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John Piper has a book called “Don’t waste your life”. He shows how every moment of a day should count for God. What you do in His name will last, everything else will burn up. Erwin W. Lutzer stated: “Every day we live is either a loss or a gain so far as our future judgment is concerned. How we live today will help determine the words we hear from Christ tomorrow.” That is Huge! The choices you make in life are evidence of where your heart is. What do your life choices show?

God’s purpose in using Deborah as a judge was to lead His people into successful battle against the Canaanites and ignite spiritual revival in their hearts. Hearing God’s Word from and through Deborah awakened God’s people to their sagging spiritual condition and stirred up their hearts. As God’s witness, Deborah was used by the Lord to bring the Israelites back to Him. Rahab heard of God’s miraculous care for his people, was convinced of the supremacy of Jehovah, and so believed. Her actions from that day showed a changed life. She had a desire that her family would be saved and acted on it. Are you in God’s word? You too live in spiritually dark times. Faithfully and regularly open God’s Word so that


We learned that Rahab, as a prostitute, lived on the edge of life. While she shared the general mood of fear with the rest of Jericho’s popu...