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Is Constipation Causing Your Weight Gain?

We live in far different times than those of our ancestors. We don’t have to go out daily and tend the fields or go into the woods to hunt for game. Food is available to us on every corner of the city. All we have to do is to have a job, and even that is debatable if you consider how many Americans are on food stamps these days, to get the money to buy it. Because food is so readily available and our lives are more sedentary today, people are getting fat in the western world. There are certain aspects of the human being’s make up that are subliminal an haven’t changed with the passage of time. The body believes that winter is coming or that the hunt has been a disappointment, so it begins converting whatsoever it can into fat and prevents the usage of fat until a later date when it thinks that food will be scarce. So far the body has not seen any shortages of fat, so it keeps getting fatter. The body has been fooled by its own defense mechanisms.











Once we wrap our heads around this concept, we can chart out a diet, a physical exercise program and set about controlling what we eat and how much weight we gain, or lose. It is totally normal for everyone to gain weight during different times in their life. For instance, we temporarily gain weight during the holidays or as we get older. 1

If, on the other hand, there is no change in age, exercise or diet and we start slowly gaining weight while feeling tired and or bloated, the problem may be constipation. What is most likely happening is your digestive system is slowing down due to the preservatives and additives that are accumulating in your colon. As constipation progresses, the waste takes longer to pass through the colon and this keeps the toxins, that the body is trying to eliminate, in the colon longer they would normally be there. Since one of the colon’s main functions is the absorption of water and electrolytes, these toxins can be absorbed into the blood stream and cause problems throughout the body.

Most older people see their metabolism slow down, which is a normal part of the aging process. They also tend to eat less, so their weight does not change dramatically. On the other hand, if you are healthy and active, your weight increase may be due to the body’s failure to efficiently breakdown foods and discharge the resulting weight. When this occurs, a colon cleansing program is indicated.

It has long been known that fecal build up in the colon can cause weight gain. The body’s colon can stretch and hold up to 25 pounds of impacted feces in the folds of its lining. People that are constipated often whine of feeling bloated, as well as being weary and lethargic. The body is simply expending the greater part of it’s energy just trying process the food we eat and to eliminate the waste that comes from that food. 2

A colon cleansing program is the perfect answer for any person who has discovered that their weight gain is a result of waste that is left inside the large intestine. With a good quality colon cleaning program, the body will be able to flush out all of the toxic substances, impurities, and waste material that are causing that puffy feeling. Once the cleansing procedure is complete, and assuming that you follow a healthy diet, your weight should return to a normal level and stay in that range.

Most people do not want to think that their puffiness, bloated feeling, lethargy and weight increase could be the result of impacted feces in their colons, but in a lot of cases, that is the culprit. We tend to think that the intestines are smaller than what they really are. Depending on the size of the person, up to 25 pounds is not an exaggeration and that can readily be seen on a bathroom scale!

Constipation can have many instigators, such as reacting to certain medications, but in general, constipation is telling you that your diet is incorrect and that you are slowing down due to impacted feces in the colon. A colon cleanse is exactly what the doctor ordered for this problem.

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Is Constipation Causing Your Weight Gain  
Is Constipation Causing Your Weight Gain  

Once we wrap our heads around this concept, we can chart out a diet, a physical exercise program and set about controlling what we eat and h...