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How to Start a Colon Cleanse








procedure is a personal choice that should be determined by how you feel. It is not a “fad� or something that you should do because all of your friends a re doing it. If you notice that you are feeling lethargic or becoming constipated, it is time to institute a colon cleansing procedure. Other signs that it may be time, include feeling bloated, or distended and hard stools that have a marked change in their odor. These are all signals that your colon is telling you that things are backing up and it is time to flush the system.

Once you have made the decision to clean your digestive tract, you need to take a few preliminary steps before you start the process. The preparation is not complicated and it will make the colon cleanse far more efficient.

Step One

The first step is to make the decision to change your diet. Diet change is the most critical aspect of a colon cleanse. If you have poor dietary habits, it does little good to flush the system and then proceed to fill it right back up with the foods that caused the problem in the first place.


The colon requires a low fat, high fiber diet in order to perform at its best. This type of diet leads to weight loss, which reduces stress on the heart and respiratory system and helps the body’s overall health. You should also avoid processed foods and foods with preservatives because they contain toxins that can lead to disease in the colon. Once you are committed to this first step and have changed your diet, you are ready to move on to step two.

Step Two

Step two is all about finding the right colon cleanser to use. A colon cleanser should not only eliminate the compacted waste in your colon, but it should cleanse the colon of the built up toxins and enable you to return to regular bowel movements.

Once you have completed the full cleanse, you should perform routine maintenance to keep your colon regular and to avoid the future build up of waste in your digestive tract. There are many different products on the market, so it is important to find the right one for your particular situation. It is wise to seek the advice of an experienced herbalist who can guide in the choice of the colon cleanser that would be best suited for you.

The internet provides so much information, at a keystroke, that it is really simple to fact check different products and read testimonials about their performance. Once you think that you have the right product, be sure to research


the company that manufactures it. You want a company that has a good track record and that stands behind their product.

Look for colon cleansers that are made from natural products. There is no need to add chemicals when the purpose is to remove waste and harmful toxins from your system. There are hundreds of natural products on the market and many of them will produce the results that you are looking for.

Step Three It is extremely important that you follow the product’s instructions to the letter. The amount that you take, the time that you should take it and the duration that you take it all play an important role in how effective the colon cleanse will be in the long run. These instructions were developed, over time, and they represent the best way to optimize the cleanser’s performance. The instructions also will list any possible side affects and tell you when to stop the procedure if certain symptoms arise.

If, after doing your research and going through the cleansing procedure, you don’t get the results that you were looking for you should consult your physician. Your doctor may want you to try a manual procedure such as an enema or hydrotherapy.

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How to Start a Colon Cleanse  

Once you have made the decision to clean your digestive tract, you need to take a few preliminary steps before you start the process. The pr...

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