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Foods That Cleanse Your Colon

The common problems that occur in the colon have to do with obstructions. Obstructions in the colon are created when “chime� hardens as it is dehydrated and sticks in the folds of the lining of the colon. Chime, which is also known as chymus, is a liquid substance produced by the stomach as it processes the food that we consume. It is passed into the small intestine, where nutrients are removed before it is passed into the large intestine, or colon, where water and electrolytes are absorbed into the body, leaving the dehydrated fecal mass that is expelled from the body in the bowel movement.

As the fecal matter builds in the folds of the colon, it can grow in size until it partially or completely blocks the large intestine. Obstructions in the colon can lead to severe distention and even perforations unless the gas and fluid can flow back through the ileal valve. Even a complete obstruction of the colon can be reduced by various methods as long as it does not block the blood supply to the colon.

If the blood supply is cut off, intestinal strangulation and necrosis, which is tissue death, occur. If the blockage has interfered with blood flow, the condition becomes life threatening and usually requires immediate surgery to remove the blockage. Dehydration occurs more slowly in the large intestine than in the small intestine because the colon naturally absorbs water and can expand considerably beyond its normal size. 1

Colon obstructions differ clinically from small intestinal obstructions in that the symptoms develop and progress relatively slowly over time. In patients with obstructions of the sigmoid colon or the rectum, constipation maybe the only symptom for days. Over time, the abdomen becomes markedly distended and the loops of the colon become visibly outlined through the abdominal wall. By the time these symptoms appear, the patient will be experiencing cramping lower abdominal pain. If untreated, fecal vomiting develops in the final stages and the patient will go into shock.

Research studies show that this condition is usually the result of poor dietary habits that the patient has developed over time. Changes in diet and colon cleansing are the preventative methods that should be employed before blockages occur in the colon. Diet plays a major role in your colon’s health, but it cannot do the job entirely by itself. This is where colon cleansing comes in to aid the bodies natural recovery processes.

Diet is essential for removing the toxic substances that accumulate in our colons. If you don’t allow toxins into your body you have already won half of the battle. This can be achieved by staying away from processed foods and foods that contain preservatives. Studies show that there are many harmful effects that come from the preservatives in our food. Once you have changed to a healthy diet, you will reduce the frequency in which you will be required to wash out your colon. Your healthy diet should include fresh fruits, uncooked vegetables, whole grains, seeds and large quantities of water. 2

Foods that are high in fiber and low in fat should be number one on your list because they are essential to maintaining a healthy colon. Most people eat food based solely on the taste. This is a learned response that you must change in order to improve your health. It may seem difficult at first, but once you see the improvement in your health and your energy level, it will be much easier for you to stay on track with your diet.

Fiber is so essential to keeping your colon functioning properly because it helps you maintain the correct levels of beneficial bacteria and micro flora that keeps the colon operating efficiently. As a rule of thumb, you should have at least 30 grams of fiber in your daily diet.

The best sources of fiber are fruits, brown rice, wheat, beets, barley, cabbage, and other green leafy veggies. There are also products you can purchase from your local drug store or grocery store in the form of drink supplements that are rich in fiber and will assist in the cleansing of your colon.

Taking care of your body is an ongoing process that requires a healthy diet and regular exercise. Regular cleansing of your colon is another step in the process that will greatly improve your overall health. The results of combining all three are very impressive. With a little prevention you get, weight loss, additional energy and significantly better physical condition and health as the result.


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Foods That Cleanse Your Colon  
Foods That Cleanse Your Colon  

If the blood supply is cut off, intestinal strangulation and necrosis, which is tissue death, occur. If the blockage has interfered with blo...