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It is our mission to Always exceed our customer expectations by delivering a successful solution, perfectly tailored to location and context.

introducing logon

We are a German-based international design office that integrates urban planning, architecture and landscape design to respond to our clients’ specific challenges. We do this by partnering with them to find extraordinary and comprehensive solutions, perfectly tailored to the project’s location, socio-economic context, local regulations, budget and available time. From our Shanghai office, local and international urban designers, architects, engineers, landscape designers, interior designers, 3D artists, sociologists and marketers partner together on all projects. This guarantees that world-class design ideas respect local building code and regulations. Also, we believe that the knowledge produced by the interaction of multiple disciplines creates not only beautiful design, but holistic design that incorporates vehicle & human flows, business concept and the site’s history. We frequently work on challenging projects with high quality demands because our work focuses heavily on the end-user experience. In fact, it is our vision to design to truly embrace the needs of the user. In this paradigm, design cannot afford to be just aesthetically appealing. We are committed to creating quality functional design, even pre-empting the needs and concerns of the end-user.



what we offer

logon manages a wide range of projects in architectural design,urban design, landscape design and interior design.

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the offering of logon --is a comprehensive package from the market and site analysis phase, through consulting to the design phase and quality control phase --this helps clients navigate the feasibility of design profitability of their projects and ensure implementation to the highest standards


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the expertise of logon --skilled professionals in a range of fields all under one roof --projects benefit from their daily crossindustry interaction

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at the heart of logon --knowledge of global trends --understanding the local market --understanding concerns of the end-user


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As you can see from the wheel beside, thanks to extensive experience in China and international expertise along with a number of industry professionals challenging one another daily, logon offers a wide range of services: from feasibility study, to quality design, right through to site service and quality control.

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what we do best

We’re known for our excellence in public facilities, urban design, office high-rise and renovation project categories. Several in-house highly skilled professionals also specialize in sports facilities, residential (high-rise and villa), landscape or commercial design. Based on the project specifications, logon offers its clients two tracks: -- logon can deliver a solution that meets Germany quality standards in one area of expertise: architecture, urban design, landscape design or interior design - or many of our clients appreciate the added value of our comprehensive package. -- Our full package approach helps clients increase the profitability of their projects as well as navigate beyond design, ensuring the design is implemented to the highest possible quality standards. How does it the full package service work? After understanding the details of the client’s project, the creative director and the appointed team work together to research the characteristics of the site and the industry, they then refine the business concept accordingly. Simply put, the client’s project is analyzed through all angles to create a design that optimizes all parameters such as the site’s traffic flows, neighborhood, history/environment, consumer types but also the end-user’s inherent needs. Following this process, they agree on a design direction with the client (architecture, urban design, landscape design or interior design – or all four combined) and follow the design closely until its completion. That’s when a structural engineer verifies that the details of the proposed design comply with both our high German quality standards and local norms.


the logon team

A diverse team of skilled design professionals -- Cultural diversity

We recognize the unique strengths in the diverse cultural backgrounds of our designers who come from all over the world to work for logon: from Europe to America via Asia. Their vast origins bring fresh perspective to our projects and solid understanding of both world-class leading edge and sustainable design. -- International & local

In most cases teams are led by an international logon designer to ensure inspirational design quality and a lead local architect to guarantee feasibility and absolute conformity to local norms. -- Skilled team

To be able to offer a full range of services, our designers have to be highly competent. Currently working with our designers are several R&D specialists, project managers, technical engineers, specialized urban planners, senior landscape architects, 3D artists and a remarkable number of 3 registered Chinese architects and over 10 senior international architects.



Based on our client’s requirements, R&D, Marketing and Sociology departments frequently work together with the Creative Director to define the business concept. Then, a dedicated multi-cultural team of architects partner closely with the Creative Director to find the best design solution. We partner with the client throughout all stages of design: preliminary design, schematic design, development design and construction design phases. The team follows each project throughout its development, offering at each stage multiple design options in line with the brief, fully respecting identified constraints. The vast majority of design is conceived, created, perfected and vetted in-house. When specialized skill is required, logon outsources work to a well-trusted network of external professionals who work closely with the project’s lead architects. Even when the design work could be considered complete by other offices, the logon team offers site service to guarantee quality control and full client satisfaction. Over the years, we have come to believe that it is this complete approach of logon, though it’s pairing of international expertise and experts in China, full-package service and German standards of excellence and perfect adaptation to situation and context, that the service is truly the “best of both worlds”. That is why we like to say the logon service is the best of Germany in China.



project highlights Since registering the logon Shanghai branch in 2005, logon has successfully managed over 160 projects all over China. The following case studies were chosen as a sample of recent projects. Please refer to your logon representative should you require more detailed information regarding our projects.

site for the 11th national sports games 2009 shandong university of sports足_ public facilities category

location: Jinan, Shandong Province, China gfa: 84,000sq.m distinction: two 1st prizes out of three international competition client: the 11th National Sports Games 2009 Organization Committee Shandong Provincial Bureau of Sports Shandong Sports University


zibo cultural center _ urban design category


location: Zibo, Shandong Province, China gfa: 160,000 sq.m distinction: international competition 2nd prize (1st prize vacancy) client: Zibo Planning Bureau


800SHOW creative park _ adaptive reuse category

location: gfa: distinction: client:

Jing’an District, Shanghai, China 22,000 sq.m international competition 1st prize competition winner and commission Shanghai Jinggong (Group) Co., Ltd. Shanghai 800 Show Management Co.,Ltd.

yangqiao park public business center _ office/highrise category


location: Jining, Shandong Province, China gfa: 155,000 sq.m distinction: urban planning, architecture, landscape international competition 1st prize client: Jining High-Tech Industry Developing Zone Management Committee

chongqing new world shopping center

location: gfa: distinction: client:

Chongqing, China 701,000 sq.m direct commission Chongqing Jiangwan Real Estate Co., Ltd Hong Kong Concord Group

_ commercial category


jining stadium

location: gfa: distinction: client:

_ sports facilities category

Jining, Shandong Province, China 82,000 sq.m 3 round international competition 1st prizes Jining Beihu District Government Management Committee


singapore city urban culture plaza

location: gfa: distinction: client:

Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China 191,000 sq.m direct commission Care Changzhou Properties Limited

_ residential/highrise category


german villas “the world�, tianjin


_ residential/villa category

location: gfa: distinction: client:

Tianjin, China 6,200 sq.m direct commission Tianjin Shining Star Investment Ltd.

the new qingpu wetlands

location: gfa: distinction: client:

_ landscape category

Qingpu District, Shanghai, China 68.6ha international competition 2nd prize Shanghai Qingpu Government Di Magazine


contact us

A logon representative would be very happy to talk to you regarding your project or any question you may have about our company. Here are some ways you can get in touch with us: email: tel : +86. 21. 6271 3207 fax : +86. 21. 6271 5479 logon Ltd. Unit 3A Building 4 no. 727 Ding Xi Road Shanghai 200052 Visit us on our website:


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We are a German-based international design office that integrates urban planning, architecture and landscape design to respond to our client...