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Tips to Design Unique & Catchy Business Logos In most cases, customers get the first impression about your company through your logo. A business logo is not just a graphical display it speaks about your company and creates an initial spark of trust among your future clients. In addition, a well-designed logo plays a crucial role in creating brand awareness. In today’s competitive business world, a company without a logo is nonexistent. So, you need to focus more on logo design to boost your business productivity. A good logo needs to be distinctive, memorable, appropriate and understandable. To grab the attention of customers, you need to design a business logo that represents your business in a unique, meaningful and catchy way. Here are some simple tips to help you design a unique logo: Research: Analyze your business tactfully and checklist all the features of your company to determine the best ones to concentrate on the logo. If your business name is W.C, try to use stylish fonts to represent the business name as a logo. If your company deals with eco-friendly products, incorporate a green leaf or something else to depict your company’s green revolution. Reference: If you are lacking creative ideas, analyze your competitor’s business logo designs to gain some knowledge and ideas about logo designs. It is always wise to compare a few reputed brands’ logo to gather some useful details regarding its design, graphical features, font styles, creativity and image layout. Choose fonts, color, style and logotype: When you begin your logo design, you need to determine its color, font, style, image and other tools that are required to create a logo. Colors are used to symbolize trustworthiness, power, reputations, friendliness and more. Usually, gray and blue colors are used to represent trustworthy, while orange and yellow are used to emphasize on how friendly you are. Like color, choose the best font and logotype to portray your business. Keep it simple: Logo needs to be simple, unique and effective. A simple logo will be memorable, describable and scalable. When designing logo, don’t use too many fonts, raster images

or vivid colors that might make your logo clumsy and unattractive. A good logo needs to look attractive and unique even without colors. If you are unable to design logo using designing tools, get assistance from a reputed logo designing firm to design a logo according to your business needs. When designing logos, make sure the logo is flexible enough to adjust to every business situation. About author: When designing logos, you need to avoid raster images and vivid colors to make your business logo describable and memorable. The author is an expert in logo designing and has written many articles regarding business logos and best logo designs in the past.

Tips to Design Unique & Catchy Business Logos