete listing

where. (p. 22)

of Noeo products.

• The many books, DVDs, and audio offerings in the Family Resources section of our catalog help parents apply the gospel to parenting and all of life’s endeavors. (pp. 35–37)

Guides has been greeted with tremen- • Enrollment at Logos Online School con-

Early Childhood . . . . . . . . . . . 5

dous enthusiasm from teachers and

tinues to grow! The message that we are

1st Grade . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6–7

students alike. We’re excited about this

unashamedly Christian, unswervingly

opportunity to make the great works of

classical, and uniquely affordable is res-

2nd Grade . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8–9 3rd Grade . . . . . . . . . . . . 10–11 4th Grade . . . . . . . . . . . . 12–13


Western literature more accessible to

onating with homeschool families across

your students. (pp. 24–25)

the globe. (pp. 18–19)

• The addition of Adorable Fallacies and • Our



All of us at Logos Press are blessed to play a part in your lives. We are committed to developing and distributing the best curricula, resources, and services in classical education, and we praise God for the opportunity to serve you.

Your friends at


accompanying flashcards to our al-

curriculum provides integrated tools

ready popular logic curriculum is sure

for elementary and middle school

5th Grade . . . . . . . . . . . . 14–15 6th Grade . . . . . . . . . . . . 16–17

LOGOS ONLINE SCHOOL 7th–12th Grades . . . . . . . 18–19

SIGNATURE CURRICULUM Logic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20–22 Literature . . . . . . . . . . . . 23–27 Latin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28–31 Language Arts . . . . . . . . 32–33 Bible & Biology . . . . . . . . . . . 34


Noeo Science . . . . . . . . . 40–49



For your convenience, Logos Press has assembled COMPREHENSIVE CURRICULUM BUNDLES for grades 1–6. These bundles include all the materials you will need for the year: books, daily lesson plans, tests, teacher resources, and DVD recordings of courses taught by the individuals who created the curriculum. Not only will you save time and anxiety with the convenience of a pre-planned, balanced, year-long course of study for your students, you will also save 20% off the cost of purchasing all of the individual items separately.

Logos Press is committed to providing excellent service to our customers. Whether you are a parent checking on a book order or a school administrator trying to make a curriculum decision for the classroom, our friendly customer service team is ready to help meet your needs and find the best products and solutions for your students.

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once saw a cartoon that summed up our government education situation perfectly. A couple of explorers were in a huge cauldron over a fire, and cannibals were dancing around. One explorer was saying to the other, “You know, the way their laws are structured, this is all perfectly legal.” We have gotten to the point where virtually anything can be done to Christian kids in the government school system and, you guessed it, it is all “perfectly legal.” A child can be given contraceptives without parental knowledge, but cannot be given a peanut butter sandwich even with parental knowledge. Your children will be taught that life has no transcendental meaning and that God is irrelevant to what is being taught in the classroom. In short, K–12, a child will be marinated in every form of unbelief.

So the pressing question is Why do we put up not a simple common noun. Paul is requiring with this? If outrages could cause a mass exo- here the paideia of the Lord; he is requiring that dus of Christians from the government school Christian children be brought up in a way that system, we all would have been gone many enculturates, insinuates, and enfolds them years ago. There has been no shortage of out- into a Christian civilization. The word education rage, but not nearly enough exodus. might serve as a translation, but the concept is The thing that will motivate parents to do far more profound than mere education. what they are called to do is simply and solely Note that when this command was first a Christian view of the Lord Jesus. If we learn to given, there was no Christian civilization. confess that Jesus is Lord—which is the funda- But our forefathers did the obvious biblical mental Christian confession—we will discover thing, which was to build one. They didn’t that this entails His lordship over all things. He have one to initiate their kids into (as Paul is Lord not only of Heaven, but also earth. Not had required) so they built one. They became only of the galaxies, but also of math tables, shipbuilders before they became sailors. beer barrels, butter tubs, rolypoly bugs, and We, on the other hand, with tremendous reanything else that might fit in the curriculum. sources around and a long legacy of Christian If we see Jesus rightly, we will see that He culture, neglect our responsibilities in this has commanded us through His Word to because private Christian education is expenbring up the children of the covenant with- sive. We might have to make adjustments. in the covenant. Teach the law of God to your So our kids are still in the government children, God says, when you rise up, when schools because the devil told us it would be you lie down, when you walk along the way “free.” That’s what the cannibals said too, danc(Deut. 6:4–9). This passage is also where we ing around the cauldron. No, they said, you are given the very greatest commandment: to don’t have to pay for the meal. You are the meal. love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, And the way they have it set up, you have strength, and brains (Mark 12:30). This means, no rights, and everything they are going to do simply and solely, that believing children are is all “perfectly legal.” required to be brought up in an environment dominated and controlled by the Word of God. It manifestly includes their education. In the New Testament, Paul tells Christian fathers to bring up their children in the nurDouglas Wilson ture and admonition of the Lord (Eph. 6:4). The word rendered nurture there is paideia, and is

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons Siegfried Engelmann, Phyllis Haddox, and Elaine Bruner TCR001 | $24.00 Is your preschooler bored with coloring and ready for reading? Are you eager to help your child read, but afraid you’ll do something wrong? Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons is a complete, step-by-step program that shows parents simply and clearly how to teach their children to read. Twenty minutes a day is all you need, and within 100 teaching days your child will be reading on a solid second-grade reading level. It’s a sensible, easy-tofollow, and enjoyable way to help your child gain the essential skills of reading. Everything you need is here—no paste, no scissors, no flash cards, no complicated directions—just you and your child learning together. One hundred lessons, fully illustrated and color-coded for clarity, give your child the basic and more advanced skills needed to become a good reader.

The Homegrown Preschooler

A Year of Playing Skillfully

Kathy H. Lee and Lesli Richards.

Kathy H. Lee and Lesli Richards

HGP001 | $29.95

HGP002 | $159.95

This guide will inspire parents to use their homes as classrooms as they take advantage of the naturally rich learning opportunities that occur in everyday home life. Parents will learn how to transform their home into a learning environment that rivals the best preschool classroom by finding exciting learning opportunities in everyday occurrences, from using laundry to teach sorting to exploring growth cycles in the garden. Parents can make easy use of simple-to-start ideas, advice, and activities, as well as organizational tips, recipes, and more than 200 activities that are easy to pull together. In addition, there are convenient charts and checklists to document children’s growth, which will help ensure there are no gaps in educational, social, or physical development.

A Year of Playing Skillfully is a wonder-based, developmental curriculum designed for children ages 3-7. Concrete themes and character traits have been carefully chosen for children to explore. Research based learning opportunities address the needs of the developing brain in the following areas: language and literacy, math and manipulatives, science and sensory, art and music, gross motor and outdoor play, and social, emotional, and home life Beautiful printables help parents track each critical developmental area. Detailed instructions and supply and resource lists save precious planning time. Photo-rich pages inspire curiosity and enthusiasm for both parents and children. A Year of Playing Skillfully is the perfect resource to build a firm foundation for lifelong learning.



Homeschool Bundles

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Homeschool Bundles

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MATH Saxon Math 1 Homeschool Complete Kit Saxon K–3 Manipulatives Kit

READING Saxon Phonics & Spelling 1 Home Study Kit:


The Little Engine That Could, Watty Piper Max’s Dragon Shirt, Rosemary Wells Caps for Sale, Esphyr Slobodkina Stellaluna, Janell Cannon Hattie and the Fox, Mem Fox Curious George Rides a Bike, H.A. Rey


The Empty Pot, Demi

A Child’s Story Bible

Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin, Lloyd Moss

Cantus Christi (featured item)

The Mitten, Jan Brett

Cantica Sanctorum (featured item)

One Fine Day, Nonny Hogrogian

SCIENCE Biology 1

Each Peach, Pear, Plum, Janet & Allen Ahlberg Little Bear, Else Holmelund Minarik & Maurice Sendak Chicken Soup with Rice, Maurice Sendak

See page 42 for a complete description

DAILY LESSON PLANS One of the biggest challenges for homeschooling families is planning out daily work. Our exclusive Daily Lesson Plans map out how and when to implement all the tools in our Logos Homeschool Bundles. Written by an experienced homeschooling mother and teacher, the Daily Lesson Plans will guide you through each day of each subject for the entire school year. SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS Order a Complete Curriculum Bundle to receive the best discount—up to 20% off the retail price of items purchased separately. Use and reuse the curriculum to further reduce your costs. CUSTOMER SERVICE Logos Press is committed to providing excellent service to our customers. Whether you need assistance with curriculum decisions or just want to check on an order, our friendly team is ready to help. Call 800-488-2034 Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Pacific Time, or email at your convenience, and we’ll get back to you during regular business hours.

Complete 1st Grade Curriculum Bundle H 20% SAVINGS! H The Logos Press team has decades of experience in curriculum development for homeschools and classical Christian schools. We have assembled a complete 1st grade homeschool curriculum designed specifically for this unique stage of learning. First grade is a time for laying solid foundations, and we recommend a very simple approach, concentrating on the “three Rs”—reading, writing, and arithmetic, but throwing in a heaping helping of fun with our award-winning Noeo Science. Our easy-to-use Daily Lesson Plans make it easy to pull everything together.

$752.04 TOTAL RETAIL PRICE -$150.41 LESS 20%


Save Over $135!

= Published by Logos Press

The Bible is the foundation for all we want our children to know and become, and music is one of God’s best gifts to help them learn His Word. By using real “grown-up” hymnals and psalters, your children will learn how to let the Scriptures dwell in them richly and will be able to enter more fully into the high calling and deep privilege of weekly worship with the saints. Cantus Christi features 440 pages of metrical Psalms and great hymns of the faith. Cantica Sanctorum includes 37 direct-from-Scripture Psalms and other passages set to new music plus a few new hymns.


Homeschool Bundles

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The Biggest Bear, Lynd Ward A Birthday for Frances, Russell Hoban Blaze and the Lost Quarry, C.W. Anderson A Chair for My Mother, Vera B. Williams

Saxon Math 2

Doctor De Soto, William Steig

Homeschool Complete Kit 1st Edition

The Emperor’s New Clothes, Hans Christian Andersen

Saxon K–3

In Grandma’s Attic, Arleta Richardson

Manipulatives Kit

BIBLE Wise Words Cantus Christi

The Little House, Virginia Lee Burton Madeline, Ludwig Bemelmans The Magic Fish, Freya Littledale Make Way for Ducklings, Robert McCloskey Miss Nelson Is Missing, Harry G. Allard Jr.


A New Coat for Anna, Harriet Ziefert

The Dragon & the Garden

Oxcart Man, Donald Hall

Prepare to see the Garden of Eden as you always wished you could: tangible, leaves rustling, the scent of fruit on the breeze. N.D. Wilson and Peter Bentley weave the story of our first parents with wild realism, but also a childlike honesty and clarity that bring new depth to an old truth.


SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS Order a Complete Curriculum Bundle to receive the best discount—up to 20% off the retail price of items purchased separately. Use and reuse the curriculum to further reduce your costs. CUSTOMER SERVICE Logos Press is committed to providing excellent service to our customers. Whether you need assistance with curriculum decisions or just want to check on an order, our friendly team is ready to help. Call 800-488-2034 Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Pacific Time, or email at your convenience, and we’ll get back to you during regular business hours.

The Logos Press team has decades of experience in curriculum development for homeschools and classical Christian schools. We have assembled a complete 2nd grade homeschool curriculum designed specifically for this unique stage of learning. Rather than introducing the long-ago-and-far-away things too soon, we start by learning about the landscape your child sees every day and historical figures whose names that are likely on their own street signs. Our easy-to-use Daily Lesson Plans guide you through a full year of Bible, Literature, English, History and Geography, Math, and Science.

$943.44 TOTAL RETAIL PRICE -$188.69 LESS 20%


Save Over $188!

Bestselling author N. D. Wilson tells the stories of our fathers in the Christian faith with wild realism that brings new depth to old truths.

Little House in the Big Woods, Laura Ingalls Wilder

Nate the Great & the Lost List, Marjorie Weinman Sharmat

Velveteen Rabbit, Margery Williams



N.D. Wilson

Little Bear’s Visit, Else Holmelund Minarik

See page 43 for a complete description

One of the biggest challenges for homeschooling families is planning out daily work. Our exclusive Daily Lesson Plans map out how and when to implement all the tools in our Logos Homeschool Bundles. Written by an experienced homeschooling mother and teacher, the Daily Lesson Plans will guide you through each day of each subject for the entire school year.


Cantica Sanctorum

Chemistry 1

Complete 2nd Grade Curriculum Bundle


Frog and Toad are Friends, Arnold Lobel

The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Beatrix Potter



Homeschool Bundles

Learning about My Home State:

Shurley English 2 Home

My First Book About (my state)

Homeschool Kit

(My state) Wall Map

The Grammar of Spelling 2

(My) Native Americans

Imitation in Writing Aesop’s Fable

(My state) History Lapbook (download)

Learning about Famous People in American History: A Picture Book of Christopher Columbus

Classically Cursive

A Picture Book of George Washington

Bible Primer

A Picture Book of Paul Revere

Classically Cursive

A Picture Book of Thomas Jefferson

Ten Commandments

A Picture Book of Patrick Henry A Picture Book of Lewis and Clark A Picture Book of Davy Crockett

LITERATURE Reading Guides for all of the titles below (PDF downloads)

A Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln A Picture Book of Robert E. Lee A Picture Book of George Washington Carver

Amelia Bedelia, Peggy Parish

A Picture Book of Thomas Alva Edison

A Baby Sister for Frances, Russell Hoban

John Adams Speaks for Freedom

The Bears On Hemlock Mountain, Alice Dalgliesh

Teddy Roosevelt: The People’s President

= Published by Logos Press

In the Time of Noah Before the Flood, there was a world dominated by giants, bloodthirsty and merciless. God was grieved. He would judge the world. But He would also save the world. Wilson and Bentley again unite to chronicle the history of Noah’s obedience, from the building of the ark and the taming of the beasts, to the grounding at Ararat and the promise of the rainbow.

The Sword of Abram Get ready to step into a world of shepherds and rebel kings, kidnappings and faithfulness, chariot dust and slime pits, vision and belief—it all comes to life in The Sword of Abram. N. D. Wilson and illustrator Forrest Dickison tell the story of our father in the Christian faith.


Homeschool Bundles

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Homeschool Bundles

Courage of Sarah Noble, Alice Dalgliesh


Charlotte’s Web, E. B. White

MATH Saxon Math 3 Homeschool Complete Kit, 1st Edition Saxon K–3 Manipulatives Kit

Indian in the Cupboard, Lynne Reid Banks Lion, Witch, & the Wardrobe. C. S. Lewis Babe: The Gallant Pig, Dick King-Smith Magician’s Nephew, C. S. Lewis Little House on the Prairie, Laura Ingalls Wilder Stuart Little, E. B. White

BIBLE Cantus Christi Cantica Sanctorum


The Borrowers, Mary Norton Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Roald Dahl On the Banks of Plum Creek, Laura Ingalls Wilder


Logos Latin 1 (featured item)

Latin starts now! Drawn from decades of teaching experience and classroom testing, the Logos Latin series will successfully navigate young Latin students through elementary school. This classical, Trivium-based approach utilizes techniques appropriate for each stage of development to keep students engaged and learning.

Cassell’s Latin Dictionary


Physics 1 See page 44 for a complete description

DAILY LESSON PLANS One of the biggest challenges for homeschooling families is planning out daily work. Our exclusive Daily Lesson Plans map out how and when to implement all the tools in our Logos Homeschool Bundles. Written by an experienced homeschooling mother and teacher, the Daily Lesson Plans will guide you through each day of each subject for the entire school year. SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS Order a Complete Curriculum Bundle to receive the best discount—up to 20% off the retail price of items purchased separately. Use and reuse the curriculum to further reduce your costs. CUSTOMER SERVICE Logos Press is committed to providing excellent service to our customers. Whether you need assistance with curriculum decisions or just want to check on an order, our friendly team is ready to help. Call 800-488-2034 Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Pacific Time, or email at your convenience, and we’ll get back to you during regular business hours.

Complete 3rd Grade Curriculum Bundle H 20% SAVINGS! H

ENGLISH Shurley English 3 Homeschoool Kit Imitation in Writing

The Logos Press team has decades of experience in curriculum development for homeschools and classical Christian schools. Third grade is the advent of the full Grammar stage of learning, and we have assembled a complete curriculum that matches the unique characteristics of these students. The linear study of history begins, but still focusing on what is most familiar to the students—where they live—the United States of America. Our easyto-use Daily Lesson Plans guide you through a full year of Bible, Literature, English, History and Geography, Math, and Science.

Fairy Tales


Save Over $184!

Road Trip USA: A Journey Across the United States (CD) National Geographic KIDS United States Atlas

• Fun illustrations and a friendly layout invites young students to interact with the text without intimidating or distracting • Translation exercises tell the story of Iulius, Iulia, and Saxum as they continue their adventures and meet new friends

If You Lived in Colonial Times

• Derivative Digging demonstrates Latin’s connection to English, increasing the student’s vocabulary

Attributes of God

If You Lived at the Time of the American Revolution

• Activities and games further enhance the learning experience

Classically Cursive

If You Were There When They Signed the Constitution

• Chant charts and complete glossary provide easy and helpful reference

If You Traveled on the Underground Railroad

Complete set includes...

If You Lived at the Time of the Civil War

Student Workbook Revised

The Grammar of Spelling 3 Classically Cursive

Shorter Catechism Literature


$924.81 TOTAL RETAIL PRICE -$184.96 LESS 20%

• Corresponds with the Shurley Method of English Grammar

Trend USA Wall Poster

Reading Guides for all of the titles

Teacher’s Edition Revised

below (PDF downloads)

Tests and Quizzes

Sarah, Plain and Tall Patricia MacLachlan


The Hundred Dresses, Eleanor Estes


The Cabin Faced West, Jean Fritz

= Published by Logos Press


Homeschool Bundles

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Homeschool Bundles

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Volume I, 2nd edition


The Student Bible Atlas

Saxon Math 5/4

Rand McNally’s Historical Atlas of the World

Homeschool Kit, 3rd Edition

Historical Timeline Figures: Creation to




Cantus Christi

Reading Guides for all of the titles

Cantica Sanctorum

below (PDF downloads) The Wind in the Willows

LATIN Logos Latin 2 Complete Set

Kenneth Grahame

Student Workbook Revised

From the Mixed up files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, E. L. Konigsburg

Teacher’s Edition Revised

Where the Red Fern Grows, Wilson Rawls

Tests and Quizzes

The Bronze Bow, Elizabeth George Speare


The Book of Three: The Chronicles of Prydain, Book 1, Lloyd Alexander


Cassell’s Latin Dictionary


The Cricket in Times Square, George Selden The Long Winter, Laura Ingalls Wilder My Side of the Mountain, Jean Craighead George The Horse and His Boy, C. S. Lewis

DAILY LESSON PLANS One of the biggest challenges for homeschooling families is planning out daily work. Our exclusive Daily Lesson Plans map out how and when to implement all the tools in our Logos Homeschool Bundles. Written by an experienced homeschooling mother and teacher, the Daily Lesson Plans will guide you through each day of each subject for the entire school year.

Complete 4th Grade Curriculum Bundle H 20% SAVINGS! H The Logos Press team has decades of experience in curriculum development for homeschools and classical Christian schools. We have assembled a complete 4th grade homeschool curriculum designed specifically for this


unique stage of learning. This is the first year that students commence

Order a Complete Curriculum Bundle to receive the best discount—up to 20% off the retail price of items purchased separately. Use and reuse the curriculum to further reduce your costs.

a full survey of World History which will carry them through sixth grade.


$736.13 TOTAL RETAIL PRICE -$147.23 LESS 20%

Logos Press is committed to providing excellent service to our customers. Whether you need assistance with curriculum decisions or just want to check on an order, our friendly team is ready to help. Call 800-488-2034 Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Pacific Time, or email at your convenience, and we’ll get back to you during regular business hours.

Biology 2

Prince Caspian, C. S. Lewis Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, Robert C. O’Brien


A Wrinkle in Time, Madeleine L‘Engle Misty of Chincoteague, Marguerite Henry

Imitation in Writing: Greek Myths (featured item) Shurley English 4 Homeschool Kit


Our easy-to-use Daily Lesson Plans guide you through a full year of Bible,

Teaching writing is a simple as copying someone who knows what they’re doing. This composition series uses the valuable tool of imitation, advocated by educators like Quintilian and Benjamin Franklin. Developed at Logos School and used in the classroom for the past 15 years, these books make the writing process easy.

Literature, English, History and Geography, Math, and Science.


Save Over $147!


The Golden Goblet, Eloise Jarvis McGraw

See page 45 for a complete description

Grammar of Spelling 4 (featured item)

Simple and effective, our spelling program really works! The worksheets clear out all the clutter that is so common with many spelling programs. This is the same curriculum used at Logos School. With our program, spelling will not be vexing!

= Published by Logos Press


Homeschool Bundles

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Homeschool Bundles

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Reading Guides for all of the titles



Stories from Church History Richard M. Hannula

below (PDF downloads) The House of Sixty Fathers, Meindert DeJong

Saxon Math 6/5 Homeschool Kit, 3rd Edition

Heidi, Johanna Spyri


Augustine: Farmer’s Boy of Tagaste, P. De Zeeuw and T. De Zeeuw

Cantus Christi

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, C.S. Lewis

Cantica Sanctorum

Tuck Everlasting, Natalie Babbitt Shadow of a Bull, Maia Wojciechowska Son of Charlemagne, Barbara Willard


The Secret Garden, Frances Hodgson Burnett Princess and the Goblin, George MacDonald

Chemistry 2

Castle, David Macaulay

See page 46 for a complete description

Cathedral: The Story of its Construction, David Macaulay


The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain

Logos Latin 3 Complete Set

The Door In the Wall, Marguerite De Angeli

Teacher’s Edition Revised

The Canterbury Tales: A Re-Telling, Geraldine McCaughrean

Tests and Quizzes

One of the biggest challenges for homeschooling families is planning out daily work. Our exclusive Daily Lesson Plans map out how and when to implement all the tools in our Logos Homeschool Bundles. Written by an experienced homeschooling mother and teacher, the Daily Lesson Plans will guide you through each day of each subject for the entire school year.

Complete 5th Grade Curriculum Bundle

Adam of the Road, Elizabeth Janet Gray

Student Workbook Revised DVD


Cassell’s Latin Dictionary

The Silver Chair, C.S. Lewis Old Yeller, Fred Gipson Trial and Triumph, Richard Hannula



Shurley English 5

Mystery of History

The Logos Press team has decades of experience in curriculum develop-

Homeschool Kit

Volume II, 2nd edition

ment for homeschools and classical Christian schools. We have assembled

The Grammar of Spelling 5

a complete 5th grade homeschool curriculum designed specifically for this

Rand McNally’s Historical Atlas of the World

Imitation in Writing


unique stage of learning. Continuing their survey of World History, stu-

Medieval Legends

Historical Timeline Figures: Resurrection to Revolution

Order a Complete Curriculum Bundle to receive the best discount—up to 20% off the retail price of items purchased separately. Use and reuse the curriculum to further reduce your costs.

dents also enjoy literature and writing that integrates those chronological


$787.62 TOTAL RETAIL PRICE -$157.52 LESS 20%

Logos Press is committed to providing excellent service to our customers. Whether you need assistance with curriculum decisions or just want to check on an order, our friendly team is ready to help. Call 800-488-2034 Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Pacific Time, or email at your convenience, and we’ll get back to you during regular business hours.


Tria and Triumph (featured item)

stories. Our easy-to-use Daily Lesson Plans guide you through a full year of Bible, Literature, English, History and Geography, Math, and Science.


Save Over $157!

= Published by Logos Press

Christians find their true family line not through tribes and ethnic blood, but in the bond of faithfulness and shed blood that has united our family for millennia. We too often view Church history as the story of obscure aliens instead of the lives of brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers. In this collection of forty-six brief biographies for children, Hannula sketches the stirring trials and triumphs of many famous and some lesser known figures in our family of faith, including Augustine, Charlemagne, Anselm, Luther, Bunyan, and C.S. Lewis. Through them we can begin to enjoy the old paths and find rest for our souls.


Homeschool Bundles

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Homeschool Bundles



Reading Guides for all of the titles


below (PDF downloads) The Last Battle, C.S. Lewis

Cantus Christi

The Phantom Tollbooth, Norton Juster

Cantica Sanctorum

Thunderstorm in the Church (Luther), Louise A. Vernon The Pushcart War, Jean Merrill


The Hobbit, J. R. R. Tolkien Call of the Wild & White Fang, Jack London

Physics 2

Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson

See page 47 for a complete description

A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens Scottish Seas, Douglas Jones Dutch Color, Douglas Jones


Watership Down, Richard Adams

Saxon Math 7/6 Homeschool Kit, 4th Edition

Tales from Shakespeare, Charles Lamb and Mary Lamb The Jungle Book, Rudyard Kipling


Rascal, Sterling North

Kraken Latin 1

What I Learned in Narnia (Audiobook), Douglas Wilson

Student Workbook Teacher’s Edition

Cassell’s Latin Dictionary DAILY LESSON PLANS One of the biggest challenges for homeschooling families is planning out daily work. Our exclusive Daily Lesson Plans map out how and when to implement all the tools in our Logos Homeschool Bundles. Written by an experienced homeschooling mother and teacher, the Daily Lesson Plans will guide you through each day of each subject for the entire school year.

Complete 6th Grade Curriculum Bundle H 20% SAVINGS! H

ENGLISH Grammar of Poetry (featured item) Student Workbook Teacher Book

for homeschools and classical Christian schools. We have assembled a com-

Review and Reinforcement

plete 6th grade homeschool curriculum designed specifically for this unique

Beyond the Book Report (Season One)


stage of learning. By the end of this year, students are very acquainted with the

Webster’s Rhyming Dictionary

Order a Complete Curriculum Bundle to receive the best discount—up to 20% off the retail price of items purchased separately. Use and reuse the curriculum to further reduce your costs.

grammar, as well as the linear chronology, of history, and are well-prepared for

Vocabulary from Classical Roots, Book 6

CUSTOMER SERVICE Logos Press is committed to providing excellent service to our customers. Whether you need assistance with curriculum decisions or just want to check on an order, our friendly team is ready to help. Call 800-488-2034 Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Pacific Time, or email at your convenience, and we’ll get back to you during regular business hours.

the next stage, logic. Our easy-to-use Daily Lesson Plans guide you through a

Student Book

full year of Bible, Literature, English, History and Geography, Math, and Science.

Teacher’s Guide

$1,032.55 TOTAL RETAIL PRICE -$206.51 LESS 20%


Save Over $206!

Test Book

Grammar of Poetry is the ideal introductory course for students and teachers discovering the art of poetry. As a “grammar,” it teaches the mechanics of poetry, from fundamentals like scansion and rhyme to more advanced concepts like spatial poetry and synecdoche.

Teacher’s Edition

Analytical Grammar

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Student Workbook

HISTORY Mystery of History Volume III Student Reader Companion Guide Historical Timeline Figures The Student Bible Atlas Rand McNally’s Historical Atlas of the World Historical Timeline Figures: Creation to Christ

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The thirty lessons in Grammar of Poetry contain instruction on ten powerful tropes, student activities for every chapters, riddles to solve, poetry reading integration, and real-life examples from Shakespeare to traditional tongue twisters.

DVD Author Matt Whitling pulls from years of classroom experience as he works through all of these elements on screen in the optional DVD course.


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CHRIST-CENTERED MORE BENEFITS EDUCATION • Excellent online education for students in grades 7–12

In every discipline and at every grade level, Logos Online School is committed to... • Teaching all subjects as parts of an integrated whole with the Scriptures at the center (II Tim. 3:16-17) • Providing a clear model of the biblical Christian life through our instructors (Matthew 22:37-40) • Encouraging every student to begin and develop his relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ (Matt. 28:18–20, 19:13–15) • Encouraging every student to develop a love for learning and live up to his academic potential. All course materials at Logos Online School are held to biblical standards for measurement; historical facts are reported as such, and all opinion and interpretation must withstand the scrutiny of Scripture.

• Live, teacher-led, interactive classes four days a week • Small class size • Interaction with peers from other states and countries—nearly 500 in the 2016–17 school year • Qualified, gifted, and faithful teaching staff • Established, reliable online platform • Affordable tuition rates • No fee for diploma and transcript


t all began in 1981. In a little town in northern Idaho, a handful of educational pioneers, armed only with faith and an essay by Dorothy Sayers, opened the doors of Logos School in the hopes of providing a classical and Christian education for their children. They sought to raise up young men and women who think clearly and listen carefully, who reason persuasively and articulate precisely, who are capable of evaluating their entire range of experience in the light of the Scriptures, and who do so with eagerness in joyful submission to God. Thirty-six years later, hundreds of classical Christian schools have sprung up across the nation and around the world. But there is still a need. Now, thanks to advances in technology, Logos Online School exists to help parents who have the vision but may not have all the resources to educate their children by these principles. Through live daily classes, we come alongside families to provide instruction in a wide variety of subject areas Logos Online brings decades of experience—the best of homeschool, private school, and Christ-centered classical education—right into your home. We can also provide supplemental instruction to brick-and-mortar schools seeking to round out their curriculum in specific areas. See page 39 for more information. Visit to learn more about our mission, vision, and history.

Best value in online Christian education. Shop and compare!


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Unashamedly Christian. Unswervingly Classical. Uniquely Affordable.

COURSE OFFERINGS Classes meet Monday through Thursday for 50 minutes each day. Visit to preview class schedules and fees. Integrated Humanities (History, Literature, and Bible)


A Ancient


B Medieval



The United States & the Modern World



DIPLOMA PROGRAM Students may sign up for individual classes in an a la carte fashion or enter our diploma track. The Logos Online School Diploma Program is designed to meet and exceed most college & university entry and scholarship requirements. For more information, visit our website or call one of our admissions counselors at 800-488-2034.

II The Ancient World

Physical Science

Our Commitment

III The Medieval World


IV The Modern World


All students meeting our graduation requirements will receive an honors-level diploma with free official transcripts available upon request. We take seriously our responsibility to be advocates for our students in their future endeavors. Each student’s transcript is given individual attention so that their work is presented in the best possible light.

Mathematics Algebra I Geometry

Physics Advanced Biology Logic

Algebra II


Advanced Math (Pre-Calculus)






Consumer Math

A few of mom Beth See’s favorite things about Logos Online School teachers: • faithful about posting assignments • goes above and beyond being organized • takes a few minutes at the start of each class to personally connect with students, thereby really engaging students in a meaningful way to make the online platform much warmer and complete • a thoughtful and balanced teacher • has so much to cover but does so with grace and genuine care for each student • gives students opportunities to engage in debates and conversations about hard things during class • faithful to the Scriptures and gracious in navigating the dissenting opinions of young scholars • cares more about the students learning the material than anything



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INTRODUCTORY LOGIC The Fundamentals of Thinking Well, 5th Ed. James B. Nance & Douglas Wilson Studying formal logic can be intimidating without the right help, but knowing how to think logically isn’t just for “experts.” Logic is something we employ every day. It should be your secret weapon. It’s the tool for learning how to use other tools. It’s the bones that give a clenched fist its structure (and knuckles). With this in mind, we have developed Introductory Logic for everyday students, teachers, and parents who’ve never tackled syllogisms or fallacies before, but who know that thinking logically is an essential for daily living.

Compete Program

Student Edition

PAKG-N160A | $59.00

N-160 | $29.00

Compete Program with DVDs PAKG-N160B | $110.00 In Introductory Logic, you’ll receive the benefits of James B. Nance’s 20 years of teaching experience as you learn the fundamentals of thinking well wherever you are! This text includes: • How to properly define terms for maximum precision and accuracy— and thus win the debate • How to form and interpret statements, the building blocks of logical thought • How to compose valid syllogisms, and—just as importantly—expose the invalid fakes using counterexamples • How to analyze arguments in normal English • How to identify and deflect informal fallacies (one of the most instantly applicable parts of logic)

Teacher Edition N-161 | $32.00 Includes daily lesson plans and more.

Test & Quiz Packet N-164 | $10.00 Includes practice tests and more.

DVD Course DVD-N160 | $75.00 Revised and expanded, the Introductory Logic DVD brings a skilled logician right into your home. Every lesson is covered.


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James Nance and Douglas Wilson present a biblical worldview of logic in bitesize pieces, making it approachable and manageable. The new editions of each level offers a comprehensive teacher’s manual as well as a DVD version of each course which walks through each lesson

Picking up where Introductory Logic left off, Intermediate Logic is designed for everyday students, teachers, and parents who’ve never used truth tables or formal proofs of validity to work with syllogisms, but who know just how important and applicable learning logic is.

for teacher and/or student support. The overarching purpose of each book is to “begin the process of carefully ‘thinking God’s thoughts after Him.’” This series continues to be a foundational tool of Classical Conversation’s Challenge Program as we endeavor to

Compete Program with DVDs

ntroductory and Intermediate Logic by Canon Press provides an excellent step into formal and informal logic in a clear, easy to learn method that is accessible to parents and students alike.

cultivate students skilled in the proper art of rhetoric—one which effectively persuades towards Truth.

—Christy Bradley, Program Manager Classical Conversations

Mastering Propositional Arguments, 3rd Ed. James B. Nance

Compete Program

Student Edition

PAKG-N162A | $59.00

N-162 | $29.00

PAKG-N162B | $110.00 The text includes: • How to interpret and analyze logical operators and truth tables by reviewing and applying the concepts of validity, contradiction, consistency, and equivalence • How to internalize the nine basic rules of inference to derive an argument’s conclusions from its premises • How to easily determine consistency, self-contradiction, tautology, equivalence, and validity by using truth trees • How to apply all these skills to real-life thinkers and writers wherever you encounter them

• An all-new optional unit on understanding digital logic, the “language” that modern gadgets (from digital alarm clock displays to computer processors) use to function.

Teacher Edition N-163 | $32.00 Includes daily lesson plans and more.

Test & Quiz Packet N-165 | $10.00 Includes practice tests and more.

DVD Course DVD-N162 | $75.00




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The Amazing Dr. Ransom’s Bestiary of

ADORABLE FALLACIES N.D. Wilson & Douglas Wilson N-903 | $20.00

THE RHETORIC COMPANION N.D. Wilson & Douglas Wilson N-900 | $24.00 For Christians studying rhetoric, manipulative sophistry is clearly out of bounds. But putting careful thought into what constitutes eloquent speech and persuasive argumentation is not. The Rhetoric Companion lays out a Christian approach of memorable and effective expression. The following material, and more, is arranged in 31 lively and practical lessons: • A critical appreciation and suggested readings from essential ancient rhetoric texts • The Pauline view of presentation and persuasion • How to develop copiousness and leave an audience wanting more • The concept of “stasis theory” and how to grasp the crux of an argument • How successful proof obligates an audience to believe • Composition exercises with each lesson

Rhetoric Companion Answer Key

Watch out: There’s an epidemic of kind-hearted people adopting the fluffy yet dangerous creatures known as informal fallacies. In hopes of doing something about them, we have assembled this FIELD GUIDE FOR CLEAR THINKERS: Inside you’ll find insightful illustrations, pithy descriptions, helpful exercises, and all the clever analysis a person might need to leave the little fallacies alone, whether you bump into one at home or abroad or wherever. Covering fifty fallacies, The Amazing Doctor Ransom’s Bestiary of Adorable Fallacies is necessary reading for every English-speaking adult or child with eyes or ears.

Adorable Fallacies Flashcards Each set includes all fifty fallacy flashcards from The Amazing Doctor Ransom’s Bestiary of Adorable Fallacies. Test yourself on fallacy descriptions and all fallacy names (not to mention the ever-captivating beast titles and characteristics). Each flashcard is entertainingly illustrated with each fallacy in harmless mode on one side and attack mode on the other. Get the practice you need to identify the little stinkers wherever they might appear.

Student Flashcards (3.4” x 5.5” ) N-904 | $12.00

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Introducing the One and Only

BRIT LIT FOR CLASSICAL SCHOOLS Rebekah Merkle, editor PAKG-BRIT | $169.00 $84.50 Logos Press’s British Literature series, intended especially for classical and Christian schools and homeschools, covers English classics from Beowulf to P.G. Wodehouse. Each volume includes primary sources plus reference tools for teachers and students selected and edited by veteran teacher Rebekah Merkle.

FEATURES • Daily reading schedules • Engaging comprehension questions and detailed answers • Introductory essays highlighting themes and offering Christian perspective • Expert page-by-page marginalia • Memorization for 200 lines of poetry over the year • 90 integrative assignments and supplementary poems in the Poetry Workbook • Comprehensive tests

Classroom Flashcards (6.8” x 10.5” ) N-904LG | $20.00

N-901 | $8.00


Vol. VI Tale of Two Cities

$10.00 | Q-120

$20.00 | Q-125

Vol. II: Middle English

Vol. VII: Comic Theater

$19.00 | Q-121

$10.00 | Q-126

Vol. III: Golden Age

Vol. VIII: Crime

$26.00 | Q-122

$21.00 | Q-127

Vol. IV: Paradise Lost

Vol. IX: Right Ho, Jeeves

$15.00 | Q-123

$12.00 | Q-128

Vol. V: Pride & Prejudice

Vol. X: Poetry Workbook

$18.00 | Q-124

$18.00 | Q-129



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CANON CLASSICS Making the classics accessible for your students THE CANON CLASSICS SERIES

Available Titles

This beautifully designed new series presents the most definitive works of Western literature in a colorful, well-crafted, and affordable way. Unlike many thrift editions, our classics feature individualized designs that prioritize readability by means of optimized font size, margins, and characters per line. This attention to detail makes each book a simple and striking addition to both the classroom and home. Dozens of titles are planned in this growing library of mustown titles.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •




ouise Cowan, in her essay “The Necessity of the Classics,” begins by telling the story of Kagemusha, a film by legendary Japanese director Akira Kurosawa. In simple, short form, it is the story of a man who is about to be put to death for stealing, but his execution is stayed because the soldiers notice that he bears a remarkably close resemblance to their chief. So, he becomes the chief’s understudy— learning his mannerisms, voice, walk, and personality. Cowan also notes that he gradually takes on both the internal and external “dignity” of the leader. When the chief dies, the beggar has become so skilled as an understudy that he is able to keep up the ruse for months. Eventually, of course, the ruler’s death is discovered, and the understudy becomes the beggar once again. Yet, Cowan notes, But a strange thing has happened: this pretender has developed a genuine sense of responsibility that cannot so lightly be dismissed. The burden of leadership, with its peculiar blend of selflessness and pride, has become his own. Despite his low station, he follows along after the troops in battle and stands at the last defending the banner of his defeated people, exposing himself to the enemy’s onslaughts

when all others have fallen…Is this heroic gesture still part of the act? Where does it come from, this apparent greatness of soul that finally requires in a counterfeit role an authentic death?....its realization comes through schooling in a tradition. Such magnanimity, we are shown, requires mimesis—imitation. To remake oneself in the image of something that calls to greatness demands a heroic tradition displaying heroic models.

Truly great literature has a similar effect on us. It gives us models of virtue, wisdom, and goodness to imitate, as well as pictures of evil to avoid. It calls us to true nobility of soul. As Christians, we have the particular blessing of being able to read classic literature with a more complete picture of the truth, goodness, and beauty demonstrated for us in these stories, while at the same time seeing God’s common grace at work even in the stories and lives of pagans. We can see the flaws and perfections of Achilles, Odysseus, Aeneas, Beowulf, Dante, Hamlet, Huck, and more—learning from them both good and bad lessons that drive us to wisdom and virtue in Christ. Scripture records for us the stories of saints and sinners gone before, stories of great triumph (Hebrews 11) and great fall (1st Corinthians 10:1-13). Classic literature works in

similar fashion, teaching us through the struggles, victories, and failures of the characters. As Leland Ryken wrote, “Literature is built on a grand paradox: It is a make-believe world that nonetheless reminds us of real life and clarifies it for us.” In An Experiment in Criticism, C.S. Lewis asks, “What then is the good of—what is even the defence for—occupying our hearts with stories of what never happened and entering vicariously into feelings which we should try to avoid having in our own person? Or of fixing our inner eye earnestly on things that can never exist?” In self-reply, he offers, “The nearest I have yet got to an answer is that we seek an enlargement of our being. We want to be more than ourselves…We want to see with other eyes, to imagine with other imaginations, to feel with other hearts, as well as with our own…We demand windows…In reading great literature I become a thousand men and yet remain myself.” When we enter great stories, we are changed. We become different people. So, let us read deeply, widely, and prayerfully—knowing that our souls can be fed, warned, and shaped through the power of stories.

Dr. Brian Phillips Director, CiRCE Institute Consulting, and Headmaster, The CiRCE Academy

They may be classics, but they’re not easy. To enhance your enjoyment and understanding, our Worldview Guides provide a Christian perspective on the most definitive and daunting works of Western Literature. Each is a friendly literary coach, a treasure map, a compass, and a key to help teachers, parents, and students appreciate, critique, and master the classics. Authored by experienced educators including Dr. Louis Markos, Dr. Jayson Grieser, Dr. Brian Phillips, Douglas Wilson, Dr. Steve Turley, Rebekah Merkle, Marcus Schwager, Elizabeth Howard, Dr. W. Bradford Littlejohn, Dr. Gordon Wilson, Toby J. Sumpter, Ben Palpant, Heather Lloyd, Brian Marr, Amanda Ryan, Samuel Dickison, Sean Johnson, and Brian Brown.

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn* Pride and Prejudice The Scarlet Letter* The Count of Monte Cristo Moby Dick* The Adventures of Tom Sawyer* A Tale of Two Cities Dracula Jane Eyre* The Secret Garden* A Christmas Carol* Macbeth* Hamlet* Othello Treasure Island* Robinson Crusoe* The Woman in White Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass The Invisible Man* Much Ado About Nothing Heart of Darkness* Pilgrim’s Progress* Don Quixote Wuthering Heights* Iliad* Odyssey* Aeneid* Inferno* Purgatorio* Paradiso* Paradise Lost

TEXTS | $9.95–20.95 WORLDVIEW GUIDES | $6.99 or FREE (if available) with purchase of text Visit for a complete list of available titles and prices.

accompanying ith the purchase w Guide w e i v d l r Wo Canon Classics text of each


A • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Origin of Species* The Complete Mowgli Stories The Picture of Dorian Gray* Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales, Vol 1* Edgar Allen Poe Selected Tales and Poems* Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Walden / Civil Disobedience* Great Expectations* Bulfinch’s Mythology The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde* On the Incarnation* Beyond Good and Evil* Frankenstein* War and Peace* Crime and Punishment* Anna Karenina* The Republic* The Canterbury Tales* Meditations of Marcus Aurelius* * Worldview Guides available by May 2017



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from Peter Leithart

Edmund Spenser’s The Faerie Queene

Miniatures and Morals

Heroes of the City of Man

Fierce Wars and Faithful Loves

The Elfin Knight

The Christian Novels of Jane Austen

A Christian Guide to Select Ancient Literature

Book I of The Faerie Queene

Book II of The Faerie Queene

Updated & Annotated by Roy Maynard

Updated & Annotated by Toby J. Sumpter

Q-111 | $20.00

Q-115 | $20.00

Despite all of his acknowledged greatness, almost no one reads Spenser any more. Roy Maynard makes Spenser accessible again not by dumbing him down, but by deftly modernizing spelling, explaining obscurities in clever asides, and cuing the reader towards the right response.

This second book of The Faerie Queene follows Sir Guyon, a knight on a quest to avenge the innocent. But throughout Guyon’s adventures, things are not always as they seem, for the wicked witch Acrasia has tricked many—and Acrasia’s offers always seem to be the easy way out.

Not only are Jane Austen’s novels still widely read, they continue to influence modern film and literature. In both their moral content and their focused, highly detailed, “miniaturist” execution, they reveal Austen’s mastery of the art of fiction and her concern for Christian virtues exercised within communities. She entertains, edifies, and challenges men and women readers alike. From theological and literary angles, Leithart analyzes character and theme while summarizing each of Austen’s major works—Pride & Prejudice, Northanger Abbey, Sense & Sensibility, Mansfield Park, Emma, and Persuasion. Including helpful review and thought questions for each section, this book is an excellent introduction to Austen for students and for all who desire a richer appreciation of her enduring genius. Q-113 | $16.00

Brightest Heaven of Invention A Christian Guide to Six Shakespeare Plays Shakespeare was a great observer, who was able to see deeply into the patterns of human character. Dare anyone say that these insights are irrelevant to living in the real world? For many in an older generation the Bible and the Collected Shakespeare were the two indispensable books. Leithart’s perceptive walk through these plays is written especially for a high school level course, but older students will benefit as well. The six plays discussed are: Henry V, Julius Caesar, Hamlet, Macbeth, The Taming of the Shrew, and Much Ado About Nothing. I-107 | $21.00

Leithart analyzes the grand classics of ancient literature—The Iliad, The Odyssey, The Aeneid, and others—commenting on each and contrasting their pagan worldview to the biblical worldview. If you fall asleep in your literature classes, this book is like drinking ten cups of coffee. Maybe eleven, depending upon your body weight. For high school students and up. Q-112 | $25.00

Ascent to Love A Guide to Dante’s Divine Comedy As the unsurpassed Christian epic poem, Dante’s Divine Comedy provides not only far more personality and emotional depth than the pagan epics, it opens up all the issues on which Western history turns— truth, beauty, goodness, sin, sanctification, and triumph. In this guide, Peter J. Leithart brings his rich biblical-typological insight to bear in opening up the Comedy for students, high school and up, mainly the sort of kids who keep looking for the jokes in the comedy. After examining the meaning and place of the courtly love tradition leading up to Dante, the heart of the guide walks us carefully through the craft and symbolisms of each progressive stage—Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso. Each section contains helpful study questions. Q-106 | $16.00

“In today’s cultural, aesthetic, and educational wars, Spenser is a might ally for the 21st century Christian. Maynard proves himself a worthy mediator between Spenser’s time and ours.” —Gene Edward Veith, Provost & Professor of Literature at Patrick Henry College

“Beyond all doubt, it is best to have made one’s first acquaintance with Spenser in a very large edition of The Faerie Queene, on a wet day, between the ages of twelve and sixteen...To read him is to grow in mental health.” —C.S. Lewis

What I Learned in Narnia


BOOK: FC204 | $15.00

A New Verse Rendering

AUDIOBOOK CD: CD-FC204 | $20.00

Q-118 | $14.00

The lessons of Narnia don’t just belong to the world of fiction and fantasy. We may never meet fawns, talking mice, or marshwiggles in our ordinary lives, but the lessons they teach are the very ones we need to fight the battles we face in our everyday lives.

Douglas Wilson’s versification of this Anglo-Saxon epic is one you need to read if you’re a fan of our culture’s Anglo-Saxon heritage, of superheroes, or of monsters. With two thoughtprovoking essays about the meaning of the poem, this edition is the best option for Christian students.

Douglas Wilson begins this series of meditations on C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia with the observation, “This is not intended to be an introduction to Narnia at all, but is rather more like a conversation between good friends about some other good friends, talking about what a good time we all had and why.” Wilson highlights the practical themes of mature, Christian living that emerge from these classic tales—nobility, confession, complete grace—a joyful contrast to the thinness of modern life. A must for any Narnia fan, young or old.

“I’ve long been waiting for a rendering of Beowulf by someone sensitive to its muscular verse, its palette of irony that ranges from grim understatement to barely suppressed hilarity, its profound humanity and Christian faith. I’m waiting no longer.” —Anthony Esolen, author of Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child




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LOGOS LATIN + KRAKEN LATIN = A seamless solution for elementary & middle school students GRADE 3












Student Workbook

Student Workbook

Student Workbook

Student Workbook

Student Workbook

Student Workbook

Julie Garfield

Julie Garfield

Julie Garfield

Julie Garfield

Natali H. Monnette

Natali H. Monnette

CL0301-01 | $19.00

CL0401-01 | $21.00

CL0501-01 | $23.00

CL0601-01 | $23.00

N-207 | $26.00

N-209 | $26.00

Drawn from decades of experience and classroom testing, Logos Latin 1 will help firstyear elementary Latin students successfully navigate through the building blocks of the language. Filled with activity pages, vocabulary, constellation maps, and some entertaining characters, Logos Latin 1 makes learning Latin fun and interesting.

Filled with all the same tools and activities as the first book, Logos Latin 2 introduces new conjugations, declensions and much more. Written specifically with grammar-stage students in mind, this is the text tried and tested in the fourth grade at Logos School.

As students continue learning the Latin language, Logos Latin 3 helps them solidify what they know; introduces new grammar and vocab; and invites students to begin digging into the language through etymology, word history, and trans­lating Latin versions of Aesop’s Fables.

Logos Latin 4 finishes the grammar stage of Latin. LL4 continues the etymology, history, and fun assignments that have made Logos Latin so easy to use while also introducing some translations that will help students move on to the next stage of Latin learning.

Teacher’s Manual

CL0601-03 | $19.00

Whether advancing from elementary studies or beginning Latin studies for the first time, logic stage students (grades 6-8) will be reading “real” Latin by studying grammar and integrating adaptations and translations from the Vulgate, Roman history, fun original stories, and classical myths. Filled with resources and aids, Kraken Latin helps students face the beast and conquer.

In KL2, Natali Monnette guides students to the heights of Latin grammar, covering widespread grammatical trickery such as deponents, impersonal verbs, subjunctives and much more. In contrast to texts like Wheelocks, KL2 is written for new teachers and students with a variety of Latin backgrounds, giving everybody the clear explanations and crucial guidance they need to master Latin grammar once and for all.

Tests & Quizzes

Teacher’s Edition

Teacher’s Edition

CL0601-02 | $10.00

N-208 | $32.00

N-210 | $32.00

Teacher’s Manual CL0301-03 | $15.00

Tests & Quizzes

Teacher’s Manual CL0401-03 | $17.00

Tests & Quizzes CL0401-02 | $10.00

CL0301-02BW | $10.00


CL0401-06 | $19.00



CL0301-05C | $49.00

CL0401-05 | $49.00

PAKG-CL0301 | $89.60

Tests & Quizzes CL0501-02 | $10.00


CL0301-06 | $19.00

Complete Package

CL0501-03 | $19.00

Complete Package PAKG-CL0401 | $95.00



he study of Latin provides many benefits. Because nearly fifty percent of our English words have Latin roots, Latin is an excellent vocabulary builder. Learning the grammar of another language allows a

of Roman culture upon our own culture in the areas of governmental structure, architecture, and literature. But I believe the greatest benefit of Latin study is the way it challenges young minds to

stage with comparison, and the rhetoric stage with generalization. The orderly and complex structure of Latin makes it “good grist for the mill” as students learn to exercise their minds. Latin is an ex-

student to step back and take a more objective look at English, reinforcing understanding of his own grammar. Romance languages such as Italian, French, and Spanish are

think clearly and logically. As a language that declines in an orderly and systematic way, Latin requires students to pay close attention to endings and to make connections within a

cellent medium for students to work with as they continue to pursue the ultimate goal of learning to think and learn for themselves.

direct descendants of Latin, therefore Latin provides an excellent springboard to learning these modern languages. Latin, as the language of the Romans, helps us to better understand and appreciate the broad influence

sentence. Students learn to analyze new material carefully. Some have made a correlation between Latin study and the scientific method, where the grammar stage roughly corresponds with observation, the dialectic

Author, Logos Latin

—Julie Garfield,

Teacher’s Manual



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Martha Wilson

Martha Wilson

Martha Wilson

N-201 | $22.00

N-203 | $22.00

N-205 | $26.00

Latin Primer 1 equips elementary students (grades 3 and up) with a solid foundation in classical Latin. Revised and expanded with new and engaging exercises, this text covers the basics: everyday vocabulary, verb and noun endings, and other beginning grammar concepts.

Latin Primer 2 solidifies what the students learned in the first book and moves further into the language. With new vocabulary, more verb and noun endings, adjectives, adverb, and other early grammar essentials, this tool will take students to a new level of understanding this old and intriguing language.

In Latin Primer 3, the language basics explored in Primers 1 and 2 continue, with an increasing emphasis on translation. The text introduces students (grades 5 and up) to Latin’s final noun declensions and verb conjugations, as well as to the perfect tense, indirect objects, simple prepositions, and more, opening up broad frontiers for their understanding and enjoyment of this early language.

Teacher’s Edition N-202 | $28.00

Flash Cards N-211 | $20.00

Audio Guide (CD) AV-N201 | $7.50

Complete Package PKG-N201 | $65.00

Teacher’s Edition N-204 | $28.00

Flash Cards N-212 | $20.00

Audio Guide (CD) AV-N203 | $7.50

Complete Package PKG-N203 | $65.00

Teacher’s Edition



ORBIS PICTUS The original Orbis Pictus (1658) was the first illustrated children’s book. Our Orbis Pictus series provides Latin educators with a tool specifically to introduce Latin vocabulary, regardless of their textbook or philosophy of teaching. Orbis Pictus helps students pick up vocabulary in the best ways possible: • Uses macaronic sentences, Latin idioms, and illustrations that get at the essentials of words • Introduces words topically, which aids the memory. • Provides example sentences that introduce each new word in a context specifically meant to help a student learn the word. • Features illustrations that clarify a word’s meaning, help with memorizing, and make lessons more interesting. • Includes a glossary for pronunciation, synonyms, and other useful words The Orbis Pictus series is a great help for students learning to read Roman authors, especially when combined with a grammar-centric text. It can be used as a refreshing supplement for any Latin textbook or completely on its own. It has no prerequisites, and could be useful for even the most advanced students of Latin.

N-206 | $32.00

The Natural World

Flash Cards

Timothy Griffith

N-213 | $25.00

N-170 | $20.00

Audio Guide (CD)

This first volume in the Orbis Pictus series covers almost five hundred words on the natural world. This includes not only vocabulary that appears frequently in Latin literature, but also words that have been adopted as technical terms in various scientific disciplines (especially biology). A student who has mastered the material in The Natural World will have also built up basic English and Latin vocabulary in anatomy, botany, and zoology, and will be much better prepared to read classical Roman literature.

AV-N205 | $7.50

Complete Package PKG-N205 | $73.00




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LOGOS PRESS LANGUAGE ARTS CURRICULUM from Matt Whitling Through many years of teaching at Logos, the pioneering classical Christian school in Moscow, Idaho, Matt Whitling has developed and implemented these language arts curriculum series. Let his experience and expertise help your students develop a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the English language.

GRAMMAR OF POETRY PACKAGE Matt Whitling PKG-N303 | $100.00

contains everything you would need to teach your student poetry: student workbook, DVD with Matt Whitling explaining each lesson, and all the answers to the exercises.


Our Mother Tongue

The Roar on the Other Side

Douglas Wilson

Nancy Wilson

Suzanne U. Rhodes

Poetry is more than just coming up with rhymes at a moment’s notice: poetry is a study of the craft of language. The Grammar of Poetry course covers the grammar—the fundamentals—of poetry. Its goal is to teach students to capably interact not just with poems, but with language in any situation. This package

Grammar of Poetry Student Text

N-902 | $14.00

N-700 | $20.00

Q-103 | $15.00

N-303 | $22.00

A guide for writers of every sort. The author provides indispensable guidance, showing how to develop the writer’s craft and the kind of life from which good writing comes.


Book 1: Aesop’s Fables

In this English grammar guide, Nancy Wilson surveys the major concepts in English grammar for beginners at the late elementary and junior high level, or even adults seeking a brush-up. Our Mother Tongue dishes up examples and exercises that go beyond the stereotypical, and relies on selections from Scripture and great English literature to teach content, style, and structure. A helpful format highlights key definitions, punctuation issues, important concepts, and the development of the English language.

For all its lofty reputation, poetry is really just the art of noticing, naming, and comparing the stuff of this world. Poetry fosters and nurtures life by finding wonder in the nooks and crannies of ordinary life. Suzanne Rhodes, a longtime poet and teacher, offers The Roar on the Other Side as an introductory guide for students (junior high and up). With clarity and imagination, Rhodes communicates the joy of words to her readers and helps them see how good poetry binds all seemingly contradictory things together.

Matt Whitling

Book 2: Fairy Tales

PAKG-S108 | $80.00

S-109 | $20.00

Imitation in Writing helps young writers learn the art and discipline required to craft delightful prose. Educators from Cicero to Benjamin Franklin have all learned and taught by imitation—because it works and it’s fun. Five books cover a variety of writing topics including reading, retelling, outlining, and composing.

Book 3: Medieval Legends

Grammar of Poetry Teacher’s Ed. N-304 | $24.00

Grammar of Poetry DVD Course DVD-N303 | $85.00

S-108 | $20.00

S-110 | $20.00

Book 4: Greek Heroes S-111 | $20.00

Book 5: Greek Myths S-112 | $20.00


Grade 2

Matt Whitling and B.J. Jordan

S-102 | $12.00

The Grammar of Spelling teaches students how words are spelled by means of cumulative word lists. But not just random lists—instead, students are taught to internalize general phonetic rules for the English language, along with helpful ways to remember the exceptions.

Grade 3 S-103 | $12.00

Grade 4 S-104 | $12.00

Grade 5 S-105 | $12.00

Grade 6 S-106 | $12.00

“Aspiring writers do not need another pandering, pat-on-the-back, feel-good writer’s manual. What they need is something with no-nonsense substance, and Douglas Wilson offers it in Wordsmithy.” —Brett McCracken, author, Hipster Christianity: When Church & Cool Collide

Answer Key N-701 | $5.00

INSTANT READING GUIDES One of the great things about homeschooling is that our students have time to read, read, and read some more. It’s important to feed this appetite but still keep an eye on what’s being digested. We recommend that students of all ages carefully read one book over the course of two or three weeks using a reading guide to check comprehension as they go. As students slow down and consider what they are reading, you will find opportunities to discuss the story, themes and worldview at every level. The guides also provide another opportunity to hone writing mechanics and practice composition. Visit to explore the complete list of available picture and chapter book titles.

• EXPERT CONTENT developed by teachers at Logos School in Moscow, Idaho.


• HUNDREDS of titles for grades 1–8

Literature Reading Guides are also included with every Homeschool Bundle, grades 2-6.

• INSTANTLY downloadable files mean no waiting for snail mail. You can get started right away. • SAVE MONEY with the electronic format and no shipping costs. You shouldn’t have to pay more for a reading guide than you do for the book. • REUSABLE. Print out copies for every kid.





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AUDIO RESOURCES for Busy Parents

A Survey Course on Practical Christianity Douglas Wilson G-108 | $18.00 A survey course covering the fundamentals of the Christian life. The twenty-five chapters of this book can be divided into three broad categories: • basic doctrine (confession of sin, the nature of worship, assurance of salvation, and more), • basic wisdom for living in community (relationships, conversation, the meaning of masculinity and femininity, etc.), and • cultural criticism for beginners (authenticity, the “cool,” and competition and ambition, for starters). Each chapter contains a worksheet of questions from relevant portions of the Bible along with a full answer key. A wonderfully practical book on Christianity for students.

The kids have it so easy, don’t they? It’s their job to read. But you’ve got to put in your nine-to-five, keep the house under control, serve the church and community in various capacities, put three meals on the table every day, and of course manage a homeschool where your sons’ and daughters’ minds and hearts can grow into godly maturity. Keep up the good work, Mom and Dad! And don’t forget to keep feeding your own souls. In addition to the books at the right and on the following pages, we offer many audio resources to help. Listen while you shovel the snow or stir the sauce, commuting or running between soccer practice and ballet lessons, during lunch breaks or on the treadmill.

AUDIOBOOKS See following pages for books that are available in audio.


he Riot and the Dance, by Dr. Gor-


don Wilson, is not your typical biology text book, as is obvious from the title. It is written in a more per-

Foundational Biology

sonal style—like a conversation between the student and the professor. As a consequence the reader feels more like the author is a real person and they are read-

If you thought biology was the province of secular scientists, think again: The Riot and the Dance is biology like you’ve never seen it before. With over 130 original illustrations and several hundred figures total, this book is first and foremost an approachable and readable explanation of the basics of biology for high school or undergraduate students. But Gordon Wilson doesn’t dumb down the concepts. Using analogies, anecdotes, and simple, personable language to teach key details about the bottom-line themes of biology, Dr. Wilson gives students handles to grasp the wonders of life on all levels. Rather than teaching a pile of disconnected facts about biology, Gordon Wilson gives the reader a foundational knowledge of living things alongside his primary goal, which is to stir up a long-lasting wonder and curiosity about life and a greater desire to praise the Creator.

ing a real book (rather than trying to plow through a dictionary or encyclopedia). All essential biology is presented, and is presented well— but in a more user-friendly context. The author is transparent in his Christian perspective, but remains strongly focused on the biology at hand. His very limited interjection of personal perspectives preserves the book’s professional character but adds a dash of salt.

—John Sanford, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Horticulture, Cornell University

SO COME AND WELCOME TO JESUS CHRIST A Morning and Evening Devotional Douglas Wilson G-117 | $24.00 At the root of God’s lovingkindness to us is the invitation to a great banquet. These 720 readings deal with the many applications of the Lord’s Supper that are suited to personal devotions, including gospel encouragement, pursuit of sanctification, motivation and exhortation, family and community life, and much more. So Come and Welcome to Jesus Christ will help you meditate on the transformative implications of eating and drinking the body and blood of the Lord Jesus.

! W E N

Dr. Gordon Wilson

SERMON SERIES BY DOUGLAS WILSON Husbands and Wives CD-003 | $12.00

Foundations for Fathers CD-001 | $18.00

Student Text N-600 | $48.00

Biblical Childrearing CD-006 | $12.00

Shepherding Young People CD-002 | $18.00

EVE IN EXILE and the Restoration of Femininity

A Biblical Home

Rebekah Merkle

VOL. 1: CD-064 | $20.00

I-130 | $16.00

VOL. 2: CD-082 | $34.00

Teacher’s Guide

Parenting Young People

N-601 | $24.00

Practical Christian Living

CD-144 | $6.00

VOL. 1: CD-011 | $32.00 VOL. 2: CD-130 | $32.00

Lab Manual N-602 | $22.00



ORDER BY PHONE 800-488-2034 (M–F, 8 am–5 pm PT)


Dangerous Women

CD-085 | $18.00

CD-151 | $26.00

Women and Marriage

Mothers and Daughters

CD-005 | $24.00

CD-093 | $12.00

Many titles also available for direct download. For product descriptions and a complete list of audio resources, visit

Swooning Victorian ladies and the 1950s suburban housewives genuinely needed to be liberated. But wave after wave of feminists have shown us that they don’t know what liberation is. They have led us into a very boring dead end. Eve in Exile sets aside the stereotypes on both sized so Christians can focus on real women and answer the fundamental question, What did God make real women for?

! W E N



ORDER ONLINE At your convenience

Why Christian Kids Need a Christian Education

Fit to Burst

Douglas Wilson

F-218 | $14.00

Rachel Jankovic

A-119 | $5.00

for Parents & Administrators Larry Stephenson


ORDER BY PHONE 800-488-2034 (M–F, 8 am–5 pm PT)

This author writes about what she knows… the challenges, joys and work involved in raising little people. Humor, encouragement and wisdom abound.

A little book that presents the case for providing a faithful, Christian education for all Christian kids, explaining why we have to make that case to begin with!

AG-002 | $12.00 An invaluable resource which helps parents and students get a handle on the process of preparing for, selecting, and being accepted into the right college or university.

Protocol Matters

Building Her House

Sandra Boswell

Nancy Wilson

T-109 | $18.00

PRINT: F-117 | $12.00

With an easy, engaging style, the author outlines the meaning and purpose of protocol education, describing ways of practicing it in the home and at school.

AUDIO: CD-F117 | $20.00 Stories and encouragement on the beauty of imperfection, the comfort of Velveeta, the honesty of submission, the laughter of reading aloud. Nancy points out sin, comforts with the favor of God, and rouses us to joyous faith.

LOVING THE LITTLE YEARS Rachel Jankovic PRINT: F-200 | $12.00 AUDIO: CD-F200 | $15.00

“I didn’t write this book because mothering little ones is easy for me. I wrote it because it isn’t. I know that this is a hard job, because I am right here in the middle of it. I know you need encouragement because I do too.” A mother of 6 writes with a healthy dose of honesty, humor, and gospel hope on the crazy world of raising children. Jankovic challenges mothers to take up their calling to love and serve.

The Book Tree Elizabeth McCallum & Jane Scott FC-203 | $19.00


A Christian reference guide to the best of children’s literature serviceable for both veteran reading families and those just beginning their journey.

VIRTUOUS Nancy Wilson G-115 | $12.00

Douglas Wilson PRINT: UL-111 | $7.00 AUDIO: CD-L111 | $10.00 A booklet that introduces the topic of classical and Christian education with an overview of the Trivium (grammar, logic, rhetoric), highlighting the unique advantages of such an approach.

Excused Absence Douglas Wilson L-103 | $10.00 A powerful book that points Christian parents to a better way to educate their children. Sure to motivate the growing Christian schooling & home schooling movements for years to come.

A Biblical Roadmap for Parenting Children DVD Matt Whitling DVD-146 | $30.00 AUDIO: CD-146 | $20.00 Provides a practical, biblical roadmap for parenting children. Four sessions, recorded live, provide specific examples for parents (at home) and educators (at school).

FAMILY SERIES Reforming Marriage

Standing on the Promises

PRINT: F-209 | $15.00

F-113 | $15.00

AUDIO: CD-F109 | $20.00

Praise Her in the Gates

My Life for Yours

PRINT: F-111 | $12.00

F-103 | $15.00

AUDIO: CD-F111 | $20.00

Future Men

The Fruit of Her Hands

F-202 | $15.00

PRINT: F-114 | $12.00

Federal Husband F-108 | $12.00


AUDIO: CD-F114 | $20.00

Her Hand in Marriage F-105 | $12.00

F-207 | $15.00

FAMILY SERIES SET Order all 9 books in this series for the low price of

$85.00! | PKG-F101

Women of all ages will benefit from this new book from Nancy Wilson on fourteen biblical virtues. Actively pursuing fruitfulness in the knowledge of Christ is the highest endeavor for Christians, and it doesn’t just happen by accident. Includes concise explanations, application questions, and assignments that will involve and challenge everyone and provide lots of biblical wisdom for individuals and groups.



SCHOOL RESOURCES THE SEVEN LAWS OF TEACHING John Milton Gregory AG-003 | $14.00 An essential guide for classical educators everywhere—in schools, at home, in co-ops, or online. In additon to Gregory’s best-selling The Seven Laws of Teaching, this edition has a number of invaluable tools available nowhere else: • Douglas Wilson’s powerful forward, “The Seven Disciplines of Highly Effective Teachers • A Self-Assessment Tool for teachers by Dr. Larry Stephenson • Study questions after each chapter with an answer key

ORDER ONLINE At your convenience

Douglas Wilson


PRINT: L-104 | $16.00

(Digital Download Only)

The Case for Classical Christian Education

AUDIO: CD-L104 | $20.00 An essential and comprehensive treatment of classical & Christian education.

Repairing the Ruins L-113 | $19.00 A collection of essays from teachers and administrators that takes the discussion of classical Christian education beyond the basics.

The Paideia of God



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Douglas Wilson

These curriculum guides, including course goals, methodological notes, content objectives, and material lists, were created for Logos School in Moscow, Idaho, the pioneering ACCS school. The recently revised downloads contain a detailed listing all major fields of study for each grade, including Bible, reading, mathematics, English, history, science, music, and art.

You might be wondering, “Online classes for a brick and mortar school?” Depending upon the size of your upper school and availability of qualified teachers, the answer may be a resounding yes! Logos Press has unique access to many outstanding, experienced teachers. If you’re having trouble finding a qualified Latin, logic, math, or foreign language teacher at the high school level, look no further. Logos Online School is equipped to help you every day of the week.



Grade 4

AG2001-08 | $20.00

AG0401-08 | $20.00

Grade 1

Grade 5

AG0101-08 | $20.00

AG0501-08 | $20.00

Grade 2

Grade 6

AG0201-08 | $20.00

AG0601-08 | $20.00

Grade 3 AG0301-08 | $20.00

L-105 | $10.00 An excellent exposition of God’s mandate to bring up children in the full admonition of the Lord.

for Christian Schools




AB7001-08 | $20.00

AM7001-08 | $20.00

Dr. Larry Stephenson


Physical Education

AG-001 | $55.00

AEL7001-08 | $20.00

AP7001-08 | $10.00

The Return of Dear Parents

Foreign Language


AF7001-08 | $20.00

AS7001-08 | $20.00

Tom Garfield


A comprehensive guide to giving kids an academically rigorous and wholeheartedly Christian education from a man with more than 25 years of experience in school administration.


RF0003-04 | $20.00 Drawing from 30+ years of experience as a school administrator, the author shares valuable insights. A lively read that will bless and challenge you.

A Classical Primer CD Set CD-060 | $24.00 For teachers and parents new to classical education, this eight-CD set gives an overview of what classical education is all about.

AH7001-08 | $20.00

ADMINISTRATION RESOURCES (Digital Download Only) Logos School Bylaws & Board Policy Manual AG0001-08 | $20.00

Logos School Staff Manual AG6002-08 | $20.00

CUSTOMIZED SCHEDULE Live, teacher-led class sessions meet every weekday for 50 minutes. We can customize classes to provide the best fit for your students, making them a great option for schools. Connect with like-minded schools across the country that share a commitment to classical, Christ-centered education. Students also enjoy friendships with peers from across the country and all over the world!




verb that means to understand, Noeo Sci-

ence provides an engaging, comprehensive, age-appropriate curriculum for elementary and middle school students to explore creation. Noeo Science, a Logos Press product, helps students perceive and comprehend their world through hands-on activities as well as taking notes, defining, drawing, and recording data. Each course level comes with a comprehensive instructor’s guide consisting primarily of lesson plans. These lesson plans are laid out for each week in chart form for easy reference, listing everything from pages in books to be read to experiments to be completed, optional experiments, and optional websites to explore. Notes at the bottom explain when students need to make notes or drawings for their notebooks. Noeo Science gives you eight years of hands-on instruction which provides an excellent foundation for young students everywhere.

For your family's convenience, students may complete the courses in any order within each level.

LEVEL 1 (Grades 1-3) Biology 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 Chemistry 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43 Physics 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44

LEVEL 2 (Grades 4-6) Biology 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 Chemistry 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 Physics 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47

LEVEL 3 (Grades 7-8) Chemistry 3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Physics 3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49



elcome to the wonderful world of Noeo Science! You will find that this homeschool science curriculum is different from all others. Each year fills children with curiosity and excitement as they build a strong foundational knowledge of science. As a homeschooler myself, my goal in designing this curriculum is to help the children have so much fun that the learning comes naturally for them...and painlessly for you! Noeo Science is variety-filled with a structure that can best be described as a balance between the classical method and the Charlotte Mason approach. We emphasize narration and summarization, vocabulary development, observation, and the scientific method. We do not promote rote memorization or the worksheet and test methodology for the sciences at this stage—we have prioritized hands-on experience. We feel it is important to learn science from a variety of sources, using a variety of teaching techniques. Consequently, our curriculum does not use the traditional single textbook approach to science education. We think variety will encourage more interest in science, particularly with younger students. All of the books are carefully selected to allow children to discover the beauty, complexity, orderliness, and wonder of God’s design. While some written work is expected, many activities are included within the bright, colorful, and well-written books. Living book biographies of many important scientists are included to provide a practical perspective. Internet references for further research are also provided throughout the curriculum.


“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” Named for a Greek



ORDER BY PHONE 800-488-2034 (M–F, 8 am–5 pm PT)


ORDER ONLINE At your convenience

CURRICULUM DESIGN Just as creation is orderly and well organized, we believe that a good science curriculum

of the curriculum, so feel free to modify these sheets and to tailor your expectations for each child. Your student will be asked to

should also follow an orderly design. Each year of the Noeo Science curriculum focuses on biology, chemistry, or physics. Each of these three foundational sciences is studied independently for an entire year rather than jumping randomly from one subject to another. The study of biology, chemistry, and physics is then repeated at a higher level and in more detail upon the completion of each three-year course of study. Subjects that overlap multiple science disciplines (such as geology, weather, and astronomy) are included at logical points within the three major science studies. Our curriculum is designed on a four-dayper-week schedule. If you would prefer to do science twice weekly, then simply complete the first two days of scheduled readings and assignments on your first day, and the last two days of reading and assignments on your second day. Alternatively, you may wish to do all of the reading on the first day and the assignments and experiments on the second day. The key is to understand what works best for you and your children and to adjust the schedule as necessary. Our Instructor’s Guides—one for each year in each discipline—provide a logical, focused progression through the books and experiments. Multiple sources of information are used to teach each science topic, but you won’t need to spend your time searching for books or cross-checking indexes to make the curriculum flow. That work has been done for you!

describe, sketch, or summarize what they learn from the reading assignments, or to complete a lab sheet for their experiments. This method will encourage concentration and attention to detail. In addition, the lab sheets are designed to help your student to apply the scientific method in all of their experiments.

LAB NOTEBOOKS We provide reproducible sheets for creating science and lab notebooks for use in Noeo Science. The notebooks are an integral part

SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS Science is not a spectator sport! The best way for your child to learn and truly comprehend science is by doing hands-on experiments and activities. We understand that finding high quality yet simple experiments is probably the most difficult part of science for most homeschool families We are pleased to say that the experiments in our curriculum will provide a strong science foundation without complicating your life (honest!). Many of our experiments are provided through a unique partnership with The Young Scientists Club. These experiment kits come complete with all of the items that are normally difficult to find, such as an affordable microscope, prepared slides, chemical reactions, magnets, and much more. The kits have won multiple awards for their high quality in recent years. We think you will be pleasantly surprised as your child progresses through these well-organized, fully-explained experiment kits while actually having fun learning science.

Dr. Randy Pritchard Veterinarian, husband, father of two boys, and founder of Noeo Science


43 ORDER ONLINE At your convenience

ORDER BY PHONE 800-488-2034 (M–F, 8 am–5 pm PT)



PKG-NOEOB1 | $164.39

PPKG-NOEOC1 | $154.90

CONTENTS • Instructor’s Guide • DK First Animal Encyclopedia • One Small Square Series: Cactus Desert, Woods, Seashore • Pasteur’s Fight Against Microbes • Usborne Science Activities—Science with Plants • Usborne Internet-Linked First Encyclopedia of the Human Body

• Weather Clues in the Sky: Clouds • My First Book About Weather • Experiments in Earth Science and Weather with Toys and Everyday Stuff • Weather Ready-To-Read Pack: Rain, Wind, Clouds, Snow, Rainbow, Sun • The Boy Who Drew Birds • Audubon’s Birds of America Coloring Book


Invertebrates, Fish, Mammals, Birds, Human Body, Major Ecosystems, Plants and Trees, Weather

MAJOR SCIENTISTS INTRODUCED Louis Pasteur and John James Audubon

YOUNG SCIENTISTS CLUB— 6 EXPERIMENT KITS Bacteria and Fungi, Heart and Lungs, The Digestive System, Bones and Muscles, The Senses



• • • • • •

Atoms and Molecules; The Periodic Table; Solids, Liquids, and Gases; Compounds, Mixtures and Solutions; Acids and Bases; Chemical Reactions; Polymers and Plastics; Rocks, Minerals, and Crystals

Instructor’s Guide What’s Smaller than a Pygmy Shrew? Super Science Concoctions How to Think Like a Scientist A Drop of Water Everyday Materials: Plastic

• DK Eye Wonder: Rocks and Minerals • True Book: The Elements • National Geographic Reader: George Washington Carver • Pop! A Book About Bubbles • Mad Margaret Experiments with the Scientific Method • Super Smart Science: The Atom and Elements • The Dynamic World of Chemical Reactions with Max Axiom • Rookie Read-About Science: Solids, Liquids, and Gases • National Geographic KIDS: Rocks and Minerals • What’s the Matter in Mr. Whisker’s Room?

MAJOR SCIENTISTS INTRODUCED Marie Curie, Democritus, and Dmitri Mendeleev

YOUNG SCIENTISTS CLUB— 6 EXPERIMENT KITS Recycling, The Three Phases of Matter, Minerals, Crystals, Weight and Volume, Fossils


45 ORDER ONLINE At your convenience

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PKG-NOEOP1 | $185.73

PKG-NOEOB2 | $118.94





• Instructor’s Guide • Mad Mechanics (Ein-O Science Discovery Box) • How Do You Lift A Lion? • How Ben Franklin Stole the Lightning • Did It Take Creativity to Find Relativity, Albert Einstein? • The Story of Inventions • I, Galileo

Forces and Motion, Simple Machines, Light, Sound, Electricity, Magnetism, Flight, Space

Microscopic World, Biological Classifications, Insects, Fish and Other Water Creatures, Birds and Other Flying Creatures, Reptiles and Amphibians, Mammals, Ecology and Conservation, Human Body, Plants, Seeds and Flowers, Fungi

• Max Axiom, Super Scientist Series: A Crash Course in Forces and Motion, The Illuminating World of Light, The Attractive World of Magnetism, Adventures in Sound • First Flight: The Story of Tom Take and the Wright Brothers • National Geographic Reader: Alexander Graham Bell • Time for Kids Biographies: Thomas Edison • Alexander Graham Bell (Natinal Geographic Reader) • Little Kids First Big Book of Space • Wishing on a Star: Constellation Stories and Stargazing Activities for Kids


• Instructor’s Guide • Usborne Internet-Linked Science Encyclopedia • Usborne Internet-Linked Complete Book of the Microscope • Usborne Internet-Linked Mysteries and Marvels of Nature • The Body Book. • Illumax 100X Slide Microscope and Slides

MAJOR SCIENTISTS INTRODUCED Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Michael Faraday, and Galileo Galilei

Magnets, Flight, Light, Mirrors, Forces

YOUNG SCIENTISTS CLUB— 6 EXPERIMENT KITS Seeds, Fruits, and Other Plant Parts, Eggs, and Owls


47 ORDER ONLINE At your convenience

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PKG-NOEOC2 | $132.20

PPKG-NOEOP2 | $142.10





• Instructor’s Guide • Usborne Internet-Linked Science Encyclopedia • Usborne Internet-Linked Mysteries and Marvels of Science  • Adventures with Atoms and Molecules, Book 1 • Fizz, Bubble and Flash! • The Mystery of the Periodic Table • Explore Rocks and Minerals!

Atoms and Molecules, Solids, Liquids and Gases, Mixtures and Compounds, Elements, the Periodic Table, Geology

• Instructor’s Guide • Usborne Internet-Linked Science Encyclopedia • Usborne Internet-Linked Mysteries and Marvels of Science • Gizmos and Gadgets • Archimedes and the Door of Science • Along Came Galileo

Energy, Forces, Motion, Light, Sound, Electricity, Astronomy

MAJOR SCIENTISTS INTRODUCED Antoine Lavoisier, John Dalton, Amedeo Avogadro, and Dimitri Mendeleev

YOUNG SCIENTISTS CLUB— 6 EXPERIMENT KITS Acids and Bases, Water, Air, Surface Tension, Polymers

MAJOR SCIENTISTS INTRODUCED Sir Isaac Newton, Archimedes, and Galileo Galilei

YOUNG SCIENTISTS CLUB— 6 EXPERIMENT KITS Electricity, Circuits and Electromagnets, Magnetism, Static Electricity, Stars, Planets, Famous Scientists and Their Experiments


49 ORDER ONLINE At your convenience

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PKG-NOEOC3 | $203.86

PKG-NOEOP3 | $197.44

CONTENTS • • • •

Instructor’s Guide DK Eyewitness Chemistry Exploring the World of Chemistry Molecules: The Elements and the Architecture of Everything • Chemistry: Investigate the Matter That Makes Up Your World

MAJOR TOPICS COVERED History of Chemistry, the Periodic Table, Chemical Reactions, Metals, Nonmetals, Mixtures, Compounds and Solutions, States of Matter, Acids and Bases

MAJOR SCIENTISTS INTRODUCED Antoine Lavoisier, Robert Boyle, Robert Bunsen, and Dimitri Mendeleev

CONTENTS • • • •

EXPERIMENT KIT Thames and Kosmos Chem C2000 Chemistry Experiment Set

• • • •

Instructor’s Guide Isaac Newton Exploring the World of Physics Introduction to Physics Series: The Science of Physics, Energy, and Sound Physical Science in Depth: Light Physical Science in Depth: Magnets and Electromagnetism Physics-Why Matter Matters! DK Eyewitness Electricity

MAJOR TOPICS COVERED History of Physics, Forces and Motion, Simple Machines, Energy, Electricity, Magnets and Electromagnetism, Light, Sound

MAJOR SCIENTISTS INTRODUCED Albert Einstein, Archimedes, Nicolaus Copernicus, and Galileo Galilei

EXPERIMENT KITS Thames and Kosmos Physics Workshop Experiment Set, Electric Snap Circuits Snaptricity Set by Elenco

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