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The Leisure and Outdoor Furniture Association Limited

Job Title:

LOFA Secretary ( Company Secretary)

Position Type :

Full Time Employee

Job Description Job Purpose: To accomplish tasks as set by the LOFA Council..Researching, ,developing and implementing set tasks and strategy's .Managing the day to day activities of the Association. Fulfill the role of Company Secretary .To act as Show Organiser for the SOLEX Show and to ensure the smooth running of the show. LINE MANAGER: Current LOFA Chairman also responding to LOFA directors DUTIES LOFA MEETINGS Arranging ,preparing agenda and servicing all meetings, producing minutes and following up with any required actions GENERAL ADMINISTRATION Deal with membership applications. Maintain membership lists. Draft and forward letters/reports as required and circulars to members .Respond efficiently to all enquiries Administer council elections. Renew council magazine subscriptions as required. Represent LOFA on various bodies. Oversee LOFA projects. Service Honorary Members .Ensure all stationary and equipment required is available (including diaries) PUBLIC RELATIONS Oversee all LOFA advertising including LOFA website. SOLEX and any other as required. Maintain a high level of contact with membership to ensure their confidence in the association. Ensure the association is fairly and regularly represented in the media. Where appropriate issue press releases from time to time. Represent LOFA in discussions with other trade bodies .Take part in/co-ordinate the production of association originated publications i.e. ( "LOFA NEWS").Ensure Market research is current and available to members. CONFERENCES Arrange and organise LOFA weekend conference and other social events FINANCE/BOOKKEEPING Control expenditure within agreed budgets. Manage and transfer funds as required Raise invoices and maintain a proper set of records .Raise cheques ,for signature when required. Complete and return VAT as required. Produce draft/potential budgets. Deal with LOFA’s investments as agreed with Council .Produce final annual accounts for submission. Liaise with auditors and any other professional services as appropriate. LEGAL Maintain information for Companies House, manage insurance, contracts and intellectual property. Keep all LOFA matters confidential unless with prior agreement of a Council member 1

The Leisure and Outdoor Furniture Association Limited

SOLEX GENERAL ADMINISTRATION. Organise all aspects of the SOLEX EXHIBITION .Reporting to the board as required Arranging, preparing agendas and servicing meetings, producing minutes. Taking any appropriate actions and working with companies/associations/Solex sub-committee/individuals to ensure smooth running of the show. Responding efficiently to all enquiries. Deal with all aspects of public relations and advertising for the show., such as ,but not only-hall branding ,insurance, catalogue, seminars, meetings, stand contractors, LOFA stand, resolve disputes between exhibitors -where possible etc,etc FINANCE/LEGAL Manage funds in the companies operational bank account. Produce budgets. Maintain cash flow accounts for submission to auditors or any other professional bodies. Maintain information for companies house. Oversee intellectual property issues.

SKILLS /QUALIFICATIONS The successful applicant will have Strong marketing skills Broad based business and presentation skills Administration and organisational skills Financial Planning and strategy skills Be computer and IT literate Be able to work alone and as a group member Have the ability to deal competently and in a friendly manner with people at all levels whilst always controlling any situation in the interests of LOFA Patience and a sense of humour