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8B — Sunday, July 21, 2013

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Team Green: keeping baby’s gender a surprise By LEANNE ITALIE Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) — While parents-to-be always hope for a healthy baby, finding out the gender of a little bundle ahead of time makes it so much more personal and fun. Or does it? Prince William and his wife Kate have some nonroyal company in choosing not to learn whether their first child is boy or girl. Heather Crothall finds herself happily in that camp, too, and there’s even a name for it at the mom site BabyCenter. com: Team Green. “We would rather be surprised,” said Crothall.

AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth

Royal supporter Margaret Tyler displays balloons for the media in front of the Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital in London on July 15.

Due Oct. 1 with her first child, she said her husband’s into the mystery, too, though his resolve is cracking just a bit. “For my part, I think it’s a fantastic motiva-

tion for getting through delivery,” she said by telephone from Windsor, Ontario, just across the border from Detroit. While mega-fanfare awaits the gender reveal

of the latest British royal, Crothall is looking forward to her obstetrician’s traditional poem when he delivers her good news at birth. Meantime, she and her husband are dealing with some serious pushback from some loved ones. “I wasn’t expecting nearly as many people to be polarized as much as they are by it. Why are you being selfish is really the biggest question. It’s seen as a decision that somehow we’re withholding critical information. They’ve made it that we’re being difficult,” Crothall said. Not everybody, mind you, but even strangers haven’t been shy about

expressing puzzlement. Christine Ward in Sacramento, Calif., landed in an unusual pickle when she wanted to know the gender of her first but her husband preferred to remain in the dark. “He wanted the traditional experience of finding out what the sex was at the birth,” she said. Ward and Crothall agreed that those looking for gender-neutral clothing and other baby gear need to dig a little deeper, especially if they’re not fond of animal or jungle themes — or brown. “We’re not pink-equalsgirl and blue-equalsboy people, anyway. Fortunately, the colors we chose for the nursery —

white, yellow and gray — are among the more popular gender-neutral choices,” Ward said. At first, she said, friends and family were confused over their split predicament. Among the challenges: remembering to refer to the baby as “kid, kiddo or, if kicking especially hard, ‘spawn,’” she joked. While expectant parents who want to be surprised feel in the minority, a 2007 Gallup Poll showed them slightly on top. Gallup asked 1,014 adults in the U.S. ages 18 and older where they hypothetically stood on the gender secret if they had “just found out” they were having a baby.

SeniorCalendar CONWAY CENTER

MONDAY 8:30 Leisure Activities 9:15 Strength Training Exercises 11:30 Announcements/ Lunch Noon-1 Nintendo Wii 1:30-2:15 Staying Fit w/ Rebecca Roe TUESDAY 8:30 Leisure Activities/ Art Class 10:30 Gospel singing 11:30 Announcements/ Lunch Noon-1 Line Dance 1:30-2:15 Zumba Gold WEDNESDAY 8:30 Leisure Activities 9:15 Strength Training Exercises 10 Quiz Bowl practice 11:30 Announcements/ Lunch 12:15 Grocery Shopping 1:30-2:15 Staying Fit w/ Rebecca Roe Little Rock Dr.’s Appointments THURSDAY 8:30 Leisure activities 11:30 Announcements/ Lunch 1:30 Zumba Gold Toning w/Rebecca FRIDAY 8:30 Leisure Activities 9:45 Announcements/ Pledge/Brunch 10:30 Bingo 6:30-9 PM Dance MENU MONDAY Chili dog, cole slaw, Frito’s, fruit cup and cookie TUESDAY Bacon wrapped pork filet, mashed potatoes, corn, wheat bread and apple crisp WEDNESDAY Country fried steak, mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans, white roll and fresh fruit THURSDAY Chicken & dumplings, broccoli, baked apple slices, white roll and cookies FRIDAY Brunch - Breakfast casserole, biscuits & gravy and fresh fruit


MONDAY Pool table/Table games 10 Strength Training 11 Music 11:30 Announcements/ Lunch Noon Learn to Knit & Crochet TUESDAY Pool table/Table games 11 Music 11:30 Announcements/ Lunch WEDNESDAY Pool table/Table games 10 Exercise 10:30 Heaven’s Jubilee 11:30 Announcements/ Lunch Noon Bingo THURSDAY Pool table/Table games 11 Music 11:30 Announcements/ Lunch

FRIDAY Pool table/Table games 9:45 Announcements/ Brunch Game Night 6-10 Night Hawks


MONDAY 8:30 Table Games Learning to Quilt 11:30 Announcements/ Lunch Noon Bingo TUESDAY 8:30 Art class 9:15 Exercise 10:30 Gospel Singing 11:30 Announcements/ Lunch Noon Bingo THURSDAY 8:30 Table Games 10:15 Exercise Quilting & Crafts 11:30 Announcements/ Lunch Noon Bingo


MONDAY 8:30 Leisure Activities 10 Learning some Spanish w/Ramona 11:20 Announcements/ Pledge of Allegiance/ Lunch 12:15 Bingo TUESDAY 8:30 Leisure Activities 10:30 Exercise w/Hally 11:20 Announcements/ Pledge of Allegiance/ Lunch 1:30 Zumba Gold at Conway Center WEDNESDAY 8:30 Leisure Activities 11:20 Announcements/ Pledge of Allegiance/ Lunch THURSDAY 8:30 Leisure Activities 10:30 Exercise w/Hally 11:20 Announcements/ Pledge of Allegiance/ Lunch FRIDAY 8:30 Leisure Activities 9:40 Announcements/ Pledge of Allegiance/ Brunch Afternoon movie


Table Games/Free Time 9:30 Tapes & Gospel music 11:30 Announcements/ Lunch Noon Bingo FRIDAY 9:45 Announcements/ Bunch 10:15 Bingo


WEDNESDAY 8 Breakfast 9:30 Book Club Walking Table Games FRIDAY 8 Breakfast Exercise Table Games

AP Photo/Disney Channel, Bob D’Amico

From left, Grace Phipps as Lela, Garrett Clayton as Tanner, Maia Mitchell as McKenzie and Ross Lynch as Brady appear in a scene from the film “Teen Beach Movie.”

Disney starlets in ‘Teen Beach Movie’ crush on ’60s style NEW YORK (AP) — The young stars of Disney Channel’s new “Teen Beach Movie” enjoyed putting on the ’60s twopiece bikinis a la Annette Funicello so much they wanted to keep them. They also swooned over cheerful prints and crushed on high-waist shorts. The movie debuts Friday, just in time for the important back-to-school season. Maia Mitchell and Grace Phipps, potential tastemakers for eager teen shoppers, seem to have an appreciation — and knowledge — of ret-

ro fashion, and can see beyond it just being just plain “old.” “The entire decade of the ’60s had so much style, more than I think we have nowadays,” says Phipps, who wore one of her grandmother’s vintage dresses to the film’s red-carpet premiere. “Teen Beach Movie,” which is a riff on “West Side Story” with a backdrop of “Beach Blanket Bingo,” largely relies on costumes, coupled with music, to put viewers in a time and place when most of them weren’t yet born. “The base of it all was

fun in the sun. Everyone is having great fun here, and that fuels fantasy,” says costume designer Ruth Carter. “Fashion can connect families. You see how the kids wear their hair now, it’s not so different than how their parents wore it when their parents were kids. It’s good for kids to see that parents liked to have fun, wear the trends of the day.” And, Carter asks: Who — now or then — doesn’t love the perfect T-shirt paired with cutoff shorts? Pointy-toe pumps, ankle- and capri-length

skinny pants and bubble-gum patterns are other looks that would resonate with today’s teenagers, she says. That demographic has some serious shoppers, but their wallets often aren’t very deep. They are looking for the few items that will help them make a strong style statement without going out too far on a limb, adds Louise Roe, stylist and host of TV’s “Fashion Star.” She crafted outfits for a fashion shoot based on the movie. “The teen beach look is affordable and attainable.”

KFC from 1B “buckets of fried chicken on the bone,” primarily as a dinner or weekend option. He said the company hoped to use the new test location to learn how it can update its offerings and draw in a broader customer base, particularly women. KFC eleven will serve side dishes such as waffle fries, garlic mashed potatoes and coleslaw along with Original Recipe chicken. But the chicken will be the boneless variety the chain rolled out in April as an easier-to-eat alternative to its traditional breast, thigh and drumstick pieces. At the time, the chain said the rollout was intended to address people in their 20s and 30s who grew up on chicken nuggets and tenders, and generally tend to prefer chicken without bones even as adults. Although the decision to serve only boneless chicken at KFC eleven was driven by primarily by that trend, Cywinski said another factor was logistics: Cooking boneless and on-the-bone chicken in the new space would be too complicated, given all the other menu items. As KFC continues testing the

AP Photos/Dylan Lovan

A remodeled KFC restaurant in Louisville, Ky., is a new test restaurant, called “KFC eleven” and the sign will include no pictures of Colonel Sanders. It will serve flatbread sandwiches, rice bowls and boneless chicken.

restaurant format with additional locations and redesigns, Cywinski said it will likely try offering chicken with bones as well at some point. The first KFC eleven that opens Aug. 5 will be a stand-alone restaurant, with a second location

opening in a strip mall in coming months. Within the next year, Cywinski said the chain plans to open another branch of the restaurant. KFC is owned by Yum Brands Inc., which also owns Taco Bell and Pizza Hut.

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