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Does Anxiety And Stress Bring On Excessive Sweating?

Studies show that many people that suffer from excessive sweating disorder, also suffer from anxiety and stress Even though there is ample medical evidence that points to a link between sweating excessively and anxiety, stress and nervous tension, there are many differing positions on which condition causes the other! The jury is still out and there is no firm medical consensus that the two conditions are connected. Time will tell the tale on that one, but the links seem pretty clear to those that suffer from excessive sweating. Anxiety and stress definitely accentuate excessive sweating disorder. They may not be the cause, but they definitely make it worse.

How To Stop Sweating!

Most people believe that stress and anxiety are not the the only culprit when it comes to the causes of profuse sweating, but they do agree that when combined, they do intensify the preexisting medical condition that an individual is suffering. Up until recently, some thought that stress and anxiety induced excessive sweating, but the current thinking shows these symptoms to be a condition in and of themselves.

Anxiety and stress can trigger bouts of profuse sweating or intensify one that the subject is already suffering from, but they are not the root cause of excessive sweating. Some people that experience extreme stress or anxiety can have bouts of 1

excessive sweating, but the underlying condition was there all along and was amplified or set off by the anxiety or stress.

Hyperhidrosis is a separate and complicated condition. With two separate conditions that both produce sweat, it is very difficult to determine which one that you are dealing with. If you sweat excessively without being under stress or anxious, then you have hyperhidrosis. Conversely, If you are under stress and anxious and don’t sweat profusely, you suffer from an an anxiety disorder. When you mix the two together is where it gets murky. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Excessive sweating leads to awkwardness and embarrassment and it really doesn’t matter whether it is caused by the anxiety or it brings about the anxiety, the bottom line is that both conditions can be relieved when the correct remedies are applied. It is at best a vicious circle that needs to be broken in order to find relief.

The good news is that there are many anxiety and stress treatments available these days, that range from prescription medication to relaxation therapy. Antidepressants like the diazepam work extremely well in some cases, while controlled breathing exercises are a self-help relaxation technique that can assist many in controlling their anxiety. Hypnosis, yoga and other psychosomatic therapies are some other methods that are used to try and combat the condition.

The first thing that you should do before trying to control either your excessive sweating or anxiety problem, is to consult your physician in order to rule out any other medical condition that could cause either of your symptoms. Once 2

you have ruled out any underlying medical condition, you are free to explore the many differing techniques that can help with you disorder. Sometimes something as easy as controlled breathing techniques, a change in diet, exorcise , weight loss or any combination of them together may provide the answers that you are looking for. The human body is very complex, so be prepared to experiment until you find the right combination of steps that will relieve you of your anxiety or excessive sweating disorder. The problem is not insurmountable, it just takes an examination and a little effort.

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Does Anxiety And Stress Bring On Excessive Sweating  

Anxiety and stress can trigger bouts of profuse sweating or intensify one that the subject is already suffering from, but they are not the r...

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