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BUSINESS EVENT MANAGER How to manage incidents with a new IT approach

OBJECTIVES To create an advanced software tool boasting artificial intelligence, to manage unexpected events in the supply chain

KEY DETAILS Budget: 2,598,000 € Subsidies: 1,669,950 € Project duration: May 2012 – October 2013


The Business Event Manager (BEM) project is developing a new IT approach to managing incidents that might affect the logistics chain. Its goal is to restabilise the management system for known cases.

At the end of the study, the software tool produced by the BEM project could be applied to any logistics chain, particularly in the field of transport and distribution.

“We use an advanced engine using artificial intelligence to minimise the negative impact of unexpected events that can be very expensive, by simplifying the design of logistics management solutions”, explains Jean-Marc Gerardy, Solution Manager at NSI IT Software & Services, one of the project partners.

- NSI (leader) - University Namur-SLC - CETIC - Orditool - Smolinfo - Trendy Foods Belgium

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