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Logix Zimbra Email Hosting Provider You have been using our Zimbra mail hosting services for a while now , We would like to Introduce 3 New Value Added Features which can enhance your users productivity to a great extend. 1.Smart Phone Sync : In every organization, users have widely adopted smart phones & primarily want their corporate email to be downloaded on their smart phones. Power or the elite users who generally access their mail from Smart phone , Tablet , Laptop & desktop must be feeling the deficiency of Mail , Contact & Calendar Synchronization. Logix introduces a Smart Phone Sync Add-On which when enabled on the email box can achieve two-way synchronization between the mail server and the Smart phone / Tablet. This Smart phone Sync Add-on is compatible for Android OS , IOS & Any Active Sync Supported Smart phone. List Price : 240 Rs Per User Per Annum 2.Web Chat : A simple , easy to use web chat system that allows users to communicate in real time with colleagues in the same domain. Presently this web chat can only be accessed by logging in to the web mail , in the next coming editions it will support chat clients on Desktops & Mobile. List Price : 96 Rs Per User Per Annum 3. Compliance Email Archiving : IT team spends a lot of time recovering mails for users which they have deleted or some important communication of employees who are no longer with the organization. Opting for email archiving and discovery solution for some users in organization can be really helpfull , As all mails are getting archived with no limitation on size or retention tenure. User can be given mailbox size (Quota ) that accommodates max 6 to 12 months of mails.

Archived Email can be easily searched using MS-Outlook, Apps on Smart phone or using Web UI. Searched mails can be viewed / replied / forwarded / downloaded by the user. Administrator has access to entire domain's archived mails, even for the employees who have left the organization. Neither the user or the administrator has the rights to delete the mails from the Archive. List Price : 600 Rs Per User Per Annum

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