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Logan Estes


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Throughout life you will see many people who are unhappy with their lives. My goal in life is to not be one of those people. I try to live every day to the fullest and when I look back I want to be able to say I did all I could do.

This story is about my life and how I view life. Through my eyes life is pretty normal and nothing is extraordinary. To enjoy life you need to find your own fun and turn the boring normal days into fun filled exciting days. This portfolio has some basic information pertaining to me and my view on a few different topics.

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Logan Estes

Volume 1, Issue 1

How I think you should live your life

What’s the point in getting mad over something you cant control?

My meaning of life is to live life to its fullest and have no regrets. Life is short and you should enjoy all the time that you have on Earth. However having fun doesn’t mean go crazy and cut your short life even shorter. You need to be able to be responsible while having fun and not go overboard. You can sweat the small stuff because there are many things that are out of your control in this world and worrying about them won’t make them any better. I tend to not let things get to me, because what’s the point in getting mad over something you can control or letting what someone says upset you? It doesn’t matter what others think of you, but what you think of yourself. If at the end of your life you can look back and say, “Yeah, I’m glad I did that” or “Man those were good times” then you have lived a successful like with no regrets and can die with a smile on your face.

Logan Estes

Volume 1, Issue 1

Top Ten List of Restaurants Restaurants 10. Red Robin—I have only been here a few times, but it is a nice place to eat if I have a movie I want to catch and need somewhere close by to eat. 9. O’ Charley’s—the food is good and they recently came out with some new food that is really good. Their rolls are really good too. 8. Apple Bees—I really like the appetizers here and it is and easy place to get to when you want a quick bite to eat, but don’t want to have to wait for a long time. 7. Steak n’ Shake—my second favorite fast food place to eat at. Their shakes are really good and they have good meal deals 6. Bonefish Grill—I have only been here once with my girlfriends and really enjoyed it. The food was good but very expensive. It is really fancy too. 5. Outback Steakhouse—A lot like Logan’s Steakhouse except with some different bread and appetizers 4. Culvers -- One of the best “fast food” places you can go. Their food is really fast and cheap and the custard here is awesome. 3. Logan’s Steakhouse – This restaurant has my own name in it so what’s not to love about it? 2. Olive Garden – My grandma likes to go here so whenever she comes up to visit we eat here. 1. Red Lobster – This is where we always go for birthdays and special events in my family. The food is really good and I like the atmosphere

Just a few examples of the awesome food found at Red Lobster

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Logan Estes

Volume 1, Issue 1

Personal Reflections on People Where I stand Everyone needs a friend that they can confide in when they have problems. I try to help my friends whenever possible and listen to anything they have to say. The advantage of this position is that I can develop strong bonds with my friends because they know that they can trust me. When my friends come to me I listen, quiet and understanding, and help them come up with a solution or give them some advice. This leads to the disadvantage of my position. I’m not some all-knowing entity that knows how to solve every problem. In some cases I don’t have the slightest clue to solve the problem. Also if I offer to help with one problem then my friends will come to me with all of their problems. At times it can be overwhelming and sometimes depressing when all you hear about are other peoples’ problems. Most of the time their problems don’t bother, me past me wanting to help them, but sometimes, with my closer friends, I feel awful when I’m unable to help. (177)

Who has influenced me most “To catch the reader's attention, place an interesting sentence or quote from the story here.”

Throughout my life there hasn’t been one person who has drastically influenced me to be any different than I already was. Over the years I’ve witnessed many people going throughout their lives and I’ve taken what I liked to heart. Many people talk about how their parents or friends or some famous person influenced them but for me it’s not so easy. Yes my parents have taught me many things and most of the things I have learned are from them, but not everything is thanks to them. Sitting in the classroom, hand on chin, I watched my fellow classmates go throughout their days. By doing this I picked up on some ideals and mannerisms that I liked. Not everything I saw I liked, but if it was good I took it. Perseverance and dedication are two of my main qualities. If a topic or activity interests me than I will go at it, teeth clenched, with all of my heart and not stop until I conquer it. An important ideal that I learned from my mom is that the journey is more important than the destination. What I experience while reaching towards my goal is what will shape me for the rest of my life. (206)

Logan Estes

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Reflections on Memories What’s changed most A major change that I have experienced throughout my time in high school is my overall attitude towards school. Freshman year it was a new experience and I was really excited to get to go to a new school. Every day was exciting and fun. Sophomore year the initial excitement had worn off and it was normal boring school again. There were still things that I hadn’t experienced, and some interesting classes that I was taking, but nothing like when I was a freshman. By the time junior year rolled around I was sick of high school. Although school has lost its pizazz, I still trudged through each day. Now its senior year and I have no motivation to do anything. When people talk about senioritis they probably use me as an example. No matter how hard I try I just can’t find the motivation to get though the day or complete a project. Throughout my high school career my motivation has gone through major changes, and they aren’t good. However I try to do all of my homework and continue to trudge through my final days of school. (189)

What ill miss most When it’s finally time for me to graduate and leave for college what I will miss most are my friends. Most of them are going to colleges in other states and I’ll probably never see them again. Hopefully I will stay in touch with some of my closer friends, but inevitably I will forget about some of them. Luckily I am going to college with one of my best friends who I’ve known for a long time. The thing that I will miss least is how boring Fishers is as a whole. Most of the time there is nothing to do, which everyone complains about all the time. The majority of my time is spent just lounging around at my house or someone else’s house. Of course not all of it is boring, but when you talk to someone who has visited Fishers the first thing they say is that it’s a nice quite place, but there is nothing to do. I would have to completely agree because that is what I am thinking over 60% of the time. (179) Time Capsule In my time capsule I would put my lunch number to symbolize how much I enjoy lunch. I would also put in my Xbox controller because I play a lot of Xbox with my friends and in my free time. Also I watch a bunch of videos and movies on my laptop, so I would put my mouse in there to symbolize that. I finally have my own car and I drive it everywhere so I would put a pair of my spare keys in the time capsule too. The last item I would put into my time capsule would be is a pillow because my favorite activity is sleeping.

When people talk about senioritis they probably use me as an example.

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Logan Estes

Volume 1, Issue 1

Personal Reflections on Achievements My main goal for the future is to live a comfortable and enjoyable life. To achieve this I will go to college and achieve a degree in a field that I enjoy so that I don’t hate my job. The job I choose will also make a decent amount of money so that I don’t life paycheck to paycheck. Of course I won’t need a lot of money right when I get out of college, but I intend to manage my money wisely and invest so that I have plenty of money by the time I retire. In personal finance we are learning about investing in rental properties so that you have more passive income than expenses. If you can achieve this halfway through your life you won’t even have to work because of all the money I will be making by doing basically nothing. Because I enjoy my job and have enough money to relax I will spend a lot of time with my friends partying and having fun. I tend to life a relaxed life and don’t want to have to worry about paying my bills or missing a payment on something. (194) Throughout my school career I have learned many things. Surprisingly I have also learned a few things about how life will be like after school. Teachers try to prepare us as much as possible for the real world while we are still in school, but many kids don’t realize it. I have learned that there is no partial credit. At a job you either get it right or you don’t. Too many mistakes could cost you your job and there are no second chances or make ups. Also those who work hard are those who are recognized and succeed. People who work just to get by won’t rise through the ranks or get recognized. Now of course that I ok with some people, but others are looking to advance themselves and need to work and act accordingly. Throughout school you learn to deal with people that you aren’t necessarily friends with. Of course you won’t life some people at your workplace, but you can’t let that affect you work or you may get fired. The greatest thing that school has taught me however is that life isn’t as serious as others want you to believe. Everyone makes mistakes and you should live your life the way that you desire. (209) “To catch the reader's attention, place an interesting sentence or quote from the story here.”

Logan Estes

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Personal Reflections on world news

America has always tried to be the “Protector” of peace in the world, however sometimes their actions aren’t always appreciated. Throughout the years many terrorist groups have targeted America because of their interventions into the Middle East. On 9/11 America was attacked in multiple locations across the country. Because of this attack America threw itself into the Middle East to root out those responsible. Determined and angry, nations around the world have become more involved in finding and destroying terrorist groups. This attack caused the United States to step up its security. There is now a plethora of security checkpoints one must go through to board a plane. Horrified, my community watched the news as the towers fell. At the time of the attack I was too young to fully understand what had happened, but I knew that those around me were afraid. If people put more focus on this issue many lives will be saved. Vigilant people can cause terrorist groups to collapse, discovered and powerless. Before the attack many people didn’t put that much thought into the safety of their nation when it came to terrorists. I believe this article is important because we shouldn’t forget that is happened and learn from this event. (206)

With all the recent news about North Korea threatening us there is finally some good news. They have withdrawn two of their ballistic missile sites in the eastern part of the country. North Korea had been threatening to shoot any of these missiles at any time. To respond to this the US has stepped up their missile defenses on the coast as well as stepped up their monitoring in North Korea. Multiple times North Korea has threatened to test fire their missiles, but has yet to follow through. Some national holidays in North Korea that would seem likely as test fire days have come and gone. Even though they have yet to test fire their missiles they demand that they be recognized as a nuclear power. Analysts say that currently the North Korean regime is too unpredictable for us to declare a victory at this time. We need to be careful with how we deal with North Korea because tensions may rise at any time. Recently North Korea has still been threatening us, but without the usual threat of “nuclear war”. As of this time no one really knows how North Korea will react. I believe that this article is important because North Korea has been in the news a lot recently and could lead to something more serious. (223)

“To catch the reader's attention, place an interesting sentence or quote from the story here.”

Pop Culture Article Nowadays video games are everywhere. No matter who you talk to, someone has at least played a few video games. Of course not everyone enjoys them as much as others, but it’s hard to go outside or watch TV without seeing something advertising the next big hit or downloadable content. Many people dive straight into a video game and come out slightly changed. When playing you are faced with problems you couldn’t even imagine in your boring normal life, but in a video game you can be anyone you want. Video games have changed peoples’ outlook on life as well as allowing those with some free time to enjoy themselves ant relax. Because there are games for everyone, like racing, first person shooters, plat formers, and strategy games, as well as many other genres, there will always be a game out there for you. Because of video games’ presence in our lives it has been linked to things like violent behavior or suicide. While video games can cause frustration and anger, that’s not what they are all about and should be played responsibly without allowing the games to rule their lives. In the end I feel that video games have had a huge impact on our culture and will continue to as they grow and change. (224) In recent years a new genre of music has risen from the depth of computers call dubstep. Dubstep is a mixture of sounds usually consisting of fast beats with a “drop” in the middle. It contains a sound that many people refer to as a “wub” that is caused by a wobble of the bass. Many people like this music because it is fast and upbeat and causes many people to feel good or get pumped. It gets the blood pumping and gives you an adrenaline rush. While not all modern music is dubstep there are many elements of it present in other genres of music. The wub or bass drops are the ones who are usually integrated into other types of music. Anyone you talk to has heard of dubstep and very few people dislike it. One of the more famous artists, Skrillex, is who most people talk about, but more hardcore dubstep fans dislike his music. There are even different types of dubstep depending on what you want to listen to. Basically there is a type of dubstep for everyone, but even if you aren’t a big fan you will hear aspects of it in the types of songs you do like. I believe this article is important because music is a big part of our daily lives and seeing how it evolves and grows is interesting. (234)

Graphic reflections

This picture shows that indeed video games are an art. Many people argue that video games aren’t art because you can play them. The work that goes into creating the world in which you play along with the characters and story is what make them art. Not many people can come up with some of the interesting worlds and characters that one finds in a game. Since video games are a large part of our daily lives a lot of work has gone into making them look and sound good. Many games trailers are masterpieces and the sound tracks that come with them are beautiful. The scenery in some games can take your breath away, and like other forms of art, visuals and sound tracks are constantly evolving and getting better. Each publisher, or artist, has their own style that allows many people to know who is working on a certain game just by seeing the art style. Some could argue that the stories that come with the games could be turned into novels. Some are so well written and hold peoples’ attention for so long that they make it into multiple games with countless downloadable contents. In the end when talking about video games I consider them an art as well as entertainment.

For this art reflection I chose the song Scream and Shout by WILL.I.AM. It’s nice and upbeat and is catchy. It also describes how most people act at parties. In a way it connects to my meaning of life: live life to the fullest and without regrets. The whole song is just about cutting loose and having. The chorus is “scream and shout and let it all out” which I take as people wanting to relax and let all of their stress out by partying. I can understand where they are coming form because it is fun to party and you can forget about all of your troubles. It’s important to enjoy yourself and not worry all the time. I like this song because even if I was feeling down when this song comes on I feel better and get pumped up. Music can have that effect on many people and that is why it is so powerful. Just by listening to a certain song someone can go from sad to happy or change moods dramatically depending on what they listen to.

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