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Our Story

The combination of knowledge, experience and traditions from opposite sides of the planet is at the heart of what makes Lofoten Seaweed unique. From diverse beginnings, united over a love of food and the ocean, Tamara and Angelita are committed making a difference by bringing seaweed into the modern kitchen.

Angelita grew up cutting cod tongues and baiting long lines for her fisherman father in the village of Napp. The ocean was a lifeline for her family. However, the curiosity about seaweed only arose when she was researching food for her own health. Her discovery of this superfood from the ocean led to her passionate belief that seaweed is the food of the future.

Tamara grew up in New Zealand, where her Japanese mother served seaweed in almost every meal. With a passion for food and an eye for detail, combined with an heirloom knowledge and love of Japanese cuisine, she creates pure authentic food with her favourite sea greens.

Our Location

Life in Lofoten is challenging and beautiful. Our unique ocean forms the perfect habitat for the world’s largest cod fishery (as well as a myriad of other plant and animal life) because its arctic waters are fed by the warm Gulf Stream. As well as milder temperatures, the ocean current brings a wealth of diverse nutrients and minerals, which create a rich and varied underwater ecosystem.

Nappstraumen is the strait that connects Vestfjorden to the Norwegian Sea, after passing right by our doorstep in Napp. The stormy, turbulent waters drive nutrients up from the deep, creating optimal growing conditions for seaweed and kelp, which flourish into produce of exceptional quality. It is here that we harvest, paying close attention to the ecosystem to ensure that our relationship with the ocean continues to be sustainable, and causes minimal impact.

Why Seaweed?

Good for your palate: Seaweed is packed with organic glutamates, the building blocks of the fifth taste: umami. This savoury, salty-sweetness also characterises parmesan, soy sauce, tomatoes and miso paste. Each type of seaweed has a different flavour-profile; smoky, nutty, earthy and sweet, there’s a whole spectrum of flavour to discover. Seaweed is also the most nutrientrich plant on the planet. Full of vitamins A, B5, C and K, calcium, magnesium, folate, zinc, omega 3s and iodine, seaweed truly is the ocean’s superfood.

Good for the planet: Seaweed captures more CO2 than any terrestrial plant. We carefully monitor our harvesting locations to ensure the seaweed has adequate regrowth time, which means our products have absolute traceability. In an ideal future, organic seaweed farms will be required to meet the demand for this amazing ocean vegetable, providing highly effective carbon capture as a by-product. All of our seaweed is DEBIOcertified organic and harvested from Nappstraumen.

Our Seasonings

ARCTIC OCEAN GREENS (40 g and 20 g)

A blend of our favourite seaweed flakes. This ocean superfood not only tastes great but is packed with vitamins and minerals. It´s also a fantastic replacement for salt if you’re looking to reduce your sodium intake.

Great with: smoothies, soups, salads.

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ARCTIC SEAWEED SALT (60 g and 20 g)

Your new everyday salt. A generous mix of winged kelp and Norwegian sea salt that brings a new depth of flavour to your dishes – just use as you would your normal salt for a richer flavour with less sodium.

Great with: fish, chicken, roast veggies.

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Luxurious, beechwood-smoked winged kelp combined with Norwegian sea salt creates this smoldering seasoning. We love using smoked seaweed salt as a barbecue rub.

Great with: meat, eggs, tacos and stews.

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Our answer to Japanese furikake, with a northern twist! Lofoten Umami is a blend of winged kelp, dulse, sesame seeds and authentic Lofoten stockfish, which is dried naturally in the salty ocean air to give it unparalleled flavour. Lofoten stockfish has Protected Geographical Indication status, which puts it in the same class as champagne. This is a uniquely delicious seasoning that is fantastic sprinkled over the top of any Asian-inspired dish.

Great with: seafood, rice, noodles.

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The unique taste of ocean truffle blended with Norwegian sea salt. All the sumptuousness of white truffle with the delicate minerality of oysters – there is no other taste like it! This vegan, gluten-free salt is for the true foodie; an innovative seasoning that will impress your dinner guests and spark conversation. Truffle seaweed is especially flavoursome when used with fats like butter, cream and cheese.

Great with: potatoes, risotto, pasta.

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Vegan Gluten-free Norwegian Debio organic standard EU organic standard

Our Goodies


The best of two worlds! Authentic pasta handmade in Italy, infused with hand-harvested winged kelp from Lofoten. This tagliatelle will take your fruttidimareto a whole new level

– seaweed pasta is a natural partner to fish and seafood. For the ultimate north-Norwegian combination, try with stockfish and a rich tomato sauce.


Three of our best-selling seaweed seasonings in one package. Each pack contains 20g boxes of Arctic Ocean Greens, Arctic Seaweed Salt and Smoked Seaweed Salt. Makes a great gift for foodies and the health conscious. Now you don’t have to pick a favourite!


Hand crafted by local chocolate artisan Craig Alibone, from his Pâtisserie & Champagneria in Bodø. Sugar kelp adds its unique salt-sweetness to this indulgent dark chocolate. Fantastic to share amongst friends who want to experience local flavours.


Hand crafted by local chocolate artisan Craig Alibone, from his Pâtisserie & Champagneria in Bodø. Decadent white chocolate and raspberry with the intriguing smokiness of dulse. Makes a wonderful treat for those who want to taste seaweed in a different way.


Arctic Ocean Pearls are Lofoten Seaweed’s answer to caviar: the perfect topping for your sushi, eggs, and fish dishes – or even an exotic dessert! Gluten free and vegan, Arctic Ocean Pearls combine the delicate flavour of wakame with the pleasing texture of roe. They can be enjoyed hot or cold, and retain their colour, flavour, and texture even after cooking. This innovative product is perfect for those who want to expand their culinary boundaries, make visually stunning dishes and spark conversation around the dinner table.

lavours. These herb and spice blends offer a solution for those who want to add taste and nutrition to their meals with a few simple shakes.


fresh and zesty blend of dill, lemon, garlic, and winged kelp or all types of fish and seafood. it with sh soup ceviche , sauces, and marinades


A fragrant, aromatic blend of garlic, coriander, lime, and organic, hand-harvested winged kelp from the pure waters of arctic Norway. On the grill, in the pan or the oven - tastes great with noodles, rice and stir-fries!


A hot and smoky blend of smoked paprika, chili, garlic, and organic, hand-harvested winged kelp from the pure waters of arctic Norway. Goes great with meat and chicken - and veggies, beans and tofu!

Retail & Wholesale Retail

Our award-winning packaging will make a stunning visual impact in your store.

Corporate gifts

Our corporate gifts are completely customisable, including a personalised message from you.

Professional chefs

Our products are used by Michelin-starred and Bocuse d’Or-winning chefs all over Europe.

Food producers

We have successful partnerships with companies that produce everything from seaweed chocolate to seaweed cheese.

… and we’d love to talk seaweed with you!

Ordering & Shipping

EU customers

We warehouse our products in Denmark, so you don’t have to pay the import toll.

Non-EU customers

Import toll to be settled between the receiver and the relevant customs body.

Shipping via DHL express or DB Schenker (Ex works) for larger orders. Cost depends on volume, price list available on inquiry.

Carton size: 40g/60g boxes – 12 units per carton 20g boxes – 15 units per carton

Minimum order: 1 carton

Inquiries: sales@lofotenseaweed.com

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