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Model Train Help News Issue 1 2010 Welcome to Model Train Help News Welcome to the first newsletter from Train Help for our site Model Train Help. Their will be a new newsletter every 3 months. The newsletters will be a PFD document. Thank you for your support! We are currently using making money from Ads and when we make enough we will be getting a domain name and we hope that this will be by the next newsletter. Please, if you have any friends of family that also enjoy model railroading tell them about this site! If anyone has an article for the next newsletter then send it to me at I will contact you if the article is published. This newsletter is only online and can not be posted to you, so if you want a hard copy just print it.

Volume 1, Issue 1

Have any ideas for the site??

 Model Train Help is now part of more than 1 site (article 2)

Send them to and we will consider it.

September-December 2010

News Headlines  Model train help has its own newsletter (article 1)

 More members wanted!

Here is a preview of our custom logo sorry if the logo is blurry.

Inside this issue:

Model Train Help Is Now Part Of More Than 1 Site!

As of this week model train help is now part of 3 sites! The first site is called Prototype Train Imagers and Videos this site can be found at While the other site called Train Help is a base site for the 2 others and can be found at as you can tell from the logo on this newsletter it brands this name. As noted in the first story we are currently making money from ads so when you visit please click on one or two!! The money from ads will go towards a domain name for Model Train Help and then if we still have some for Prototype Train Images And Videos.

Welcome to model train help news


Model Train Help Is Now Part of more than 1 site


Inside Story


Inside Story


Inside Story


Inside Story


Inside Story


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Model Train Help News Issue 1 2010

Model Train Pictures This back page will be used for pictures.

Structure Photos

More to Come The next issue of Model Train Help News will be on the site in early January 2011. Wow 2011 all ready! In that issue we hope to have and extra page and have 1 or 2 how to columns so if you would like help by writing a column for the next newsletter we will most likely use it!! By 2011 we hope to have a domain name on this site and more members!!

Oh and because it will be Christmas before the next issue Happy Christmas from Model Train Help.

This newsletter is property of Model Train Help so do not place it on other sites!

Happy Christmas from Model Train Help! In December we hope to set up a forum to talk about this special time!

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Model Train newsletter  

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