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Finding The Best Debt Consolidation Help

During these tough financial times, more and more people are finding themselves trapped in debt facing serious financial hardship. However, you may not know about available help that you can use to pull yourself out of debt and stop the agony. If you face a mountain of bill collectors, overdue charges, and you cannot make enough money to service all your debts when they are due, then let us help, read on to discover resources offering debt consolidation help

Whether you recently lost your job, or are simply not making enough money to meet your needs, debt is something that most people encounter at some point in life.

If you have several small bills that you must pay every month, each with a high interest rate that has you paying but making no progress towards eliminating what you owe then debt consolidation will help. This can help you pay off all the small loans in order to concentrate on one, dealing with a single lender, with lower interest rates and a longer more flexible repayment schedule.

Debt consolidation can reduce your borrowing costs and help you avoid late payments and penalties. Thanks to debt consolidation, you can restructure most of your bills and owed balances into a single lump sum whose payment be much


lower than you are used to paying. If you have a number of credit card balances that you make payments towards, and are making no progress towards paying them off, then you are an ideal candidate for the help debt consolidation loans can provide.

In some cases consolidating your debt can even reduce the amount you owe your creditors as they will often offer to settle for less than what you owe in lieue of your walking away from the debt. In addition, it will reduce your monthly repayment, cut down on your interest charges while freeing up some much needed wiggle room in the monthly household budget. You can avoid falling into delinquency, getting harrassed and bombarded by bill collector phone calls, all in one easy swoop. Finally, the consolidation of your debt can help provide you with a fresh beginning, a second chance to set yourself on a path to a better financial stewardship.








You can accomplish a restructuring of your debt in four different ways.

i. Consolidate by Refinancing

In the past, debt refinancing was a great help for homeowners as the value of homes were quite high and loans were easy to repay. However, these days, home values have plummeted and if you have equity in your home you are one of the lucky few. Getting debt consolidation help makes financial sense. However, if you do have equity, consider using a home equity line of credit to pay off your higher interest debts. You can use the lower interest secured loan backed by your real 2

estate to pay off and restructure the higher interest debts that are dragging you down.

ii. The Personal Loan Option

Simply by shopping for financing offering better rates, you can borrow money at better rates to pay off your hard money credit lines. Your family might be interested in offering you a personal loan, friends are another avenue, alternatively banks offer personal loans which is simply financing offered backed by your personal reputation. Securing personal loans can be difficult if you encumbered by bad credit scores. Shop around, ask around, you never know who in your circle will be willing to help you regain your financial footing.

Consider asking for help from: 



Local Church

Non-Profit Organizations

Charitable Organizations


iii. Debt Settlement

These days, there are several debt settlement programs that you can help you to reduce the amount you owe your lenders. However, before settling your debt with this approach, you need to understand all the implications that are involved. 3

Settling your debt is essentially declaring you are unable to pay what you agreed to pay, and as such it has a negative impact on your credit score. Additionally, not all lenders react reasonably to hearing that they will not be repaid and you could face possible lawsuits and threats by the less than professional sort. Debt settlement is a milder form of bankruptcy without declaring that has less severe implications. To avoid the hassle, let a professional settlement company help you, they will negotiate on your behalf and deal with the lenders.

iv. Debt Management Plan (DMP)

Today, there are several credit counseling agencies that you can approach to help you consolidate and manage your debts. This kind of arrangement can provide you with all kinds of benefits including reduced interest rates, relief from intimidating phone calls from your creditors, one month consolidation payments, financial counseling for various kinds of problems related to your finances, protection of your credit rating and the termination of excess and late fee charges. Better still, this arrangement can spread your debt enabling you to pay them over a longer period, usually up to five years. Non profit organizations exist to help you through your financial hardship and can guide you to various resources in your community that can help.

While debt consolidation help may seem to offer a quick solution to your debt woes, the best solution is of course to avoid falling into crushing debt altogether. Don't recover financially only to return to the same problems in the future. Break the cycle of bad finances, and get back on the path towards wealth creation and financial abundance that you deserve. Get the help you need, and 4

change your life forever.

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Debt Consolidation Help  

If you have several small bills that you must pay every month, each with a high interest rate that has you paying but making no progress tow...