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Stained Concrete DIY I will teach you how to stain & seal concrete. It’s true that anyone can stain their own concrete, but with our help you will be able to avoid many common mistakes that would ruin a DIY Stained Concrete project.

What type of stain you should you use? Acid Stains, Water-based Polymer Stain, Water-based dyes. It can be overwhelming. I can tell you where to look to find Stained Concrete DIY products locally so you can avoid paying for shipping. Most importantly, you will be able to return what you don’t use.

Acid stains are great for slick interior floors. The chemical reaction that the acid makes with concrete in your basement will make your diy stained concrete project look like a work of art. For exterior patios, a water-based semi-transparent stain works well because you can get the same look of acid stain without all of the acid residue.

What equipment do you need? Pump sprayers, masking plastic, roller covers. Going to your local big box store & buying the cheapest sprayer and rollers doesn’t work, but we can tell you which ones will work. With our advice, you will be able to find the products you need to stain your own concrete. Its important not to use a pump sprayer that has a metal spring in the handle because the acid will corrode the spring and it will cause the sprayer to start dripping. When using water-based stain, it is important to use a high pressure pump sprayer that puts out a very fine mist to evenly cover the floor without leaving puddles.

Our online diy stained concrete course covers all of these issues and many more. Best of all, once you start your diy stained concrete project, I will be here to help you with unlimited email Q&A. Follow my step-bystep guide and you will be able to complete a residential stained concrete project. Visit Us for more details.

Stained Concrete DIY