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Kindergarten Logos Preschool Newsletter May 2010 Our Circle Time Circle time could include music, singing, story reading, movement, discussion and games. Here is a short list of what we have been learning during Circle Time. Songs & Rhymes - Wheels on the bus - Head shoulders knees and toes. - I love my mommy - I’m a little tea pot - Hickory Dickory Dock Games -Where did my bean bag land? -Eye spy with my eye. Discussions - What activities do I like to share with my family? Craft - Snake Materials - A cardboard egg box - Green and yellow paint - Moving eyes - Toilet paper - Glue - Construction paper - Scissors

Step 1 The teacher will divide the egg carton in an individual row with scissors. Step 2 Children will cover the empty egg box with glue and then cover it with toilet paper. Step 3 Once it is completely dry the children will paint it with green and yellow paint. Step 4 The teacher will help the children glue the moving eyes and make a tongue using the red construction paper to help to create an image of a real snake.

Let’s play “Super Market”. Each child will bring an empty box of something he/she finds in the supermarket. The teacher will convert the class room in to a supermarket so that the children will pretend to be shopping for groceries while they increase their vocabulary and speaking skills. Role-Play is a very important part of children's development. An excellent way to develop the child’s Communication, Language and Literacy skills is through role-play. Roleplay can be very cathartic as children

may wish to play through the experience, working through their own thoughts and/or fears within a safe, non-threatening environment. Children’s confidence and self-esteem can also be boosted from role-play.

persistent cough fever over 100 F sore throat or trouble swallowing infected skin, eyes or undiagnosed rash  headache  unexplained diarrhea combined with nausea, vomiting or abdominal cramps    

Playing to Learn Children’s Reading Corner In between by: Virginia Griest. Traffic by : Betsy and Giulio Maestro Alphabet under Construction by : Denise Fleming

Our monthly Value Commitment

Preschool Teacher´s Commitment “We believe in what we do”

Illness and Health Please do not send your child to school if they are suffering from any of the following conditions:  a cold with fever, runny nose, coughing or itchy throat

Are you wondering what kind of learning is happening in our environment? Our curriculum is developmental, hands on, sensory, and active. Our goal is to encourage a love of learning, foster curiosity, and to develop an “I’ll try” attitude in life. Our curriculum is emergent (occurring unexpectedly based on children’s interests). In the Reading Corner: When I hear a teacher reading a story… I learn to listen, exercise my imagination, to expand my vocabulary, and to appreciate the importance and enjoy the pleasures of reading books; a love for reading that will continue to grow over a lifetime.

In the Block Center: When I spend a long time working on my building... I learn to select, plan, and work constructively on a project, to sustain my attention to a task, and to feel pride in my work. In the Manipulation Center: When I look for the piece that will fit in my puzzle‌ I learn to develop skill in visual perception and shape recognition, by putting parts together to make a whole. In the Art Center: When I scribble and draw with markers and crayons‌ I learn to hold and manipulate writing and drawing tools with increasing control and intention.


Step 4 The teacher will help the children glue the moving eyes and make a tongue using the red construction paper to help to create an image...

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