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Burns and electrocutions are one of the most painful injuries to sustain. If you are a victim of negligence sustained damage resulting in a burn or electrocution





injury Fires,

lawyer explosions,

electricity, thermal and chemical burns can result in the following levels of severity:

First Degree: Considered the least severe, these burns cause

superficial damage, red skin, some pain and swelling. Examples: mild sunburn, touching a hot stove

Second Degree: These burns go deeper into the skin causing blisters

and swelling. Often, sweat glands and hair follicles are affected. Examples: severe sunburn, scalding by hot water

Third Degree: Considered the most severe to receive, these types of

burns destroy the skin and extend into the deeper tissue. Muscle, fat and bone may even be affected. However, because the nerve endings have been destroyed, these types of burns are typically not painful. Examples: contact with flames, electricity, hot liquid


Approximately two million people sustain burn injuries each year in the United States. According to statistics, burn injuries are the third largest cause of accidental death, leading to over 300,000 serious injuries and over 6,000 fatalities each year and the use of a burn injury lawyer can help represent your interests for a lawful claim.

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