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Secure WMS


How to oversee security and monitoring for goods in the warehouse

OBJECTIVES To provide a solution confirming consistency between physical activities (goods and individuals) and the information stored within WMS

KEY DETAILS Budget: 1,562,663 € Subsidies: 1,146,114 € Project duration: March 2011 – August 2013

PROJECT PARTNERS - Ingrif (leader) - ACIC - Multitel - University of Mons – Semi - Jost Logistics

Secure WMS responds to a need for security for goods and products in the logistics chain, both internally (storage/ management) and externally (delivery). This security is necessary to limit the cost price (avoid losses and thefts) and to respond to emerging regulations. “The goal”, clarifies Jean-Marc Gaspar, director of Ingrif, the project sponsor, “is to develop a modular solution that matches up activities carried out physically (goods and individuals) with electronic data stored in the WMS or ERP software. In practical terms, it involves designing smart tools based on a combination of video surveillance and positioning technologies that can secure indoor/outdoor activities and, where necessary, detect anomalies or suspicious behaviour, such as intrusions or unauthorised pick-ups”.

A number of results are hoped to: - help operators and inspectors detect handling errors as quickly as possible before a problem arises; - secure the management of access to logistics platforms; - make transparent monitoring of distribution/storage conditions for goods; - develop ergonomic tools so the data generated by these systems can be used in a standard WMS interface, or through additional middleware modules for third-party software.

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