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The ‘expressive design’ series is based on the experience and emotion that a design can create to the viewer. In some cases, it shines a new light. The series was inspired and dedicated to my grandmother, Donna Gill, who’s life was cut short due to an individual’s lack of emotion and knowledge. That individual decided to get behind the wheel of a car, in 1960, while intoxicated and took Donna’s life, took my grandfathers ability to walk, and took my mother’s experience and emotion of having a mother when she was only 8 months old.

This series is not to created controversy but to address or note events and issues. Many of the images do not need captions but some will for clarification

Never Forget

The Eye of Katrina

Eternal Bliss


Humanity Ruptured

The Innoscence, Our Future

Self Exploration

Pathway of Life



With Every Dawn...

...Comes a Dusk

Manual Labor


In Motion

Expressive Design  
Expressive Design  

contains graphic art that is expressive in emotion. It is not meant to be offensive.