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Why do we need a tourism strategy?

The Tourism Strategy was inspired by the growing interest and needs of Logan’s fledgling, yet significant, mixed tourism and leisure sector.

With our geographic location, natural beauty and diverse experiences for visitors and residents, Logan City is ideally placed to develop an innovative and sustainable tourism industry.

This shorter document provides an easy-to-read summary of the Tourism Strategy. It highlights the fact we already have excellent undiscovered tourism and leisure experiences on offer, and that there are opportunities – for Council and operators – to create truly unique and innovative experiences in our city.

We already have a growing number of recognisable attractions, along with some of the best parks and public facilities in South-East Queensland. But for Logan to create real buzz as a tourism destination – with ongoing economic returns – we need a coordinated approach between government and tourism operators. And for that to happen we need a strategic framework. That’s where the Logan City Tourism Strategy comes in. It analyses where Logan is currently at as far as tourism is concerned and identifies our strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. It also outlines a clear action plan of what Council will do to support our tourism industry – including supporting establishment of the Logan Tourism Association.

Who is a part of Logan’s tourism industry? A business or individual is part of our tourism industry if they:

design, develop, market or provide a product that people want to experience for leisure or recreation (usually involving travel, and often as part of a vacation) benefit from tourism by providing associated services and products (e.g. cafes, restaurants, retail outlets, accommodation etc.).

Benefits of tourism

Benefits of a coordinated approach

There are far-reaching benefits of having a thriving, coordinated tourism industry. For the Logan community, those benefits include:

By joining together (government and operators) with a common strategic goal and focus, we will be able to:

• • • • • •

boosting Logan’s reputation and image, in the broader community and in the tourism sector keeping tourism dollars locally, boosting our own economy and jobs providing improved amenities and attractions for locals providing opportunities for families – employment through direct or associated businesses providing opportunities for lifestyle – activities for locals to enjoy in leisure time, close to home providing opportunities for businesses – growth opportunities for direct and associated businesses.

• • Image: Daisy Hill Koala Centre Cover image: Berrinba Wetlands

gain consistent recognition as a region offering tourism and leisure experiences create a strong brand positioning for Logan extend our tourist customer base outside the local region attract tourist visits as well as building on local leisure business leverage key partnerships that understand and support Logan’s objective compete with unified competitor regions enjoy the benefits (cost-saving and market impact) of cooperative marketing activities have input into, and benefit from, events staged in the region have increased access to available assistance programs create a regional mentoring program more easily cross-promote tourism activities and experiences.

Logan City Tourism Strategy Summary

It’s time to put Logan on the tourism map


What is tourism worth to Logan?

Tourism means jobs, growth and economic opportunities for Logan. It is also a chance to change perceptions about our city. When we talk below about tourism jobs and the sector’s value to the economy, we mean major attractions and products, as well businesses providing support services such as cafes, restaurants, accommodation, and retail outlets.

Measurable value Current tourism revenue in Logan

$387.5m (Less than 2% of Logan’s economy)1

Economic value added by tourism into the Logan economy

$181m (2.3% of the valued added by all sectors to Logan’s economy )2

Value of tourism wages and salaries


Current tourism-related jobs in Logan


Tourism visitor expenditure Domestic day Average stay (nights) Average spend per trip Average spend per night


Domestic overnight


3 nights

15 nights





Currently, visitors to our city spend more on retail than anything else in Logan (23 cents out of every dollar) . The above snapshot shows there is plenty of room to grow and enormous untapped potential in Logan’s tourism sector, which we aim to grow as a more significant contributor to Logan’s economy.

Our tourism mission •

To create the strategic architecture for developing tourism and leisure products, experiences and services in the Logan region and to promote Logan City.

Our tourism vision •

Visiting friends and relatives

No. of visiting family and friends (staying one night or more)

% annual increase


2.4 million


Gold Coast

1.1 million


Given Logan is located halfway between these two locations, there is enormous potential to attract visiting family and friends to our city. The key will be having experiences and attractions that are unique, well-developed and effectively marketed.

Image: Logan Village

• •

Strategic focus The new 2013-2018 Corporate Plan specifically mentions the tourism sector as a future cornerstone for our economy. The Corporate Plan identifies three key priorities: • building our major infrastructure • building our city’s image • building our economic base. As part of the third priority, we will focus strategies, policies and programs to enhance our focus on tourism, including eco-tourism opportunities. We have also introduced policies and incentives to attract tourism operators.

Logan City Tourism Strategy Summary

Visiting friends and relatives make up a substantial portion of visitor numbers to South-East Queensland. Their numbers are continuing to rise , as demonstrated in recent statistics from Tourism & Events Queensland.

Establish a viable portfolio of tourism and leisure offerings that will enjoy visitation and business from both the local region and South-East Queensland markets (and, in the longer term, nationally and internationally). Establish a unified position for the industry in the region. Create a platform for tourism and leisure branding and Logan City brand positioning.


Where is Logan at right now?

The current perception of Logan is that we are a mostly industrial city. When people do think of Logan as a destination, it is more in terms of leisure experiences (parks, fishing etc.) than tourist attractions. While we intend to grow beyond that perception, it provides a solid base on which Logan can create innovative and sustainable tourism opportunities and experiences.

• •

diverse cafes and restaurants growing population business operators interested in developing tourism experiences proactive and supportive Council. • •

Logan is also close to high profile regional attractions:

A snapshot of Logan’s strengths •

Logan has a number of strengths including:

being in the heart of South-East Queensland, between Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and the Redlands, with easy access to those locations natural beauty (bushland, rivers, wetlands) excellent public facilities (parks, reserves, entertainment) cultural diversity modern shopping experiences close proximity to two domestic and international airports (Brisbane and the Gold Coast) quality leisure and tourist attractions

• • • •

Mount Tamborine (including wineries such as Albert River Winery, Heritage Wines Tamborine Mountain Wines & Homestead, Cedar Creek Estate Vineyard and Winery) Gold Coast theme parks Moreton Bay and islands Sirromet Winery Carlton United Brewery

Image: Kingston Park Raceway

A snapshot of our existing tourism experiences Attraction

Outdoor recreation/leisure •

• •

Riverdale Park Alexander Clark Park Underwood Park

• •

Doug Larson Park Golf courses

Natural beauty (walking, cycling, bird watching, nature spotting)

Daisy Hill Conservation Park Berrinba Wetlands

Eagleby Wetlands

Fishing, canoeing

Logan River

Albert River

Action and sports adventure

Kingston Park Raceway Cable Ski Logan

Indoor rock-climbing Porsche test-driving

Cultural diversity

Fo Guang Shan Chung Tian Buddhist Temple

Indigenous culture

Yugambeh Museum


Poppy’s Chocolates

Eclectic restaurants and cafes


Old Beenleigh Town Mayes Cottage

Kingston Butter Factory

IKEA Logan Mega Centre

Hyperdome Grand Plaza

Cinema multiplexes (Hyperdome and Grand Plaza) Logan Entertainment Centre Beenleigh Theatre Group Phoenix Ensemble Logan Art Gallery

• Shopping •

Entertainment and arts

Woodridge Train Station Markets

Brisbane Lions Social Club Greenbank RSL Logan Diggers Logan Village Tavern Fitzy’s

Logan City Tourism Strategy Summary



What are our opportunities?

Segway TourS

There are some obvious key areas where opportunities exist in Logan for innovative tourism experiences, including:

developing eco-tourism and nature-based experiences creating special events and sports tourism opportunities creating unique experiences on our rivers tapping into the visiting friends and relatives market cross-promoting experiences creating multi-product packages across accommodation, attractions and retail experiences.

InTerpreTIve KarT TourS

What are some specific opportunities? For Council Attraction

Possible opportunities

Parks, bushland and recreational facilities

Interpretive tours Outdoor dining experiences New festivals, sporting events and activities Improve maps and signage • • •

Kingston Butter Factory

Develop an interactive historic presentation Demonstrations and tours Potential to become a vibrant centre for culture and the arts (the Brisbane Powerhouse of Logan) Boutique, niche events

Mayes Cottage

Open weekends

Logan River

Deliver an event such as The Tinnie Trail Challenge

• •


Introduce interpretive tours

Main image: Berrinba Wetlands

arT on The brIdge

breaKfaST wITh The bIrdS aT berrInba weTlandS

logan rIver ghoST Tour

For operators (existing and future) Possible opportunities


Increased dining experiences combined with existing attractions (Mayes Cottage, wetlands etc.) Cross-promotions with attractions Packaging with tour companies •

• •


Cross-promotion with tourism and leisure operators Loyalty programs offering tourism and leisure experiences as incentives Tourism and leisure information in retail centres •

• •


Stronger relationships with tourism and leisure operators in region Cross-promotion with attractions ‘Extend your stay’ options, combining business and leisure Develop more accommodation options, particularly for business travellers in the region for Brisbane/ Gold Coast events •

• • •

Tours •

• •

Offer local guides for specific tours (e.g. Indigenous tours) Guided wetland tours Packaging multi-product options including attractions, retail and accommodation

The key to success is cross-promotion of experiences, combined advertising and creating product packages.

Logan City Tourism Strategy Summary



What are our challenges?

What is Council doing to help? In developing a coordinated, sustainable approach to tourism in Logan, there are a few challenges we need to recognise and overcome, including: • • • • •

the current fragmented approach to marketing and packaging tourism activities in Logan a confused brand message as to what Logan offers/ stands for from a tourism perspective negative perceptions about the city increasing competition from surrounding regions perceptions that Logan has limited tourism opportunities.

All of these challenges can be overcome through a consistent, strategic and coordinated approach, which is what the Logan City Tourism Strategy aims to achieve.

Council is committed to supporting tourism development in Logan. We will undertake the following actions to help set a strong and sustainable foundation for tourism to grow and flourish in our dynamic city.

Our action plan 1. Develop a Tourism Action Plan to implement tourism activities, in conjunction with the Logan City Council Marketing Plan. 2. Develop a destination brand for Logan City and its regions to distinguish between Logan City Council and private sector activities. 3. Identify primary sites – as a priority – for tourism precincts, in conjunction with Logan Office of Economic Development and endorsed by the ‘Invest Logan Board’ 4. Develop an investment prospectus (via LOED) and the ‘Invest Logan Board’ to complement existing strategic land acquisitions for current and future investment and for expansion of possible tourism precincts.

Image: Chung Tian Buddhist Temple

the private sector, including possible locations in Council libraries and other high traffic areas. 10. Promote Logan’s natural features (including our iconic rivers) as the bases of unique tourism business (see page 8 for examples). 11. Develop an Events Plan, as described in the new Logan City Council Events Strategy and in conjunction with Council’s marketing activities, to link community events to tourism activity. Logan City Tourism Strategy Summary

5. Endorse a Logan City industry-based tourism group, committee or board for informed collaboration to deliver Council support services across the tourism sectors. 6. Develop an implementation plan – as a priority – for the visiting family and relatives market, as an immediate opportunity for tourism, leisure and entertainment activities. 7. Appoint a Tourism Officer to coordinate tourism activities and cooperation between the Council’s economic development activities and the Marketing Branch, with the potential to coordinate fundgeneration and build relationships with other regions. 8. Progress tourism grant applications, via the new Tourism Officer, to federal and state governments as part of business and promotional activities. 9. Develop a network of visitor information centres across the city – as a priority – in conjunction with


Locally Organisation

Responsibility •

Manage actions from the Tourism Strategy Create brand position Develop and maintain relationships with operators and other regions Work closely with the Logan Tourism Advisory Committee and Logan Tourism Association and its members Coordinate strategic social media activities Coordinate strategic city image campaigns and messaging to ensure tourism and leisure activities are aligned to city image objectives Develop and maintain a visitor information centre network

Logan City Council, Community Engagement and Marketing (CEM) • • • •

CEM Manager Marketing Program Leader Tourism Officer •

• • • •

Coordinate input for developing a tourism investment portfolio/prospectus Provide a point of contact for tourism investor enquiries

Logan City Council, Logan Office of Economic Development (LOED) • •

LOED Manager Business Development Officer

Logan Tourism Advisory Committee (Sub committee)

Establish the Logan Tourism Association Conduct membership drive Initiate cooperative activities including advertising, promotions, special events Provide operator feedback to Council in the lead up to the creation of the Logan Tourism Association • • •

Logan Tourism Association (supported by LOED)

Represent members and deliver, in collaboration with Council, support services for the tourism industry Offer guidance and assistance to tourism and leisure operators in Logan Work cooperatively with Council’s Tourism Officer Establish a structured mentoring program for members Promote and support skills programs provided through regional tourism organisations

How is tourism managed for Logan?

Regionally and beyond Organisation

Responsibility •

Brisbane Marketing

• •

Leisure and Tourism Team PR and Media Team Membership Team •

Tourism & Events Queensland

Communicates regional objectives, programs and events Coordinates select regional famils •

• • •

Regional Director Media Team Famils Team

Tourism & Events Queensland

Liaise on conducting events in the region Communicate funding opportunities to association membership •

Tourism Events Team

Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC) • •

Liaise and communicate QTIC opportunities to tourism association members Liaise and coordinate tourism awards entries •

Business Development & Policy Department Skills Link Department

Department of Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games (formerly DEEDI) •

Regional Director

Image: Woodridge Markets

Liaise on grant funding opportunities and communication to association membership •

Liaise on industry assistance opportunities and communicate to association membership

Logan City Tourism Strategy Summary

Communicates key products, services, packages, events and initiatives to the region Coordinates regional promotions Manages select media and trade famils


Further Information

Logan City has the potential to offer unique and innovative tourism experiences that will appeal to locals and visitors alike and, in turn, boost our city’s reputation and economy and improve liveability for locals.

Follow Logan’s tourism initiatives at:

To achieve that, we need a coordinated, strategic approach.

To find out more, read the full Logan City Tourism Strategy. Copies are available from Logan City Council: ph: 07 3412 3412 email: web:

Image: Logan Mega Centre

Logan City Council has created a brand new tourism website This website is the key place locals and visitors will go to access information about what to do in Logan City. Take advantage of this opportunity by adding your business to the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) and be listed on the Visit Logan website and nearly 60 other tourism sites including Tourism Australia, Queensland Holidays and Flight Centre.

Join at Scan with a Qr Code reader or enter the url below:

1. Follow this link to register your business details: 2. Click the Join ATDW Today button on the right side of the page 3. Complete the Business details, Contact details and User Account details 4. Type ‘Logan City Council’ into the Tourism Membership field to get a $50 discount on your listing 5. Click the Register button 6. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to activate your account 7. Create your listing and pay the annual subscription fee of $150 (includes $50 discount) 8. Submit for approval to Tourism and Events Queensland Once your listing is approved, it will then display on the Visit Logan website and over 60 other national and international tourism websites.

Produced by Logan City Council’s Community Engagement and Marketing Branch, May 2013.

Logan City Tourism Strategy Summary

logan City’s first tourism website

How to join ATDW


Image: Logan River

Logan City Tourism Strategy