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I mean it’s a stupid concept. I’m so disappointed with where it’s going. I’m completely…I.. I agree. I came up with a theory on.. well not a theory but.. yeah I guess it’s kind of a theory. The reason this bullshit is popular and on the radio is because there is less talent needed to construct an album or song these days, you know? It’s like.. respectable musicians find it harder and harder to release their shit and have it be successful. You have too many shitty artists fucking it up. I know! I think as a society.. society as a whole or at least our generation have become increasingly impatient… with damn near everything. By the time someone good, a good artist, releases a good album, and then a follow up… the original is now outdated… at least by the standards of assholes and bitches. Assholes and bitches? Ahhaaha Yeah well… It’s funny that there is a mass of people… Fags and Bitches (lolololololo!) latch onto a shitty song because it has a beat. Takes 3 weeks to produce an album these days. That’s why they can crank em out so damn fast. “Here, take these generic notes and beats and put some shitty lyrics to it. People will like it”. Sucks. Seems it’s all repetition and parody these days..

Ahh… yeah I’m trying to get our series up off the ground. Do what? That comic thing we’ve been doin. For what? The site we’re building. It’s that thing Mikey and I made in class. Oh Yeah. It’s like Robot chicken, sorta. We have two scripts already but we’re looking for more. Like a collaborative thing others who wanna work on it. That’d be tight.

I was thinking like a donkey kong thing only with real dudes. Like two dudes walking down the street and a barrel is rolling towards them, only it’s a keg. So like a real donkey kong, tag team thing. Stuff like that. So have people throw in ideas? Shitty ideas? Yeah but real quick. Like a bunch of quick cutscenes. People can even film and submit. I just got a job here. Yeah? Yeah like an intern.. graphic design shit. 8 bucks an hour.


T206 eavesdropping assignment