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Logix Guru

Logix Guru Has Over A Decade of Experience In Software Application/Product Testing .

Headquartered In Murrysville Logix Guru is a nationally known company that offers an array of top quality software testing and QA services. Committed to provide maximum value to customers, Logix Guru has established business partnerships with many technology specific firms. This enables the company to provide dedicated services on software quality assurance/testing. All testing solutions delivered by Logix Guru are backed by more than 1500 person years of QA/testing/validation experience, ensuring that you will get the best services.

Focuses on Software Quality Assurance Logix Guru's testing practice focuses mainly on software quality assurance in the business process context. The quality assurance includes the complete software development cycle that encompasses the processes such as requirement definition, software design, coding, code reviews, source code control, testing, product integration etc. Basically, software quality assurance is organized into commitments, goals, activities, abilities, measurements and verifications.

Improves Software Quality Logix Guru strives hard to improve the quality of software for their clients such as Internet businesses, mid-market enterprises and innovative product companies. With over ten years of experience in software application/product testing, the company understands that software quality assurance and testing can be best delivered only when the focus is on the context of ecosystem in which the product or application operates. Ensures the top quality of delivered code from both functional and nonfunctional perspectives.

Performance Testing Services

Logix Guru assesses the compliance of a particular product or application with standard performance requirements. Compatibility testing is also conducted to ensure that the product is compatible with different browsers, operating systems and platforms. It has recently opened a Software Testing Center of Excellence.

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Logix Guru - Decade of Experience In Software Application/Product Testing