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The Not so Classified G20 Toronto Real Estate Report

Courtesy of paul Indrigo, Sales representative

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july E-NEWS 2010.

The results are in. Did the Toronto real estate market lose its marbles thanks to the G20 conference? NO. If you believe everything you read about real estate (remember...there is a BIG difference between advice and opinions), you’d think that we really did have a 23% drop in sales in one month. If you believe that, I also saw Elvis and Bruce Lee at Blue Mountain last week sparring :) The problem lies in accuracy. Chances are most of you read the first line from this recent TREB posting...not the ones following it. This represented a 23 per cent decrease compared to the record 10,955 sales reported in June 2009. Sales for the second quarter of 2010 amounted to 28,810 – up one per cent annually. Year-to-date sales through June were up 23 per cent to 50,455 compared to the first six months of 2009. For even more accuracy I closely watched the area immediately affected by the riots etc (C01-condos/lofts) and looked at April to June stats. As you can see, the drop in average price from May to June was approx 3% (hardly newsworthy). Seeing as the increase from April to May was approx 3%, guess what….all is good in the world. If you need specific info on certain areas and how they were affected, my consulting services are available. As always, if you are a ViP, this is part of your loyalty program and no charge.

JULY 2010 e-news

In this issue: The Not so Classified G20 Toronto Real estate report


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Paul Indrigo, Sales Representative

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How do you find a great mortgage specialist? These days, its those who tweet...

I have to admit it. I never saw myself as one who would benefit from Twitter or Facebook in early 2009. That just tells you how loyal I am to my systems...perhaps too loyal. After some much needed 1on1 from instructors and amazing clients like (http://, it has redefined my business approach. Along with this, it has changed the way I communicate with business partners. For most, arranging a mortgage is a painful reality. Luckily, a few pros are making it easier than ever to get the right information when you need it. Normally, a call to a bank on a Sunday is like calling an empty telephone. All of the pros mentioned here have been stellar in their response time and have been extremely proactive in their business planning. Lets start with Marcy Berg ( and (http:// This lady is a human dynamo. Very approachable, humble yet focused like a laser. She just helped some of my best friends and clients with a complicated move and got huge kudos. Her end of fiscal year party just happened to take place at the Bon Jovi show this week. Talk about a rocking way to work! Another pro I’ve just met is Nawar Naji ( This fellow young father and I have a lot of the same ideas when it comes to growing our business. He is one of the few mortgage experts I know that has taken as many courses as I have on business planning. Great minds I guess :)

Yet another recent connection is Chad Lewis Smith ( ChadLewiSmith). Chad’s tweets range from mortgage to working out and even one about his recent appearance on Entertainment Tonight Canada. Chad’s well rounded approach really keeps his tweets worth reading. Last but not least is Russ Skinner ( Aside from some great mortgage specific tweets, Russ has become a master of something so simple you’d think everyone would do it...retweeting many of new listings and tweets. By doing so, he is on my radar of top mortgage pros and has been visited several times by clients doing research. Keep in mind that being social media saavy is NOT the be all, end all. As a real estate consultant to some of the most exclusive property owners in Toronto, my comments always include “its not about the person with the best website, most twitter contacts OR most

DISCLAIMER: Paul Indrigo, Sales Representative & Century 21 Regal Realty Inc, Brokerage recommend you speak with at least 3 professional and experienced contacts before making an informed decision. None of the business featured on Unique Small Biz are asked to pay or

compensate Century 21 Regal in any way.

JUNE 2010 MARKET UPDATE GTA REALTORS® Report Monthly Resale Housing Figures

July 6, 2010 -- Greater Toronto REALTORS® reported 8,442 sales through the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) in June. This represented a 23 per cent decrease compared to the record 10,955 sales reported in June 2009. Sales for the second quarter of 2010 amounted to 28,810 – up one per cent annually. Year-to-date sales through June were up 23 per cent to 50,455 compared to the first six months of 2009. Click here for complete Market Watch.

PS There are a total of 3 MUST HAVE charts that my ViPs have access to that you need to have if buying or selling. Knowing the market players is KEY to knowing the market.

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Toronto Real Estate News. July 2010 Edition  

Includes info on the effects of G20 on Toronto Real estate. Meet the top local mortgage tweeps and more.