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Islamic Civilization Objectives: -Describe how how the location of Arabia affected trade in the Muslim Empire. - Explain what Muslim society and family life were like - Identify muslim achievements in science. - Explore how Islam influenced Arab art and literature.

A Culture of Traders   

Arabs traders = center of a world trade network (Europe, Asia and Africa) Increasy demande of quality. Muslim source of advance knowledge and developed banking and commerce techniques. Muslim produce tapestries, carpets, metal products from gold and silver, txtiles manufactured from silk, cotton and wool.

Government and Society 

        

Qur’an = instructions about how society should be organized and how people should live in public and private life. Free slaves unless you treat them humanely. Concern for all members of their family. Men were responsable for the family’s need. Women had the right to just tratment and they control property. Parents arranged marriages unless women refuse ir. Restricted Muslim to 4 wives. Women free to remarry, inherit money and own property. Supported schools and libraries for education. Students attended religious study groups at the mosque and advanced students attended school for the study of science, mathematics or law.

The Sciences Muslim Culture Manufactures Science and Medicine



The Arts   

   

Avoid showing human or animal forms (images, icons). Created beautiful geometric and floral designs. Mosques, marketplaces, palaces and libraries showed the glory of Islam. The main part of the Mosque is the vast area for prayers. A semicircular niche faced in the direction of the Mecca. Pulpit for the prayer leader. A minaret or tower, attached to the outside of the mosque.

The thousand and one nights.  Aladin  Ali Baba and the forty thieves  Sindab the sailor 

Section 3 Review DEFINE AND IDENTIFY Astrolabe: Minaret: Al-Razi: Ibn Sina: Al-Idrisi: The thousand and one night: Aladin: Ali baba and the forty thieves: Sindad the sailor: ď Ž

Islamic Civilization  

Islamic Civilization Objectives: - Describe how how the location of Arabia affected trade in the Muslim Empire. - Explain what Muslim societ...

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