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Sudden Change of Temperature Can Induce Sweating

It is common knowledge that the body’s sweat glands produce sweat, or perspiration,







temperatures that build up in the body due to external temperature increases or physical exertion. You can easily prove this theory by sitting in a cool air conditioned office where you do not sweat, and then go outside and sit in the afternoon sun. After a short period of time in the sun, you will feel perspiration coming on. Whenever you change what you are doing, you should slowly introduce your body to the new temperature and effort level that your new activity requires. As an example, if you are training for a marathon, you should do your train outside in the conditions that you are likely to experience in the race. It would do no good to do all of your running on a tread mill in an air-conditioned gym.

By trying to keep your body adjusted to warmer temperatures, you can reduce the effect that weather has on your physical exertion. By conditioning your body to warmer temperatures, you help the sweat glands adapt to conditions and reduce the need for them to produce extra sweat. It is almost like putting the frog in water. If you throw it into boiling water it over reacts. On the the other hand, if you gradually raise the temperature the frog adjusts without realizing that the temperature is increasing. I am not talking about boiling yourself, but I am sure that you can see the similarities in this analogy.


Take a look around at the parts of the world that have extremely hot temperatures. The local residents in these areas have already adjusted to the hotter climate. Their bodies have already adapted to the higher temperature over time and will produce sweat only when it is necessary to cool off their systems or to release toxic substances from their bodies.

If you live in an area where the temperature reach a very high level, your body will become acclimatized after a while. For people in hot climates, it is important to minimize your usage of air conditioning so that your body will be better able to adapt and get accustomed to the warm weather. if you want to get your excessive sweating under control, you have to take the time to train your body to live in the climate that you have chosen.

Changes in temperature are one of the cues for your body to produce sweat to cool off your body’s system. If the change of temperature is gradual, the signal to the body’s system from the brain will not be as dramatic as moving from an air conditioned room at 78 degrees to an outside temperature of 105 degrees. If you keep your air conditioning set to a reasonable temperature you will feel much more comfortable when you go outside to the warmer weather. This does not have to be taken to the extreme, but by raising the temperature in the home or office by a few degrees could dramatically affect your excessive sweating through conditioning your body to the warmer temperatures.


Another step that you can take is to make sure that you wear lightweight, breathable clothing materials during the summer months to help cool off your body’s systems. In addition to a change in clothing, frequent showers can help during those times of the year when your body’s sweat glands are actively producing and secreting more sweat. Drink plenty of water, because it really helps your body to cool itself and release toxins in the system through urination. You should be drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day in warm weather. More is required if you are going to do anything that requires physical exertion. Use a good antiperspirant and make sure that your product is not simply a deodorant, but that it is designed to control excess sweating.

Temperature change is just one aspect of controlling excessive sweating. There are many different causes and remedies, and it is up to you to explore them until you find the methods that work with your body’s system.

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Sudden Change of Temperature Can Induce Sweating  

Sudden Change of Temperature Can Induce Sweating 1 If you live in an area where the temperature reach a very high level, your body will beco...

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