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And I'm Autumning, Autumning dawn! Hey Jamaicans! Yes, it’s Jamaican NewsLetter again! We are back after a short break and we are ready. Summer 2012 was hot, but not so hot as our flaming hearts. We walked, swam, ran, traveled around Europe, skydived, put our own heads into mouthes of the lions, had fun, screaming of our youth, put toothpaste on faces of our friends, eating, sleeping, reading, watching TV, using the Internet for our own needs, baked pies, wrote poetry and songs ... But stop talking about Summer! Because the theme of this NewsLetter is Autumn 2012! How do you spend your autumn? Don’t say any words, because it is right here! You will know all about 4 BEST-RIGA girls and Croco, you will remember the feeling of the first LGM, you will feel yourself on the river rowing and you will laugh inside. In addition you will find a description of EBEC Moscow and days of development from the same place. You will learn about the new OrchestRA and new Bermudas. You will watch Polish cinema and will be under one roof. And don’t forget it’s time to know who is BEST kurwa in this world! In the end, you will learn how to PR. Do you want to autumn again? Your Jamaican editors and RA.

ContentS: Page EBEC Moscow 4 Summer Rowing 6 New OrchestRA 8 Polish Cinema 9 New Bermudas 10 BEST kurwa in this world! 12 4 BEST-Riga girls 14 Under one roof 16 Do you know about Croco? 17 First LGM 18 Days of development 19 Laugh inside 20 How to PR 22

EBEC Moscow Liliana Safaryan, LBG Moscow Engineering competition – it was really great! That’s it! It was the 5th engineering competition in the history of BMSTU and BEST Moscow! This article reflects a little part of positive emotions which we’ve got from the competitions. We hope the participants will be pleased to remember 16th and 17th of November 2012! Every event requires preparation. It would be wrong to say that it was easy to do this competition. It wasn’t easy at all and sometimes it was unpredictable to such an extent that each of us wanted to grit his teeth that loud in order to wake up his neighbor sleeping in the bed next to him. Doing public activity, you often ask yourself why you’re doing it instead of sleeping while your neighbors enjoying their sweet dreams and don’t care about such unusual problems. There were a lot of interesting things: tasks selection, calculations, testing, posters, diplomas, T-shirts,stickers, badges and forms design, troubles with papers (unfortunately we couldn’t go without them), printing,registration and selection of teams… visits to the cafes and plenty of other places. It was early morning when everything began! The real BEST spirit was in the air and everybody could feel it! The Team Design category consists in solving a given technical problem in teams within a limited time. The out-


come of the competition is a device that has to perform the needed actions to solve the problem. The Case Study category tests the participants’ analytical thinking and consists in solving a technical or management real-life problem with no actual construction of any device or assembling of some materials, but using the information given to develop hypothetical solutions. Tasks were provided by the partner companies interested in the solution of specific production objectives. As the main spon- sors the companies McKinsey & Company, Kaspersky Lab,Schneider Electric and Shlumberger acted. To the teams competing in Team Design, it was necessary to organize the automated technological process consisting of four stages on plywood: 1. Purification paraffin of impurity 2. Paraffin melting in shape 3. Colour addition in the melted paraffin 4. Form delivery in final department and the alarm system about the ending of all stages Participants of Case Study should solve a problem of traffic jams in Moscow. As you know we had a lot of them! The general sponsor McKinsey & Company provided this task. For the solution of this interesting engineering challenge partisipats had only two days. In Team Design category won team Brain Storm. In Case Study category the first place took team Crack the Case. The winners received valuable prizes and real engineer helmets . The winners can’t wait to participate in EBEC Baltic in St. Petersburg this spring!


Summer Rowing Alyona Arshinnikova, LBG Ekaterinburg Hello guys! How did you spend your summer? We passed the exams and organized our summer leisure event. Summer leisure event is our 7 year tradition. We are doing this better and better every year. We had participants from Spain, Italy, Romania, Denmark, Austria, Turkey, Greece, Latvia, Hungary, Belgium and Czech Republic. One day, 16 participants from Europe, the organizers of the LBG Eka left Ekaterinburg and went to the city of Nizhny Tagil. We had amazing 6 days on the river Chusovaya. Only forest and river were around us. Every day, our dear participants and we rowed boats. Sometimes we had problems and we were doing circles over and over. Everywhere was heard: It was funny, “Right Side, Left Side ...Âť. We also danced Tunak on these boats. Breakfast, lunch, dinner were cooked by special instructors. We had small stops for eating. Each evening we sang songs with a guitar. There was a fire and we sat around and told stories. Participants had


modified Russian song “Kalinka, Kalinka, Kalinka moya” to “Polinka, Polinka, Polinka, moya!” I hope you know what it means Polinka! We slept in sleeping bags in the tents. There were 4-5 persons in each tents. So, we didn’t feel cold at nights. Our participants were impressed by Russian bath. They will never forget! Before sauna we made some of the tasks, and then the instructors told us, “Guys, you are tourists now! Swear that you will be their forever! “And doused with cold water. We climbed Mount Belaya. We watched the river and the forest from above. Suddenly we met another group of tourists who meditated. We joined them. It was really cool! I am writing this in the bus and remembering the summer event, I have a smile. Our trip was 87 kilometers, it is amazing – I miss that!!! We will continue our tradition in the next year.


New orchestras LBG Kaunas RAM (Regional Advisers’ Meeting) gathered eleven newly elected regional advisers from the whole Europe on July 28th in Kaunas. Although there were a lot of internal discussions whether we would be able to carry out such an event with our own resources, but… Marius firmly declared “we have to do this!” As a result, RAM became one of the most significant events for us this year. Throughout the week in Kaunas, the regional advisers attended workshops intended to prepare them for their upcoming term of office. During this meeting advisers even chose a name for the newly elected team: ‘Orchestra’. The team was also actively formed. Such meetings take place only once a year when the new regional advisers are elected. So this is a great opportunity for all newly elected counselors to meet in one place, to get to know each other and to discuss the most relevant issues regarding the activities of the whole organization and essential to all BEST regions. BEST Kaunas team was given the honor to organize such a great event for the first time, so we hope the participants have got a lasting impression not only about the BEST Kaunas organization, the whole KTU community, but also about our wonderful city of Kaunas and the extraordinary Kaunas kebabas.


Polish Cinema LBG Kaunas LBG Kaunas has to announce you about awesome Baltic and Polish JBT trainings they had at 27-30 of September. There were attending LBG Lodz, LBG Gdansk, LBG Riga and of course organizers-LBG Kaunas. And we have spirit of LBG Tallinn in our hearts. First of all, this year JBT has a theme. It was CINEMA. But participants weren’t shy and showed all theirs skills being superstars. Though, this is not the main purpose why all the LBG’s came all together in the middle of Lithuania. As our motto says-work hard, party harder. And this is exactly what they did. They had trainings with our amazing trainers: Lasma, Grzegorz, Michele , Krzysztof. Those people helped as to reach the top of knowledge transfer. Remember those names, because they are some of those, who have huge baggage of knowledge and motivation they want to share. Of course, how without fun and parties?! “Tunak Tunak” and “Gangnam style” rolled this place. For those who don’t remember these songs- second time don’t party too much! :D Teem performances, group games activities made as feel as one big team. This JBT was full of great mood and amazing attitude. We saw the awesomeness of Jamaica’s LBGs and felt the spirit of BEST.


Thank you all guys who were with as and see you later alligator ;)

New Bermudas Liliana Safaryan, LBG Moscow As you probably know, autumn is really amazing in Moscow, but this September was special. The reason is simple - final part of CE with Chania and Krakow. It has started in winter and now it is officially finished but not in our hearts. Participants from LBG Krakow and LBG Chania came to our city for 6 days to learn more about us and our way of life. Everybody lived in Fabrika hostel, in the very center of the city. One of the most pleasant thing was the roof with an super view to Moscow. Every new day gave them lots of new memories about Moscow. Our LBG arranged a lot of excursions, we desided to show special Moscow - the city that we, youngsters, know. And of course do not forget about parties! The most crazy and funny. Participants were wonderful and had a lot of fun! No one wanted to stay at the hostel even after non sleeping nights. Even when weather was not so amazing, motivation and spirit was on the high level. Everybody will remember the rainy day in the park where we were playing in crazy games! No one will forget Russian lesson and


Russian carnival cause there foreigners understood what does it mean to be like we are! During city rally Greek people were teaching us how to sing their songs, and because of Polish mafia everybody know how to open bottles in Polish way and make an marvelous Mongolian! The only things we want to say are “Thank you all” and “You are always welcome”! And If you really want to understand the real spirit of this CE I can tell you only this: The sun goes down, The stars come out, And all that counts Is here and now My universe will never be the same, I’m glad you came!


BEST Kurwa in this world! Darta Dimante, LBG Riga Everyone knows, that autumn can get rather depressive, if not treated with the right medicine. Therefore LBG Riga found this cure and welcomed all LBG’s from Jamaican region for warm, crazily happy and wonderfull weekend. In the end of november, 23-25th, 33 wonderful guests and the same amount Riga members gathered for an explosion and celebration of life. During those days, main emphasis was hot hot hot Jamaica, meeting others and joining on training sessions. Main activities and highlghts: * Welcome space mufffins * Jamaican Survival games => Prove, that you have the skills to become Jamaican citizen! * People fitting on hottub: ~30!!!! * Training sessions delivered: * Communication (Lasma &Andrejs (SPT)) * Coaching (DeLaura) * Public speaking and body language (Grzes &ZZane) * Average delay of schedule: ~2h * LBG Riga workshops: * Jamaican anthem- we are creative and we love it. Kiki can make it work * Dance- Archy heating it up with Jamaican dance and ProudMary * MOKA- Ilze and Olegs know how to make you forever thirsty for


moka * Video- visual memories. Great interviews with help of JaJanis * Jamaican IE => 10 different regions of Jamaica. Great creativity, costumes, performances, songs, food and drinks. Innovation payed off * Time of fire alarm signals - 3 * Amount of hangover faces- enough to frighten one each morning Memories shall stay in our minds, but to give you something to live by Anthem: Chores: I’m Jamaician, I’m a little drunken man; I’m the BEST kurwa in this world!! Tallinn, Moscow, Riga, Petersburg Eka, Gdansk and kurwa Lodz In addition we have 2 more groups Kebab-Kaunas and Girls Urfu (oouuu) Chores 2x Palmas, beaches, hotness everywhere Hot Hot spirit in the air! We have many types of alcohol When we drink- we lose control. (oouuu) Chores 2x Keep calm, drink squirrel juice and elephant sperm, keep your Jamaican hearts warm and never give up!!!


4 BEST-Riga girls Gunita leva Kagaine, LBG Riga 4 BEST-Riga girls - Austra, Gunita, Linda, Sigita - packed their bags and flew to Belgium to help our nursed group Brussels ULB to organize BEST Week. During one week, every day ULB heard something new about BEST. Each day we organized an activity in order to present BEST to students from ULB university: BBQ and small&fun activities (Monday), waffles at the office with courses promotion (Tuesday), 6h cuistax, race (Wednesday), Presentation for Students (Friday). Monday - BBQ Riga people tried to hitchhike from Charleroi while BBQ was going on. When finally we got to Brussels, Flavius and both FrancoiS from LBG Louvain-la-Neuve were waiting for us in the bus station. So we had a nice time with some games in the office and we met our hosts - Charlotte and Bart (from LBG Brussels (VUB)). A lot of talking and getting to know each other. At the evening we had a small tour and the party around the campus. Tuesday - Waffles/Pancakes The morning started with cooking some waffles in order to attract students. As we failed to print mT leaflets we started to make handmade posters about waffles and winter courses. Talking a lot with students to tell them more about BEST and trying to get them more interested in BEST.


Wednesday - Free Hug day Latvian Girls and Frank from LBG Thessaloniki went to the office and met Flavius. We got nice t-shirts with text “FREE HUGS”. We all together went to students festival “6H Cuistax” where we tried to promote Winter courses. We got a lot of hugs and at least 50 Student heard something more about BEST. After that we started to prepare for Latvian Evening. We had a nice Latvian Evening together with the members of LBG Brussels, LBG Louvain-la-Neuve and LBG Brussels ULB. And of course LBG Riga. We taught them Latvian dances, songs, words etc. After that was great karaoke party. Tuesday - City rally Day at the city centre with Flavius and Bart. Nice city walk + a lot of conversation, Magritte museum and missed Parliament visit. Later meeting the member from Eindhoven and then Cantus with some new people from Brussels ULB. Friday - Presentation This was a real success - after presentation what was given for around 100 students came ~25 students who were interested in BEST and application for courses. Then we told them more about BEST, played some team building card games. And after they left we said huge: “Good Bye See You in Mails!”, to Flavio, Bart, Charlotte and all the rest people around and went to LLN. This was awesome week to understand Belgian Student culture, because it is totally different from Latvia’s and belgian Waffles are really, really good!


Under one Roof Gunta, LBG Riga Every year in the end of August Riga Student council organizes a day called “Under one roof � dedicated to the Knowledge day - September 1st. In the heart of Riga - Vermanes garden - most of NGOs in Riga gather together to celebrate the start of the new school-year and introduces themselves to pupils and their parents. Of course BESTRiga also was there! :) During the whole day children made paper plane models and colored them, while parents were really interested in our organization - were surprised with the map of Europe - how much we can travel. Of course there were also those ones who wanted to buy our members T-shirts from different BEST events - this proves how good designers are in BEST :) This was really special event for us because first time we weared our new awesome hoodies! :) We even made a photo with Raimonds Bergmanis - the strongest man in Latvia who graduated our univeristy! The day was full of positive emotions, smiles and laugher because again BEST-riga members could come together to make our organisation more known to others :)


Do you know about Croco? Natalia Szostek, LBG Gdansk Short story of our beloved macot :) Croco got to LBG Gdańsk in November 2007. He was saved from teeth of scary monster (called the dog) by 3 brave knights of our BEST Group: Jakub Muraszkiewicz, Maciej Salmoniuk and Michał Scheiger. Croco became an indispensable part of our BEST Gdańsk live and all the Besties fell in love with this small corocodile. Finally after voting at the Genaral Assembly of LBG Gdańsk in the next year, Croco was officially called the official mascot and symbol of BEST Gdańsk.Then everything had started! Uncountable trips, unforgetable parties and more or less succeeeded kidnaps of Croco!


Unfortunatelly intensive lifestyle and maltretation from Besties, which Croco loves the most (maltretation, not Besties) left a permament mark on Croco appearance (he looked like a shit). That’s why after the long search we found a new Croco, who looks just like the first one and now it’s 2 of them!

First LGM Maria Chapalo, LBG Saint-Petersburg Hello everybody! Let me introduce myself: my name is Maria, I am a baby-member at LBG Saint-Petersburg. I joined BEST in September and since then I have experienced quite a lot of local events, but this time I’d like to tell you about my first LGM. On my way to wLGM I was curious enough because it is a good chance to see nearly everybody from your LBG at the same place and at the same time and a bit nervous because I was going to become a baby-member! We were listening to the reports of our boardies, presentations of new full members and doing all the serious staff and then, quite unexpectedly some of international boardies, who stayed a bit longer after the Board Winter Meeting, came to say hello and make one more memorable picture! In my eyes it is the most productive way of doing the meetings, when reports and presentations are mixed with some breaks, full of fun. And the most exciting part for me was nominating for babies, of course!!! We all were sitting in the center and waiting for the turn to answer the questions, trying to keep all the necessary information in our minds. But when we came back after the voting and, one after another got new status, we felt ourselves so much happy, satisfied and motivated. The final result of this LGM was pretty impressive: 2 new fulls and 18 new babies. So how will I remember my first LGM?! Something like this: warm atmosphere, lots of fun and jokes, happy faces of new-born baby and full members and a bit sad faces of new alumni… Such a long working day, but full with impressions and emotions. I’m writing you from Moscow, and I want to show you our work and our life.


Days of development Yaroslav Titov, LBG Moscow Hello, besties! I want to show you our work and our life. So, let’s start!! From 15 to 19 October 2012 it was the first in the history of our Bauman University training week, organized by LBG Moscow and called “Days of development of students” (“Dni razvitiya studentov” in Russian). It was a unique experience for our LBG. During this event, students could participate in many different trainings and workshops, such as leadership and motivation, time management, public speaking and many other. They improved their skills by the help of experienced managers from big international companies and business-trainers. The main purpose of this event - to help students become successful specialists in the future, regardless of the chosen academic speciality. Here is what the main organizer - Ekatherina Bolotskaya - says about this event: “I am confident that we have achieved our goals. The students got the opportunity to enrich their knowledge in various spheres of life, to acquire many valuable skills that will help them in the future. We want to believe, that every student, who attended these seminars or workshops, learned something new and useful. “


Now we are planning to organize the same event in spring. We are full of inspiration to make it even better, to help students of Bauman University, our friends, to become more successful.


inside Alyona Arshinnikova, LBG Ekaterinburg

Warm greetings from Uppsala! Hello Jamaicans! It is raining now and this weather reminds me about our CE with LBG Uppsala. Because it often rains in Sweden. Our 8 beautiful girls arrived in Uppsala at 21th September after long trip, met organizers and had dinner – their famous meatballs and potato. Which we (and you probably too) already tried in IKEA. But anyway food was awesome all the time. Thank you so much for that Uppsala! I wanna tell you also about the most unforgettable thing – we were always riding by bicycles. Always – during city-rally, before parties and even after party!! Uppsala is student town and bicycles are very common. But c’mon, we are Russians! Even bears and tanks are more familiar. So it was crazy experience. Especially after parties, which were crazy enough.


Also we had a Swedish movie night in Uppsala university, saw comedy “Cops” with Russian subtitles. We were eating pop-corn and chips, drunking coca-cola and laughing as hell. Service was perfect. But Swedish kept their Nordic smile. We asked about it and they said ”We laughing, but into ourselves!” Nuff said! LBG Stokcholm made for us a city rally in one day. We almost felt in love with Stockholm (with city, and also with LBG, but…). We visited aqua park with our lovely organizers. Became wet participating in competitions and games. When they will come to Russia, we are going to show our Russian banya. And I wanna tell you about our last party called “Gasque”. Everybody was dressed like a sir or a Hollywood star. All around were solemn, there were candles on tables. Guys presented song for us… ooooo so fancy!!! We almost felt like at the royal reception. Sweden is a cold country with warm people. We spent great time in Uppsala and Stockholm with great besties.


How to pr Radoslaw Czahajda, LBG Wroclaw How to make national media calling to you in three easy steps. Understand your abilities. Quite a lot have already been said regarding motivation. Quite a lot of you feel motivated enough to do some huge projects, taking main responsibilities. EBEC, Internal Events, Courses, Job Fairs etc. Huge budgets, important actions, using all the project management tools you’ve learned during your BEST career! Cool, isn’t it? That is why I would like to encourage you to take responsibility minor events/projects to develop yourself more. Why? Let’s consider a comparison of limits. What blocks you while organizing some big events? You have to buy some stuff and fundraise some money on it. There is some tradition and previous achievements you have to continue and beat new records. Failing is not acceptable, cause the event has to happen. And what are the limits of minor events? Sky is the limit! You can risk a lot, you can imagine every possible way to run the project and there are no requirements or tight budget to fit in. You can do as much as you want and it will always end up with success. That is why one of our most experienced BESTie took a challenge to organize a simple flashmob. Read further to know how it went.

Ask for help. Networking. How many times did you hear it? If your mum calls you to ask how to reinstall Windows is it already networking? How many people do you contact before running an event? Previous MO and the board? How many people do you ask for help if you have to prepare for the meeting? Using the possibility to ask speeds up the process to learn something. You don’t know how to start? - Ask. You don’t have idea for promotion? – Ask. You don’t know whom to ask? – Ask everyone. In BEST we are not offended


by incompetence since the purpose of our organization is to develop yourselves – develop students. How did it end with great snow battle? Asking for help in promotion on facebook brought over 5000 people invited for the event. Asking for ideas of promotion brought a contact data to people responsible for popular facebook pages, commenting and promoting our event. Asking for help in press release office of our University brought around 7 newspapers, 5 national radios and 3 national tv stations talking about it. Finally, asking some random guy in Warsaw if he heard about Great Snow Battle in Wroclaw brought me the most satisfying answer I’ve heard during my cadency.

Do not stop. Ever. All the things you do in your life bring doubts at some point. Why should I work that hard while the others are partying all the time? Why the hell am I actually caring about this? Are the expected profits comparable to effort? And my favorite: I’m not gonna make it! Comparing yourself to someone else is one of the most common excuses for laziness. Why do you actually compare yourself to me? It is your life you are playing with, not mine. We are a team of volunteers. Everyone is doing as much as he wants. If you feel like doing something incredible, why not to be the one who inspire the others? When you lose your motivation, please remember about the second step and ask someone to give it back to you! Coming back to Great Snow Battle. There were quite many negative comments on the internet, telling how idiotic the idea is, threatening on hooligans coming to fight with us, swearing to call the police because of making illegal gathering. Keeping in minds that there are no real consequences of failure in students organization, we did not lose motivation to realize our happy idea and the result was over 200 people, including kids, students, adults and seniors, throwing snowballs into the air and almost everyone in Poland hearing about it. Keep realizing your dreams, showing how BEST Spirit is changing the world in every simple action!


Thank you for reading! Please, share this publication in your LBG! Make Jamaican Spirit present everywhere - in your local mailing list, on facebook group, consider also printing it and leaving in the office.You can also distribute it during your local BEST meeteing!

Jamaican NewsLetter Autumn 2012  

This is NewsLetter of Jamaican region of BEST (Autumn 2012)

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